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    So, after the Green Ronin announcement, I am...

    As a BioWarean, I'm bummed at the negative reaction. I'm not on DA, and the first I heard about this was today on Green Ronin's page. I was jazzed to hear that we were getting a PnP game from one of the best companies out there, specifically one that has been good at creating crunch mechanics...
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    NWN 1 ideal charcter

    I've beaten Hordes as a Bard/Shadowdancer/Arcane Archer, a Paladin, a Paladin/Monk, and a Bard/Cleric/Shadowdancer (the last was absurdly fun). Mind you, I like bards and shadowdancers, and shadowdancing was what let me survive as a bard,. :) Cleric is also a hoot -- I just didn't finish with...
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    DS: Closest thing to Pool of Radiance?

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I'm already currently playing through Advance Wars and enjoying it a bunch (while continuing to suck wind on any mission that involves having to build -- small groups, yes, factories, no), so hearing that Fire Emblem was done by the guys who did Advance Wars...
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    DS: Closest thing to Pool of Radiance?

    I have a Nintendo DS. I'm not getting a PSP any time soon. What is the closest thing people have seen to something like the old SSI Gold Box games? I'm looking for: - Small group tactics (as in, a team of five or six) - Moving on a grid in combat (not virtual as in Bard's Tale) - Fantasy...
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    DM Advice: handling 'he can't talk to me like that' ~cuts NPC throat~ players.

    That campaign sounds interesting, and a far cry from "I want to play a game in which my guys can attack and kill anyone who talks to them in a disrespectful manner because we're extreme heroes and because this one Arthurian Romance I read did it, it must be okay, and I'm not an antisocial...
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    DM Advice: handling 'he can't talk to me like that' ~cuts NPC throat~ players.

    Who is the "we" in this "our"? In the fantasy-world D&D game my group plays, there's a line between the new-blood nobles, who mistreat the servants and look down on the peasants, and the old-blood nobles who respect the people and see themselves as defenders of the people. It may not be...
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    Sliced d20 as cabochon?

    After seeing a couple of Etsy stores in which people used dice to make jewelry (pendants and earrings, mostly), I was hit by the awesome coolness that would come from taking a d20, slicing it cleanly in half, and using the half-die as the stone for a ring. (I used the term cabochon, but since...
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    DM Advice: handling 'he can't talk to me like that' ~cuts NPC throat~ players.

    I have no interest in playing a game in which people are considered good by their peers for doing actions that I, a real-world 21st-century North American guy, would consider evil. I have no interest in running such a game, either. Mileage may vary, but "Ah, I can be evil, because this is a...
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    DM Advice: handling 'he can't talk to me like that' ~cuts NPC throat~ players.

    I read this whole thing, and I'm inclined to agree with Hong, at least partially. You have no idea how much that saddens me. Looking at this the way it'd be in my game, uh, yeah, it's evil. When the king's man says that he intends to do something (all that was said, according to the poster...
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    I'm a Dad - 6 Month Update (With Photos)

    Hey, we have that butterfly play-mat, too! And oh, the cuteness!!!
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    Mass Effect - "the" Xbox360 title to get

    You're welcome. :)
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    Mass Effect - "the" Xbox360 title to get

    Sorry that you're disappointed enough to want to play again. I'd suggest Vanguard or Adept, if you want to see what the biotic abilities look like. If you want a challenge, avoid Singularity, as it is apparently the overpowered ability on the biotic side. If Infiltrator was too easy for you...
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    Mutants & Masterminds Questions

    Which formula? I was trying to write it both ways, and it's possible (nay, probable) that I wrote it badly: The options he seems to be asking for is: Power: AccuStrike (Costs 22 points) ( Strike 10 (Extra: Penetrating) - 20 points Accurate Attack (Strike) 2 - 2 points ) Alternate Power on...
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    Mutants & Masterminds Questions

    Okay, so right now, you've got (I'm doing 10 ranks, just for ease): Strike 10 (Extra: Penetrating, +1) :: 20 points If you want to get an alternate power, you can do that easily: Alternate Power: Paralyze 10 :: 1 point Your total is 21 points. If your original power is: Strike 10 (Extra...
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    Modern20, True20, and RPGO/Chuck Rice

    As somebody who wrote his Masters thesis on Henry V, I am jazzed beyond belief at this. :)
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    Mass Effect - "the" Xbox360 title to get

    What level are you in the fight against Benezia? That's likely the hardest fight in the game, and people who do that world first without doing some of the uncharted worlds to gain a few levels have run into a world of hurt. (The same can be said for the krogan boss at the end of another major...
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    Opinions on True20

    I don't necessarily think it's the second coming, but I think that the rules are solid, it doesn't have all the D&D-specific baggage that makes it hard for me to adapt it to my own game, and it has the toolkit feel that makes it very easy for me to make exactly the game I like. It's right there...
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    We need another BG/BG2, Forget the MMORGs!

    Hopefully Dragon Age will have what you're looking for.
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    Book recommendations?

    Fluke, by Christopher Moore, is a modern-day book that starts with whale researchers and goes in an unexpected direction.
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    Grim Tales SRD still available?

    Just to make sure that the obvious is stated (since you said that you really have to see the numbers, and people's endorsements won't do it, but if they do, add mine): you do know that it's pretty much "d20 Modern Classes, with levels 11-20 added, and many D&D-type abilities added as d20 Modern...