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  1. Taloras

    4E is for casuals, D&D is d0med

    Honestly? Ive looked thru the books over the last few days. I will NEVER play 4E. Period. End of story. The only thing this version has thats a redeeming factor is the pretty artwork. Seriously, just looking at the book makes my head hurt. 3E was intuitve. It took me 30 minutes to learn...
  2. Taloras

    Tomes of Stat Upping: Is there a max?

    Yes. The Fortify seed(which was posted here earlier), shows that even in epic, you cant get higher than a +5 inherent bonus. So you cant even craft an epic tome.
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    The character is primarily a 2 weapon rogue. Tempest helps out with that mostly. I -need- the rogue skills as high as possible without sacrificing attack power. Hence why Im tentatively ending up with rog9/ftr2/temp4 for now. +16/+16/+11/+11/+6 before adding in any magical weapons. Not...
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    its a human. stats are (after all mods for level) str 14 dex 18 con 16 int 18 wis 14 cha 16
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    Tomes of Stat Upping: Is there a max?

    Yep. Not even epic can override the +5 inherent bonus max. You could give yourself a +200 enhancement to your stats, but it will only last 20 hours per casting. And that wouldnt increase skill points per level. There is no way, RAW, to get more than a +5 inherent bonus, or to make any other...
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    As the only rogue in the party, i kind of need to keep my skills up. I think i settled on a ftr2/rog9/tmp4. Wanted that extra d6 of sneak attack from rog9. Once i hit temp5, ill probably take a bit of invisible blade or dervish, im not sure. as my complete books arent available at the...
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    Works for me so long as the DM doesnt have a problem. :) You wouldnt be able to post the 1st 3 levels of it, would you? grr....i need my book back >_<
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    Hi. I recently loaned my Complete Adventurer out. Unfortunately, I now cant remember what the requirements for the Tempest Prc were. Im trying to build a lvl 15 with a Rogue/Fighter base. Two weapon fighting, dual daggers. I also had it in pdf format, but the comp got fried, so i no longer...
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    D&D 5E What Level Next?

    Take another level of fighter. Then wait one more level, pick up a 4th fighter level, and take Improved Two Weapon Fighting. at 8th level, take a level in Tempest from Complete Adventurer. Keep going from there..... As for feats now....Improved Toughness to make her even badder.
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    Who Kills Your PCs?

    Hmm...with the exception of one game, we havent had any PCs kill other PCs...wether on purpose or accidentally. that one game though.....epic level game, evil, neutral, and good characters. ick. I lost 2 characters (half silver dragon hound archon paladin/vassal of bahamut died in 1 round...
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    Undead mounts?

    Actually, he cant. Hes a Dread Necromancer. :P doesnt get that spell. Will have to talk to the DM. Course, with this DM, we migh ge Nightmares as mounts lol.
  12. Taloras

    Undead mounts?

    Are there any creatures out there that would serve as a good undead mount? I mean, a skeletal horse -could- work, but its mindless and overall not a good choice. Unless i were to use Awaken Undead and have it be an evolved undead (for a 20th lvl lich character)
  13. Taloras

    Corrupt Spells and the Undead(never mind)

    Ok....this has been bothering me since i started looking at evil spells. Im most likely going to be playing an undead spellcaster. So I looked at the corrupt spells. the Corrupt cost on some is in constitution damage. What about an undead? Can he just not ever cast the spell? Does it do...
  14. Taloras

    Shadowdancer Question

    Yes, in 3.5 they removed the extra shadow companions(which makes the cleric in our group so much more happy...she HATES undead....and having one around that she just cant get rid of irks her in so many ways.
  15. Taloras

    What is the AC of your 20th level character?

    my 17th level fighter had a 38. The character im currently playing has a 41....but is the equivalent of at least a 17th level, probably 20+ character(DM does templates wierd) This will increase dramatically as i approach 20 HD......
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    Looking for a magic item to improve Will saves

    get several party members a ring of spell storing. keep it full of protection from evil....whoever acts after the dominating character can put the spell on whoever needs it A similar problem happened in one of our games...archer got dominated....took out the fighter/mage/eldritch knight. next...
  17. Taloras

    Enworld Map

    I -know- there are a few other OKC people on least 2.....but im the only one on the map :/
  18. Taloras

    Making a new rogue

    halfling gets a bonus on thrown weapons. master thrower is a PrC for thrown weapons. Invisible Blade is a dagger PrC(maybe a mix of these two?) Get some +1 returning throwing daggers of distance. Carry a lot of daggers. Weapon Focus(dagger) should help. Quick Draw, Point Blank Shot, Precise...
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    Lycanthrope Tiger / Rogue just run dont look back RUN!

    *takes notes* in our game, we have a werebear monk and a weretiger fighter....this DOES get nasty at times. Then again, the Dm doesnt give the bear/tiger HD, but he gives half the ability mods in humanoid form(with one "core" ability staying at full, depending on the creature - tiger is dex...
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    in our campaign, the shadowdancer uses the goliath's shadow for all his abilities lol. But a shadow creature is no longer a shadow, its a creature. so no, id rule you cant use a shadow creature as a valid shadow for shadowjump(or HiPS)