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    Unwritten Rules

    Don't drink liquid out of open containers at the table.(learned the hard way) Bribe the DM. :p Don't let your special dice roll underneath a piece of furniture or appliance. Nothing is Kender-proff. If the sun is starting to come up maybe you should consider going to sleep, or at least...
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    Why I hate the BMV (Warning! Rant ahead!)

    Isn't saying you hate the DMV a little redundent. Its like the IRS. Is there anybody in the entire universe that actually likes them. :D
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    One Luxury Item

    The Holo-Deck on the starship Enterprise.
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    I demand to be entertained!

    Just like the road kill you find out on the street, my soul is something you might want to reconsider devouring. :p
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    Worst. Title. Evar.

    It doesn't seem like a good idea to call someone with depression a dummy. Also isn't this a situation that is too serious to be handled in this matter. What’s next? "How to Perform Surgery on Yourself for Dummies" :\
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    Internet messageboard flamewar personas

    You could be a combo of the nice clown and the kung-fu master. :)
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    Internet messageboard flamewar personas

    I found that one particularly amusing myself. It reminds me of a couple people. Like Fat Tony on the Simpsons said, "its funny because its true".
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    Internet messageboard flamewar personas Sorry if this has been posted before. I have been away for a while I know. If it has, I give you permission to burn an effigy of me while dancing around it and wishing me bad luck for all eternity. I just came upon this website. Funny stuff I tell ya. Somebody...
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    Monsters that have gotten more cool/less cool over the years

    More Cool Gelatinous Cubes Gnolls Kobolds Yuan-ti Less Cool Elves Vampires A lot of outsiders You have to wonder if in a decade we are going to be talking about mind flayers like we do elves now. I can almost sense that they are going to get betten to death with overexposure.
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    The True Rule 0.

    The true rule zero, I don't know what it is but I bet it is between -1.2 and pi(mmmmm pie) I think there is also a slippery slope with ultra realism. If you change one little aspect to the most exacting detail does that mean everything else has follow it. It could seem sort of weird to some...
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    PC Troubles

    My advice, don't play this. Considering what you like to play to this, it looks like there is one too many trains on a single track coming together.
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    Lightsaber duel turns deadly

    At least they make the people who are only moderately stupid look not that bad. :p
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    Fair warning??

    Well I think its about 55% :p , but your right on.
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    Faster than light travel or "jumping"

    To be fair I did sort of bring the hijack apon myself. :lol:
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    Faster than light travel or "jumping"

    I can sort of see where you are coming from. It migh be possible that at the sizes they theorize "strings" might be, that there will never be any real testable predictions, or observable events. The thing with the mathamatics of string theory is that many people think that too much of it...
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    Faster than light travel or "jumping"

    Don't worry I wouldn't let science get in the way of fun, but it is kind of cool if you can come up with some quasi-real explanation for why things occur.
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    Faster than light travel or "jumping"

    I'm curious, does this mean that if you could expand it(which could be impossible), and you sent one end of the wormhole in a ship that was going at relativistic speeds that you could create a crude time machine when you jumped from one end of the wormhole where time is dilated to the other part...
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    Gaming Group Turns 23!

    That some hardcore gaming. Good Job Did you actually keep track of how many times you played, or where you just dedicated enough to never break the pattern of when you played? Again impressive.
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    "Games are neither art nor media." - Censorship push

    In a way I find cartoon like violence worse, in some ways it trivializes it more.
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    Today is my imaginary dark elf friend's birthday.

    She could be upset you forgot all her other birthdays. Don't worry she will remember how great of a guy you are and will come back home soon.