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    D&D General How many books/authors of the original AD&D Bibliography have you read? Do you feel you see D&D differently than people who have not read any?

    Is the other Appendix N book, the Eldritch Roots of Dungeons & Dragons, edited by Peter Bebergal? I enjoyed reading that. The Jeffro Johnson book left a bad taste in my mouth by comparison. I kept taking breaks from reading to complain to my wife how awful bits of it were.
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    D&D General Worst D&D advice

    You don't need to keep strict time records for your campaign.
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    D&D 5E DARK SOULS' New 5E Mechanics

    I live in New Zealand, so I had to order form the UK store. My hard copy turned up here on Saturday.
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    Mythras/Runequest - how good at pulp heroic fantasy swords-and-sorcery?

    In my experience, RQ will play faster at the table than Mythras, and is the easier system to introduce to players unfamiliar with either game, or d100 systems in general. Multiple opponents need to be taken seriously in both systems. In Mythras, the action economy can make solo monsters...
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    D&D General Real Life Isle of Dread?

    A Tuatara on the "Isle of Dread"* in Wellington harbour earlier this month. * Soames Island, a former quarantine station. Now a predator free scientific reserve.
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    D&D 5E [+] Converting WFRP to 5e

    Small But Vicious Dog is a 36 page free B/X version of Warhammer, with a cap of three levels. I think it captures the tone of the humor that Warhammer had in the 80s quite well.
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    D&D 5E Experimental new formats

    Dark Sun in audiobook format, released on vinyl albums, with heavy metal style cover sleeves. I'd buy that.
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    D&D 5E Tanares RPG for 5e is live. With many legends as Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams. Back today!

    Its really not clear to me what Ed Greenwood and the other participants have actually contributed to this product. Their names do not seem to be credited in any of the download samples I read. I find the concept of a dragon enforced hard limit on army size of five people intriguing, but the...
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    OSR How Would You Convert WHFRPG to OSR?

    Small but Vicious Dog. Keeps things gritty by capping advancement at level three.
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    Campaign Concepts You've Got On Deck

    After working through the long list of 20 campaign pitches, and then the short list of four campaign outlines, my players picked "Western" for a general theme and "BRP" for a system. I am currently describing it as "Wild West meets Flash Gordon". So one large world and then a number of single...
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    D&D General Single class party?

    In 1994 a friend of mine ran a successful campaign with seven Paladins. The players spent a lot of time discussing morality.
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    How do you use dinosaurs in your campaign?

    You raise an excellent point. I can see now that it is clearly a mistake on my part to refer to my setting as weird west. The phrase weird west strongly implies a historic wild west with the addition of elements like magic, Cthulhu, or steampunk technology. I intend for my setting to have as...
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    How do you use dinosaurs in your campaign?

    I was economical with my words. The setting is a non-historical deeply weird west. Neither myself or my players are comfortable with genocide or slavery. So no plains Indians, and in the post-war frontier it is necromancy that has been banned, not the institututon of slavery.
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    How do you use dinosaurs in your campaign?

    I am thinking of using undead dinosaurs (Lichosaurs) as a Buffalo replacement in a weird west setting.
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    D&D 5E Your Favorite 5e Houserule

    Once per session, everyone at the table can substitute a d30 for a d20 roll, with any roll of 20-30 being treated like a natural 20.