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    JollyDoc's Serpent's Skull-updated 11/6/2011

    Really wish that i could do something to keep your story hour as it was. That´s because i really love your work here. But i know life is short and complicated, so i wish sucess and luck for Jollydoc and his players. Even if we can´t read about it, i wish that you all have a lot of fun, at least...
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    DarkMatter D20: Drunk Southern Girls with Guns ... UPDATED - 8/18/05!

    I don´t even want him to finish here ... I want thiis story to turn into a Dark Matter Show so i can watch the end in high resolution :)
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    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    I have finally started my own D20 modern campaing after liked so much Medalions. I hope to be good enought. I also really hope to read more soon, althrought it´s not directly inspired by it.
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    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    maybe we could write fanfics about this tread while we wait... like alternate universes where Taylor Chu had lived or Joe and Crystal somehow were married ^_^
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    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    Thanks, i am really grateful Well, there aren´t words that weren´t said about the greatness of Drew campaing. I reallly got inspired to try harder to be a better DM to my group after been reading this story hour for months and now i´m here only to express my gratitude to Drew and his whole...