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  1. Felonious Ntent

    I think I know how the morality clause acceptable(+)

    Answer me this are you ok with a creator having their license revoked for having an Only Fans? Under the proposed 1.2 WotC can. There are many people who consider Only fans content offensive and just as many who have no issue with it. This is one of the problems with a morality clause different...
  2. Felonious Ntent

    I think I know how the morality clause acceptable(+)

    I see nuTSR thrown around as an example of why a morality clause is good. Lets look at something that is currently a grey area morality and what some people view as fine and some as immoral, Only Fans. What if a content creator has an Only Fans. Some would consider that fine other problematic...
  3. Felonious Ntent

    The klaxons blared in the creeping fog of the neon demon night...

    A body drops to the ground as The Theif disappears back into the shadows. Another stolen soul to add to the collection. This was a good night to be on the prowl.
  4. Felonious Ntent

    name change request

    What you talking about?
  5. Felonious Ntent

    name change request

    Ok then would it be possible for one of the admins to change my username to Spatha please.
  6. Felonious Ntent

    name change request

    Would it be possible for one of the lovely mods to change my username. Can I have it changed to Spatha? Please and thanks.
  7. Felonious Ntent

    [Mar] What are you playing?

    KOTOR 2 on PC.
  8. Felonious Ntent

    And the monkey grabs your magic amulet!

    LOL! over there I go snicker snack! Actualy I haven't played DnD since before 3.5 came out. Stupid work schedules combined with family have made it next to impossible. My friends play Saturday afternoon to night. I work Saturdays. If I went to the games I'd miss part of it and not see my wife...
  9. Felonious Ntent

    And the monkey grabs your magic amulet!

    Having never played 3.5 is pick pocket still a skill? If so I would call it a pick pocket check.
  10. Felonious Ntent

    Thread Category & Prefix System

    Actualy Michael/Spooney one thing I learned in life is that no matter what you do there will always be someone who bitches about it. These people are usualy the minority usualy a vocal minority but still a minority. Don't let them get to you especialy when you are doing this as a labour of love...
  11. Felonious Ntent

    Dice at the table

    Depends on character. Mages I tend to have numerous d4's and d'6s with maybe 1d12 and couple of d20 and a couple of d10s. My last character a Monk reached the sweet spot where he did d10 dmaage so that meant 1 die. A d20. use d20 to hit and treat as a d10 to do damage like in the old days.
  12. Felonious Ntent

    whats your favorite stat, if you had all 13's and 1 18, where would the 18 go?

    Strange as I would chose this as my stat of choice as I am most likley playing a Thief type or a Wizard both of which I view Int as the main stat.
  13. Felonious Ntent

    Vorpal trouble

    Or use the 1e rules on Vorpal Swords. Needs to have a neck and I believe can't larger than medium or something similar. Been too long and am going off memory here.
  14. Felonious Ntent

    What I got for Valentine's Day

    I got KOTOR2.
  15. Felonious Ntent

    Hockey - Help out a newbie

    Well my son plays ice hockey. Up here in Winnipeg, manitoba, Canada at least hitting is not allowed until kids are 11 years old. The junior leagues are broken down by age catagory and the 11 year old league is when hitting is allowed.
  16. Felonious Ntent

    It's been 45 Days....

    Congrats! It has been aprox a year and a half since my last cigarette after having smoked for 16 years. I used Zyban for the first month.
  17. Felonious Ntent

    Hockey - Help out a newbie

    Don't be suprised if a fight or 2 breaks out. This is part of hockey.
  18. Felonious Ntent

    Google blogger: 'I was terminated'

    Good job on the quiting smoking. I quit smoking in September of 03. So around 1 1/2 years smoke free after 16 years of smoking. It's a great feeling isn't it?