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    Figureing XP for an odd encounter

    I'm going to assume (hope?) that you mean the full XP from the 90+12, not the 30+5 that they actually killed in combat instead of on the bridge. Cutting XP for an encounter is generally a way for the GM to say that he messed up the encounter; that it shouldn't have been as easy as it ended up...
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    Figureing XP for an odd encounter

    Sorry, but refusing to give XP due to Intelligence being displayed (when it's in character, not meta-gaming for correct decisions) is a huge annoyance of mine. Although, admittedly, it's mostly just overcompensation from a DM I used to have who used the Seyan model for XP. (Killed off 50 peons...
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    Figureing XP for an odd encounter

    Yeah, you most assuredly can't award full XP for the PCs using sound tactical advatage. If you encourage that kind of thing, then you might end up with players always acting intelligently.
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    Monsters with classes

    Yeah, sorry, I probably shoulda put some more stuff in the post, but I was trying to keep it as short as I could. Each critter ended up with a CR based on innate abilities of the race (Stats, max number of attack capable limbs, stuff like that) any sort of attack abilities (including passive...
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    Monsters with classes

    I've done all the common ones, but normally on the fly, so they're all sitting in my notebooks, and not in a convenient .txt I can post. Of course, I also took the univerality quite a bit further than even that. I took the class list down to three classes (magic, skill, and weapon users) gave...
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    Monsters with classes

    Or, taking it one step further, all monsters could simply have normal class levels. Helps to get rid of some annoying stuff like dealing with monsterous PCs. <GM> "Monsters work this way, PCs work this way." <Player> "What about monster PCs?" <GM> *SLAP!* "You want try that, then buy the book...
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    People worried about saving everyone else

    Dicechild, it sounds like you might have a problem with your gaming style. If, in every session, the PCs are being chased by the bad guys that they have no chance of defeating and one party memeber decides to sacrifice himself to save the others, I have to wonder why this situation keeps coming...
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    You Know Your Game Is Twisted When...

    IIRC (and it's been a while so I may be wrong) the Druid Milking experience was wierd, strange, unusual, odd and from left field. It wasn't excessively inappropriate, unless I'm remembering it completely wrong or this was a seperate event. The party wanted milk for some reason (don't recall if...
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    Revamping heat damage rules

    1) SKR actually had a post on his website about what level commoners probably get to before they retire. I tend to agree with him about it, as being a subsistence farmer does have some danger to it (there is a small chance that you won't make it from month to month). IIRC, his stance was that...
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    Gencon movie

    I just checked out the link, and it seems very similar, but all the details are wrong. Of course, it has been several months (like 6) since we saw it, so I may jut be remembering all the details wrong and paying horrible disrespect to a group of noble bards.
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    Gencon movie

    Ok, I just got an RPG noob room mate from one of those yankee states. In order to get him used to the environment so that he can laugh at key phrases (ie. "Where's the Mountain Dew?") we've been exposing him to every funny gamer video on the net. Then, the other night, I used the phrase "You...
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    Looking for Distributors

    Hey people. In my area, the FLGS closed down. The owner made a bunch of bad decisions, and ran into a lot of bad luck too. Anyway, he's closed the store down and moved out of the area, and I've decided to take up the mantle of game store owner. I've already found a good location and filled out...
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    google and the ism

    mike henderson is listed in two weight classes until we determine his correct class I just thought I didn't have any class until then.
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    An "appropriate" system for LOTR?

    The thing to realize about Gandalf is that he isn't a Magic User (the old class) or Wizard/Sorceror. He's a bard. If you look at the spells that he casts, and his general behavior, he fits the archetype for a scholar type bard almost exactly. He spends the majority of his time performing for...
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    Farking Off

    The recent influx of threads about the Roman d20 made me wonder: Just how many Farkers are actually on these boards? How many of those are Total Farkers? I just realized how sad it is that I'm actually curious about this. Oh Well.
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    Vegetarians and the Single Man

    First off, I think that I need to apologize for my overzealous opinions with regards to the Atkins diet. I was an overweight, borderline diabetic (type II) with a wheat gluten allergy, so starting the Atkins diet helped me out threefold. Since starting the diet made me feel so much better, I...
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    Vegetarians and the Single Man

    As seen in LightPhoenix's last post: That's pretty impressive. You actually EAT sulfa drugs, penicillin derivatives etc. I was referring to FOOD allergies, not other types of allergies. Food allergies typically come about due to over exposure, as opposed to other allergies which frequently...
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    Vegetarians and the Single Man

    Carbs are bad, m'kay. As someone stated earlier, the really bad ones are the white ones. Potatos are really bad, and "enriched" white bread is the worst. If you still want some bread in your diet, there are some whole grain high fiber breads that you can buy. One is available at Wal-Mart in my...
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    Roman Era Gaming I was just saw this off of Fark. It seems that Gygax and friends must have gotten their mage to a high enough level to finally cast Time Travel spells. What kind of adventures do you think the Romans played in? What...
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    Are EnWorlders Intellegentier [Poll]

    DanMcS: You're right in that average IQ shouldn't be anything but 100, but the fact remains. IQ tests were created in the 1950s in order to predict what a student's academic abilities were, and (as of a couple of years ago) the criteria for the baseline hadn't been updated. So, while 100 was...