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    I don't understand Gridless combat. HELP!

    What were you having to keep track of when you say the 'appeal of keeping track of sometimes dozens of creatures in my head'? Swarms of rats are coming down the hallway. No need to keep track of where each individual rat is. If somebody lays down a burning hands, make a guess then how many...
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    D&D is NOT Kobolds surviving Fireball

    My Basic Edition D&D, Orcs of Thar, Kobold laughs at you. Well, once he gets enough levels. Low hit die, ick!
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    Kobold Hall

    The first two encounters were pretty easy for our party. We haven't gotten any further than that, but nobody has used more than two healing surges, no dailies have been used. the first encounter was almost a joke for them. The second one was more annoying, but still didn't hurt all that much...
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    Can you do a "diamond" shaped blast?

    Nope. Why? Look at your second example (the diamond) it is a 3x3 square, PLUS 4 more squares to make it a diamond. A 3 square by 3 square area should not have a length across that is 5 squares long. It can't partially meet the requirements and count. (IE. some lengths are 3 squares, but some...
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    Keep on the Shadowfell Wizard Pre-gen Will Defense

    Humans get +1 to Will, Reflex and Fortitude (in addition to the character then taking the feat Human Perserverence for another +1 to each of those).
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    I DMed for World Wide Game Day

    Naming the rolls as Saves has bugged a lot of people, and I really think it's just a preconception of what the word should mean. "Saves" are a roll to end duration. That's all. Just as the target didn't affect the duration of acid arrow before, they don't now. A 4th Edition save is to end the...
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    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    It is not till our next turn. It is per opponent's turn I believe. IE. I can take one when Kobold 1 takes his actions, and another one when Kobold 2 takes his? That's what I recall from Keep on the ShadowFell.
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    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    Sleep: Start with the fact that pre-4th ed Sleep was overpowered. One action and 3/4ths of the enemy are out of the combat? The only thing it is not overpowered in comparison to were other effects that knocked out entire encounters (color spray). Now, Sleep averages hitting about half the...
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    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    How is it better to have a combat than an encounter? That's like complaining movies have scenes. pre-4th Ed: get description of room, ignore room for fight. kill monsters. search room for loot. check to next room. no interaction between montsers, rooms or other monsters, rooms. (any...