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    Fiery Dragon has Sword & Sorcery license?

    I would like to see new content actually. Books about locations not covered by the S&S 3E stuff. Wouldn't mind seeing my CC III submission making it into the new one either ;) (Momus' Marionette for those that are interested) I'm glad to see the line being brought back. Cheers :)
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    Who's from the UK?

    Lee Scolin from Cumbernauld in Scotland - about 15 miles east of Glasgow. 32 and have been roleplaying for around 15-16 years. I am right now, running a 2 player Eberron game set in Sharn. Big, big fan of MMORPGs with Anarchy Online being my favourite at the moment.
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    [Scarred Lands] Got the Strange Lands book

    Is there any mention of the Seraphic Engine in the Asherak chapter? I've been looking forward to reading about this since I first read about it in the Seraphic Creature template. I'll not be surprised if it isn't however, just disappointed.....again....
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    Why did the Scarred Lands fail?

    Im not sure what you mean by "official support", but towards the end, and even in the middle, there was NO support. Supplements got published and then forgotten about. Even supplements that needed errata (and were slated to get it) never recieved it. It even took several months for the official...
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    Strange Lands brings Scarred Lands line to a close

    This is not really surprising. I have been expecting this announcement for a while now. Like others that have posted I have been a bit of a doomsayer with regards to whether SL would be rekindled or not. At least now we have been put out of our misery. I'll miss it, maybe not the metaplot, but...
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    Scarred Lands website back up and running.

    I'm using Mozilla, so thats probably why the hyperlink option doesnt work. Nightfall......I'll post where I please. (The most polite thing I could think of in reply to your post) Mousferatu and TheAuldGrump, thanks for the backup. It's much appreciated.
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    Scarred Lands website back up and running.

    And about time too! For those who were wondering if there was going to be a new one (me included) just click the link at SS&S's homepage. Is there a problem with the Insert Hyperlink button, it doesnt seem to work for me.
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    Scarred Lands Canceled?

    They don't have to. Wotc seem to have made a good job of getting their writers to do web enhancements etc. Incidentally Nightfall, and very OT, could you please mail me, as I don't know your address and need to get in touch. [Edit - 'Cos the damn email is offline on these forums]
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    Scarred Lands Canceled?

    I don't believe I actually mentioned the writers or developers, my gripe was about S&SS. I know you and the other writer/developers have been active, but just talking about the setting is not enough for me. I like to see canon articles written about a setting by publishers and then posted on the...
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    Scarred Lands Canceled?

    Its just a shame that the most important people, S&SS, never supported it (how many of us are still waiting for the MM creature descriptions?). This, more than anything else, is why my attention is turning to other campaign settings, where the publishers are taking an active part in the online...
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    Scarred Lands: Ask the Sage [This keeps up, I'm gonna need a bigger notebook!]

    It doesn't. There is. I have however, with Dark Sun, already ran a campiagn many years after its died and really can't be bothered to again. I like being spoon fed info on the world through supplements, and no longer have the motivation to make stuff up for SL. Guess I'm finally too old for...
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    Scarred Lands: Ask the Sage [This keeps up, I'm gonna need a bigger notebook!]

    Exactly why I bought myself a copy of Eberron. I'll finish my current SL campaign and then move on.....give it some time to make its mind up as to whether its dead or not.
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    Scarred Lands: Ask the Sage [Version 3.65729 with Upgrades!]

    Spontaneous Golems are unique golems detailed in CC3: Savage Bestiary. They are constructs created by an overwhelming emotional effect on a specific environment e.g a Gallows comes "alive" when an innocent man is hung for a crime he did not commit.
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    How do I make a Scarred Lands campaign feel like a Scarred Lands campaign?

    My players have actually begun donating magic items to organisations they want on their side, such as the Order of the Morning Sky (the PCs went so far as handing over a Staff of Madriel to these guys, in return for certain healing concessions). This is mainly due to not being able to find...
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    How do I make a Scarred Lands campaign feel like a Scarred Lands campaign?

    On this one, I differ. My players have yet to find a seller of a +1 ring of protection, and they are going on 14th level. I have, through roleplaying and the general tone of my game, made it clear that they will NEVER be able to just walk into a store and buy permanent magical items, as they are...
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    3.5 SRD project

    I have created a bookmarked PDF of the SRD, but its around 38 MB and I don't own any web space so....... :(
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    Tome of Horrors 2

    As far as I know this is correct.
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    Scarred Lands: Ask the Sage [Version 3.65729 with Upgrades!]

    Well the one good thing to come out of all this posturing is that I now know the address for that cool chaos symbol. :D On topic though, I'm willing to just wait for Edge of Infinity to come out before I decide not to use it and use Planescape instead. You never know, it might surprise me and...
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    A surreal moment I had to share

    Lol. It may have been bad, but you still get a laugh point out of me.
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    Scarred Lands: Ask the Sage [Version 3.65729 with Upgrades!]

    It won't need to be OGC to be used in my campaign, just if S&SS want to use the material.