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  1. GorTeX

    Thoughts on my 4E anniversary, E1 and Paragon levels

    I think we are right at our 1-year anniversary playing the H1-E3 series of adventures (set in Faerun) almost every Saturday night. My group is about to level to 13 (but I give group exp..makes tracking stuff easier for all and no one is way ahead or behind) in the middle of P1. I've had a real...
  2. GorTeX

    Crits and Sneak Attack/Quarry Dice..?

    hmm, this: "any damage that says "once per day when you hit, deal XdY damage to the target" (like fiery weapon for instance)." is maxed if it said, "once per day when you crit, deal Xd6 damage" then it would not be maxed. The key thing to remember is this: Could you apply the damage if you...
  3. GorTeX

    Understanding Charge

    There was no mention at all of time passing in the situation I was replying to: If you were following a creature and he went in to a pitch black room, unless the creature made a successful stealth check, you would know exactly which square they were in..with or without LOS. Give the creature...
  4. GorTeX

    Understanding Charge

    RAW (with updates included), you know exactly where the creature is unless they made a successful stealth check.
  5. GorTeX

    H2 - Thunderspire Labyrinth Question

    I had a similar problem when we got to H3..the party was already 8th level and almost to 9th when they go the Pyramid. So, I explained to them what the problem was and as a 'solution' I awarded only 1/2 ex for the entire module just to keep them from out leveling this and the next module (P1)...
  6. GorTeX

    Gencon RPGA and Event help

    For LFR, you always start at level 1 and work your way up. But there are no 'level bumps', as it is a living campaign, so there will always be low level adventures to play (so far, there have been adventures for levels 1-4, 4-7, and 7-10...I think gencon will have some for 11-14. If you only...
  7. GorTeX


    even tho everything is worded in 'squares' distance, 10 feet is also correct as each square is 5 feet square..thus 2 squares = 10 feet (even moving diagonally in 4th edition apparently) (please forgive any sarcasm here..I'm in a bad, bad mood at the moment..unrelated to this thread or gaming at...
  8. GorTeX

    Opportunity attacks vs. invisible enemies?

    No, you know where the invisible guy is, but you still do not see him, as he is invisible.
  9. GorTeX

    Bonus Stacking

    phb page 275, the sidebar at the bottom of the page titled Bonuses and Penalties Bonuses of the same type (not source, type..but generally, a bonuses from the same source will also have the same type) do not add together unless they are untyped bonuses Penalties from the same power don't stack...
  10. GorTeX

    Forced Movement and Saving Throws

    Also look at the DMG page 44, in the Hindering Terrain section: "Targets forced into hindering terrain receive a saving throw immediately before entering the unsafe square they are forced into. Success leaves the target prone at the edge of the square before entering the unsafe square." later...
  11. GorTeX

    Monster question: Fire Beetle Fire Spray incur OA?

    It is not an Area attack, but a Close attack (both Close Bursts and Close Blasts are close attacks) and do not draw OA's. (the following are paraphrased, not quoted directly) PHB page 269: Opportunity Action: Triggered by an adjacent enemy making a ranged attack or an area attack PHB page 270...
  12. GorTeX


    not quite. You get to use one more daily magic item power--but it cannot be the same daily magic item power you have already used. (assuming heroic tier here) Say you have dwarven armor and use it's daily power in the 1st encounter. once you reach a milestone, you can now use another magic...
  13. GorTeX

    Initiative Order Question

    doesn't matter, as long as they could see the warlord (or the other way around..forgot which one the init bonus is) that only applies when you first determine INIT...after words, the warlord's bonus does not affect INIT.
  14. GorTeX

    Anyone ran a KotS followup?

    I've run H1,2 and 3 now (about to start P1 tommorrow). Kalarel was defeated by being forced into the portal. I brought him back as a Lich (leveled to 11 IIRC, and he had a will defense of 31..had to up his int as well) in P3, Pyramid of shadows..I had him take over the bandits on level 1 and...
  15. GorTeX

    Initiative Order Question

    Treat them just like a player/npc/monster. Put them in the list and have them go when their init comes up. The actual number doesn't really matter once you've established the order. For example, when I'm running, I use a magnectic board to track initiative. (the board has the numbers 1-30 on...
  16. GorTeX

    Detecting Magic Items

    I think (but this is just me speculating) that they wanted to take the option to take 20 out of the players hands and let the DM decide when and if the party can take 20.
  17. GorTeX

    Detecting Magic Items

    so many people think that take 20 is no longer in the game at all.. Check out page 41 of the DMG..under Searching the room Extrapolating that means that the DM can (and probably should) allow PC's to take 20 on skill checks if they have the time to do so and it makes sense for the skill they...
  18. GorTeX

    Detecting Magic Items

    See above for 'detecting' (not identifying) magic items using the arcana skill. It only takes a Short Rest to identify Magic items once you have detected them, not a long rest.
  19. GorTeX

    Detecting Magic Items

    sounds about right. I probably would have allowed the mage to use his passive arcana...and if they took their time (a short rest), let him get a take 20 on the arcana.
  20. GorTeX

    Warlock's Curse stacking THP & maybe BRV also

    Note that the PHB states that THP from different sources do not stack...but it says NOTHING at all about THP from the same source (the original question mistated the PHB in this regard).