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    How well does ENWorld represent gamers at large?

    No-one else in my group read *any* RPG related forum except 1 person who reads the WotC forums once a month or so. Out of the dozens (or possibly hundreds) of players I interact with, about 5 of them read - none that I know of read ENWorld. Less than 10% seems fair to me.
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    Selling items : illogical rule ?

    You make items at Wholesale not Retail prices. Prices in the PHB are Wholesale, retail may be around 10%-40% higher. see PHB 224; "The actual cost to purchase a magic item depends on supply and demand and might be 10 to 40 percent more than the base market price"
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    D&D 4E Official Unofficial 4E Rules FAQ

    That's... flatly contradicted by the thread you reference as well as CustServ responses consolidated here; both those threads state that Hunters Quarry and similar abilities are maximised - as do examples in the PHB.
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    I'm now confuzzled.

    Only in reference to Ranged Attacks, otherwise not. PHB, Pg 280 "When you make a ranged attack against an enemy, and other enemies are in the way, your target has cover" The and is important, it indicates that both clauses must be true for the result to be true. If you aren't making a ranged...
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    Question about GSL - Scott please comment

    Or just use Creative Commons instead. Or something similar. There isn't any real need to re-invent the wheel when so many others have already done that for you.
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    Archspell and Shape Magic

    Shape Magic is not Arcane! Check all the Epic Destiny powers, they have no power source. They aren't Exploits, Spells, Prayers or anything of the sort. Shape Magic isn't a spell, it's not Arcane. It's totally invalid target for Archspell.
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    Archspell and Shape Magic

    No, you cannot. Archspell refers to choosing a spell, not a Power. Not exploits, not prayers, not any other type of power but a "daily spell". Shape Magic is not a Spell. Not all powers are Spells, only some are. By RAW and intent, no.
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    Core Handbook Errors Discussion

    Possibly, but I checked the other Hobgoblins and they all follow the rule of either +2 or +7 over basic Int.
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    Core Handbook Errors Discussion

    The Hobgoblin archer has an incorrect History skill. It reads +6. Hobgoblins get +2 History as a racial bonus. The base Int modifier for the Archer is +1. There is no way to get a +6 bonus from +1. So, I guess it should be +3. Yeah, I know. It doesn't matter at all. But still, an error is an...
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    Neat Little Gamist Rulesy Things

    Fast Poisons - Work as written. Slow Poisons - Work like a disease but make checks after every short rest (as well as extended rests). Bluntly, you make a check more or less everytime your heart rate spikes.
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    Collected Core Handbook Errata

    No, it doesn't. My MM lists a level 7 encounter with spiders and a level 12 encounter with flesh golems. Do you have the PDF? Because the PDF is riddled with errors. MOD, my reading is that there is no attack for this effect, it just happens.
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    Hardest to Visualize Power

    Demi-god. At 22nd level a Warlord alters the Battlefield by sheer presence and divine spark. Seriously, at 21+ level the characters are semi-divine. Past 10th level even Martial characters can achieve the impossible.
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    Collected Core Handbook Errata

    Straight out error, but a minor one... "Paragon Tier adventurers ... are able to use magic rings" - Page 146, DMG. Nothing anywhere else mentions anything like this. I assume it's been left in from when Heroic tier characters couldn't use rings.
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    skill cooperation and # of allies that can help

    It says "4 people can help", but nothing about how many people can try. Look at the situation, see how many people can actually try to help. Adjudicate.
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    How do you interpret rules?

    Which is what I voted. See me, all on my own there (at the moment anyway).
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    How do you interpret rules?

    Where is "In discussion with the other members of the group", which is how I interpret all rules to all games.
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    D&D 4E Showing the Math: Proving that 4e’s Skill Challenge system is broken (math heavy)

    It's not, check the H1 web extra (the Skill Challenge) which shows a Level 6 Skill Challenge - which has moderate DC checks of 22. 17 is the moderate check for a skill at level 6, so +5 = 22. Obviously, a 6th level wizard trying to deal with a DC 22 Arcana check will have d20 + 3 (level) + 5...
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    Amazon in the UK

    Clapham isn't in London, it's in France. :cool: Ummm... I got my e-mail from Amazon saying "Dispatched" so should be here tomorrow. Which will be nice. [/fast show]
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    Amazon in the UK

    Mine says "Dispatching soon" and estimates today for dispatch. I paid for 1st class, so if it's dispatched today I'll get it tomorrow or Saturday. If.
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    4E - Increased potential for controversy/moral panic?

    Total threadjack but... 4e seems to be selling mighty fine, which suggests to me that WOTCs marketing department has done the job damn well. You may not like the advertising, but it certainly seems to have worked. I don't get this statement. Marketing is based on results, not opinion. And...