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  1. Hashmalum

    Lich Feat

    These really seem more like Ravenloft lich salient abilities than feats.
  2. Hashmalum

    Limiting Polymorph Self

    I'm considering creating a Form Familiarity skill that works much like the old Perform skill did (one form known per rank). Class skill for druids, sorcerers, and wizards only, naturally. Under 3.0E, rangers would be able to apply favored enemy bonuses to their ranks in the skill, with each...
  3. Hashmalum

    spells that use more than one school

    I've considered doing something similar, but the number of spells that would use it would be small enough that I decided not to bother. Example: a spell (originally appearing on WotC's D&D web page) to change the mentality of the subject to that of another creature (but not its physical form)...
  4. Hashmalum

    Rebalancing the Schools of Magic

    I've often noticed (and complained about) the apparently random way WotC assigns spell schools. It's reached the point where I simply take whatever school they slap on a spell as a suggestion rather than a rule. Personally, I would rather that the school of the spell make logical sense in terms...
  5. Hashmalum

    Spontaneous Divine Caster?

    Are there any balanced spontaneous divine caster classes that know all spells from the cleric list, instead of having a sorcerer-like 'spells known' table? The latter just doesn't sit well with me in a divine casting class.
  6. Hashmalum

    [d20 Modern] New starting occupation: Feral

    IIRC, Ravenloft 3E had a Feral Rearing feat that could only be taken at first level that served a similar purpose. The interesting thing about the feat, though, is that it actually changed the character's creature type to animal! This mean, of course, that the character would be unaffected by...
  7. Hashmalum

    Creature Catalog now in Dragon Magazine

    You know, a while ago I went on a familiar-suitable creature-creating kick. It looks like I've finally found a venue for the results. In fact, I already posted two of the results in the homebrew form. One was a conversion of the talking owl from 2nd Edition, which was created expressly to serve...
  8. Hashmalum

    PrC that learns monster abilities

    Nice try, but I think that a systemic flaw of D&D is going to doom your efforts here. The problem is that the class needs to be able learn Su abilities if it's going to be any good--there aren't enough monster Sp abilities that fit what you're trying to do--but balancing Su abilities is going to...
  9. Hashmalum

    Question on golems

    The flesh colossus in the Epic Level Handbook is animated by a ghost of at least 10 HD, and a colossus is basically just a really big golem. If an appropriate ghost is unavailable for some reason, the creator can animate it with magic jar. With an animating spirit, the mental stats are those of...
  10. Hashmalum

    Converting "generic setting" second edition monsters

    The Vestige is also in Libris Mortis.
  11. Hashmalum

    Zee Vonderful Vorld of Tonberriez!

    Rancorous Spell [Metamagic] You can make your spells easier to cast by infusing them with your rancor. Prerequisites: Must be a tonberry. Benefit: A rancorous spell takes up a spell slot lower than its actual level. For each spell slot level lower than than the spell's actual level, the spell...
  12. Hashmalum

    Curses! A new spell descriptor and feats

    The Curse Descriptor The curse descriptor is applied to any spell that (1) can be dispelled with remove curse or (2) has the word "curse" in the name. Accursed Spell [Metamagic] You can imbue your spells with the power of hatred and vindictiveness, turning them into curses. Prerequisites: Must...
  13. Hashmalum

    New undead--curseshade and greater curseshade

    These creatures were inspired by the dying curse rules in the Book of Vile Darkness, although they are not completely compatible with them. The bestow greater curse spell referenced in the monser description comes from the BoVD. The Curse Focus feat and the curse descriptor are found in this...
  14. Hashmalum

    Zee Vonderful Vorld of Tonberriez!

    First of all, I'd like to thank Beyond the Grave for responding to my request for feedback. I know it's a lot of material to read through, but I worked hard on it and it is somewhat dispiriting not to be noticed. And second, I'd like to apologize for being slow in replying, but I've been busy...
  15. Hashmalum

    Zee Vonderful Vorld of Tonberriez!

    This is a work in progress. Before moving on to such things as a Master Tonberry PrC and various tonberry-specific feats, magic items, and so forth, I decided to get some feedback on the base creature. Tonberry Small Monstrous Humanoid Hit Dice: 9d8+90 (130 hp) Initiative: +6 Speed: 15 ft. (3...
  16. Hashmalum

    WOTC finally updates the brownie and boggart!

    On-na? I'm guessing that the superfluous hyphen in on-na is the result of some system of Romanization that I am not familiar with that routinely adds a hyphen after each occurence of the monosyllabic 'n' sound. There are some cases where this is actually important, and confusion can arise, but...
  17. Hashmalum

    Dark Phoenix

    I was working on such a thing, but I don't think I ever finished it. One odd twist I made to it was that it was reborn from the ashes of a good aligned creature immolated by an evil creature, rather than from its own ashes. I figured as the servants of a god of genocide, it was appropriate.
  18. Hashmalum

    Tonberry and Final Fantasy monsters

    More source game info Ok, here's some more detailed info on the morbol and tonberry families from FFXI. This info was mostly taken from and Most FFXI Tonberries have a player job: thief, ninja, black mage, or summoner. This...
  19. Hashmalum

    Buying off levels in nonassociated classes?

    I'm planning on using the "Reducing Level Adjustment" variant rule in Unearthed Arcana (pp. 18-19). While reviewing the rule recently, I came up with an odd idea to help out PCs with "suboptimal" multiclass combinations that I'd like feedback on: allowing characters to "buy off" levels in...
  20. Hashmalum

    Experimental Metamagic feat.

    It's awfully flavorless and metagame-y. Also, it isn't really a metamagic feat at all. The way it's written now, it applies to all of your spells in a certain class--or classes, since it doesn't specify that you actually need any levels in the class chosen, you could always be a human and choose...