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  1. Endur

    D&D 3E/3.5 curse of strahd from a 3.5 ravenloft perspective

    Looking forward to reading it. The 3.5 church was broken.
  2. Endur

    D&D 5E Classes Rated By Tier

    I think Tier ratings should always be done by level. So, for example, all wizards are Tier 1 at level 14+, some wizards are tier 1 below level 14. Moon Druids are Tier 1 at levels 2-5 and 18-20, and Tier 2 at other levels. Etc.
  3. Endur

    D&D 5E Conjure Animals NERFED

    Did you bring animal miniatures? Minis might help the GM to go along with your suggestion for which animal shows up. i.e. If you have several bear miniatures, the GM might agree that you summoned several bears. etc.
  4. Endur

    See The Tomb Of Horrors Modelled In 3D

    I'm very impressed! You should definitely set this up at a convention to let other people see it.
  5. Endur

    D&D 5E OotA - Arriving at Velkynvelve (Spoilers)

    The basic plot hook for OOTA has issues. The module assumes that the PCs are from the surface world, were captured by the drow, and won't be able to make it back to the surface world after getting free without going on an Odyssey around the Underdark. Problems with that scenario? 1) Captured...
  6. Endur

    D&D 5E Why are Derro weapons so stupid?

    You guessed it. The Derro's special weapons were effective in AD&D, but the 5e translation isn't as useful for the Derro due to 5e game mechanics, although leveled PCs can definitely benefit from the items. To improve the crossbow, I'd probably let the Derro use a bonus action with the...
  7. Endur


    I played about half of it. Any one else played it? The Gilded Eye is more depraved in this module than in the main campaign.
  8. Endur

    D&D 5E Deal Breakers - Or woah, that is just too much

    I don't see it as any different from playing cards or engaging in a board game with your significant other. Some couples handle it perfectly fine, and some over compensate in one direction or another (either helping each other or hurting each other).
  9. Endur

    D&D 5E Combat Encounter Difficulty

    The PHB notes that this depends on the GM. All my NPCs and monsters get death saves.
  10. Endur

    D&D 5E Deal Breakers - Or woah, that is just too much

    Sage advice is a house rule. The ruling on lucky isn't even following the text of the PHB. Several other sage advice rulings are just as bad.
  11. Endur

    D&D 5E Deal Breakers - Or woah, that is just too much

    It comes down to "Is this game a fun-maximizing use of my time"? Or do I have better alternatives? I've seen players upset about railroads, upset about table size, upset about PVP, and many other topics. I've seen players stop playing because their character was perceived as less useful in...
  12. Endur

    Reducing the number of encounters in a day

    I'm perfectly happy with Torin the Chosen and heavily armored dwarves and flying draconians and war trolls.
  13. Endur

    Constitution is will power? No it's not....

    I think a player suggesting a house rule is a good thing. It shows involvement with the game. I might not agree with the player. I'm probably even going to be annoyed during the game that it happens as it is a distraction from the game going on right then. But after thinking about it, after...
  14. Endur

    D&D 5E 6-8 Encounter Adventuring Day as the Key to Combat as Sport/War in 5e

    I liked the decision tree, and think a diagram would go great with the text.
  15. Endur

    D&D 5E Running a Maze: Is there a better way to do it?

    direction confusion spell from B2. minotaurs. secret doors. inclines. moving walls.
  16. Endur

    D&D 5E is it a big deal? Battle master fighter and Human variant...

    Variant human is over-powered in low level groups, but as another poster pointed out, once you are level 4 or above, and other characters have access to feats, it is not as big of a deal.
  17. Endur


    If frenzy uses 2 uses of rage instead of exhaustion, this is a huge buff for the berserker. If frenzy costs the damage resistance for the extra attack, this is a huge DPR buff for losing some tankiness. Under either option, expect berserkers to have more DPS than any other player at the...
  18. Endur

    D&D 5E New Players same level as Current Players?

    Do you want the new player to feel equal to the existing players or behind the existing players? I want the new player to feel equal, so I start them at the same level. I understand that this isn't fair to the existing players, who had to sweat for their levels, but it is what it is.
  19. Endur

    D&D 5E [Out of the Abyss]Magic item distribution?

    Don't forget +1, +2, and +3 Drowcraft weapons and armor (sure they have issues with sunlight, but your party will rarely if ever leave the underdark). Also, there is an artifact that one member of the party can attune to.