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    Legends & Lore 6/14: Faces

    4e's grid system still strikes me as being abstract. With the way that diagonal movement is defined, things tend to end up falling into rather loose bands of ranges, either "next to you", "close" (around 1 move action away), "medium" (within charging distance), etc. I find the grid combat in...
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    Apparently half-orcs practice neck-stretching like certain Asian tribes.
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    Ninja edit: the 3e guy should really be holding a spiked chain.
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    This thread was an edition war from the beginning. A picture is worth a thousand words, afterall, and posting "hurr, 4e = hello kitty" as a picture instead of as text doesn't make it any less of an attack.
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    DCC RPG BETA, June 8th

    You'd think if they wanted to hype the character funnel thing so much there'd be, you know, actual rules for it. It doesn't say how many guys you start with, or what you're supposed to do if all of your guys die but two of your buddy's guys live, or anything. It's just like "yeah, make a bunch...
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    So you're saying that 4e is like WoW. This is an original and poignant criticism. Thank you for taking the time to come up with such a stunning analogy.
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    4th ed artificer... like it or hate it?

    With a little reskinning, the artificer makes for a great necromancer as well. Most of the summons can be reflavored as undead creatures, and the healing infusions drain one person's soul to lend vitality to another.
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    P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens - Fantastic!

    The players in my group managed to hit the oni with an immobilize effect which he couldn't for the life of him manage to save against. I managed to hold them off for a few rounds through invisibility and total defense, but they still ended up killing him :(
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    Orc and Pie: The Skill Challenge

    Including the orcs
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    When did I stop being WotC's target audience?

    Splats have been around since 2nd edition, and the first splats for 3E were out within a couple months of the core books. WoW didn't come out until late 2004. I'm not quite sure how WoW invented munchkinism, but I'm glad you were able to use it a scapegoat nonetheless.
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    D&D 4E D&D 4E Tips/Tricks/Advice

    You must not have a rogue in your party. A prone opponent grants combat advantage. Also, every move action an opponent spends standing up is one he's not spending shifting into flank, or circling around the combat to get at those squishy mages and archers.
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    RPGA-Running Online Events

    If you've already taken the 3.5 Herald-level test, then no, you don't need to re-test. The 4.0 test is there for new DMs.
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    Epic Fight turns into Epic Farce

    Not to mention that you have to spend the same amount of time running back, unless there was a convenient corner for you to cower in.
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    First Level Character Hit Points

    Have you looked at first-level monsters?
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    Where are my Badger Minions?

    I've heard that at one point in the playtesting, there was a writeup being bandied about for gnomes that included the following: Speak With Badgers: Gnomes possess the ability to speak with badgers and other burrowing mammals. This imparts no ability of comprehension on the part of the badger.
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    cheers for the dragon and dungeon

    I agree, they've really ramped up the quality since the 4e launch.
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    Amazon Delay until JULY 22nd

    For what it's worth, my LGS was sold out on release day too. Tons of people came in for the Worldwide Game Day the next day, got excited about the new rules, and then were told they had to wait for a restock.
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    Anyone know how much and orb and a spellbook weigh?

    The general 4e philosophy is to not worry about details like that, unless it really matters. With the carrying capacities assumed in the PHB, it really won't matter unless you're carrying around an entire library.
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    spell focus requires 13 Cha?

    Spell Focus only applies to wizard spells.
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    DM's Screen in August???

    The Rouse actually sits there at work, Googling his own name and clicking on whatever comes up first.