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  1. mcrow

    D&D General DM Authority

    The DM in my view is the arbiter of the rules. Open discussion of gameplay and rules should be allowed by the DM but after discussion, the DM should have the final say. I guess generally speaking all of my DMs have been on the easy-going line , no power trips or anything which is good.
  2. mcrow

    D&D General How much of your annual gaming money does D&D get?

    It really varies from year to year. Back in the 90's it was probably 100%. Then I got into indie RPGs in the early 2000's and most years then it was probably down to about 20%. Now I've been buying Cyberpunk stuff and D&D 5E stuff mostly the last year so it's more like 80% D&D the last year...
  3. mcrow

    Looking for D&D 5E or Pathfinder [MN/Online]

    I have several years RPG experience but have been away from RPGs for about 10 years. Looking to join a group as a player. I live an hour west of Minneapolis but would be happy to play online as well. I'm 40 years old would like a similarly aged group (30+ preferred but any group of mature...
  4. mcrow

    Who Will Get the Axe?

    sad to here about people losing their jobs. However, from my purely selfish gaming perspective, I'd like to see D&D minis go the way of Heroscape, not collectible. I'd buy atleast one of every set they put out if they did that. As it is now I buy none.
  5. mcrow

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder BETA - Some Sizzle, Not Much Steak

    Yeah, he has the wrong definition of backwards compatible. For something to be backwards compatible whether it's a PC,software, cardgame or RPG it must be useable with the older version without modification. For instance, 4E is not backwards compatible with 3.5E supplements. Sure, you...
  6. mcrow

    Gencon Updates

    I fugured we could start a thread that would list links to all of the Gencon updates on the web. Here's a start, feel free to suggest more. Zach's Live Blog Waiwode's LJ Gaming Report
  7. mcrow

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder BETA - Some Sizzle, Not Much Steak

    I'm a little disappointed at what I here in the OP's post. Not that this unsells me on the game because it still sounds good. However, I think that from a marketing standpoint they have missed the boat. People wanted things fixed but still wanted it to basically be 3.5. From what I read it...
  8. mcrow

    Pathfinder 1E D&D4 and Pathfinder can coexist

    I will be playing more 4E because it's new and cool, but Pathfinder will also have a place at my table. Both are good games and I'm sure both have their flaws but I think we can all agree that there is much fun to be had no matter which you chose to play on a given night. Anyone who says they...
  9. mcrow

    Why I have decided I like 4E's 'incompleteness'...

    While agree with the basic idea of being happy with the rules for the most part, I still don't get the thought that 4E is "incomplete". The core rules seem to me to be the "basic" rules while other books will fill in stuff that a more detailed player might want. Not so much incomplete as it is a...
  10. mcrow

    Do You Sometimes Purchase RPG Books Just To Read (Not For Play Purposes)?

    Yes, I buy games jsut for the purpose of reading them. Not that I don't have the intention or desire to play them but there are a lot of games that my group wont play. However, If I get the chance I play them. I'd say that probably about 40% of the books I buy just to read, with no current...
  11. mcrow

    Looking for Altenative Exp System

    Not sure which system or site you are refering to but I once played in a game where XP wasn't awarded but instead players advanced levels when they achieved certain goals. Some were individual goals. Once the GM thought you met the terms then you just went up a level.
  12. mcrow

    West End Games for Sale

    Yup those three as well + MWP. Yes, FFG has control of the 40k & WHFRP. The point is there are probably over 200 rpg publishers and we have around 10 that can say that they consistantly sell more than 500 print copies in a single year.
  13. mcrow

    West End Games for Sale

    There are a handful of publishers besides the ones I listed that can sell that many books, but the point is they probably don't order 5000 book print runs. The probably order half or less of that at a time in most cases and reprint as needed. WEG has never been the type of company that had...
  14. mcrow

    West End Games for Sale

    I'm a d6 fan, I own a lot of the SW stuff and Torg books. However, it's no wonder they went under when you dump around $45k in to printing books (that's about 5000 copies of each of the core books) in an RPG market that rarely allows a publisher not named WotC, SJG, or WW to sell more than 500...
  15. mcrow

    Worldbuilding Starting City

    Maybe the city of mists? A city in an artic environment that always stays warm due to heat the seeps out from several tunnels in the earth that are spread throughout the city. While outside the city it may a frozen wasteland, inside people can roam the streets in summer atire. There are...
  16. mcrow

    PDF Users - how do you print?

    I rarely print PDFs but when I do print them it's only selected pages. Pages like stat blocks or tables that I would use at the table.
  17. mcrow

    Discussions about writing in '4e compatable' mode?

    Yes, the names of the classes & powers carry some copywrite issues. They'd have a hard time proving their rights to Paladins, Clerics, Wizards, Sorcerors, Dwarf, Human and the like because those are largely public domain but others that are totally of their own making like the ones you posted...
  18. mcrow

    2009 ENnies Judge Selection

    Hello, I'm Mike Crow a long time gamer that would enjoy the opportunity to be an ENnies judge for the 2009 awards. I was born and raised in Minnesota where around the age of 12 I was introduced to gaming by my best friend with my first session of AD&D 2nd Edition. Since being introduced to...
  19. mcrow

    Rate WotC as a company

    I gave them a 5. I'm thinking historically though. I think 3E saved and re-energized the hobby and while 3e was not my favorite system at the time, it was innovative. Add to that they clearly have the best writers, layout, art combo of anyone. Up until 4E I would have given them a 6, they...
  20. mcrow

    Craving battles

    I think a campaign would get boring if there were not an adventure or two that included heavy combat. So much of the rules is made for combat for a reason, ya know. :)