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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE): Seeking players

    And I have landed here! Currently in the Abu Dhabi area, but will soon be living in Dubai... any D&D players out there in the UAE??
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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE): Seeking players

    Thread Necromancy... I may (99% chance) be taking a job in Dubai landing in Feb/March... am looking for D&D players and Blood Bowl players...
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    What is your favourite published adventutre? and more important WHY?

    For OD&D, Keep on the Borderlands and then Isle of Dread where fantastic as a young kid. Today, I really liked DMing the 2nd of the 3E adventure path series The Silver Forge... Also, the first Dragon Lance module Dragons of Despair (??) in which that Black Dragon bursts out of the well in the...
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    Vote: The Best OD&D and B/ED&D Adventures!

    CM6 - Where Chaos Reigns? I still have it here on my shelf :)
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    Since the start of 3E, which (non-core) book have you used the most?

    Forgotten Realms Silver Marches - considering I am running a campaign there... All the other FR supplements do well and the splat books
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    Rules for Narcotics

    I don't have Monte Cook's BoVD, but I was wondering if anybody could direct me to the rules on addiction and how it affects PC's / NPC's in game mechanic terms... Not looking for a debate on the merits of drugs in the game, but looking for simple addiction rules. Thanks!
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    What was your first PC's name?

    Fleetwood von Jarden III A Fighter in the old red Basic set... Went all the way to Lvl 36 (which was the max) I was 10yrs old, and if anybody says I cheated to get the top, I'll punch you in the nose!
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    [ot] Cricket world cup

    Australia in a canter... The question is who will play Australia in the final... I think the Kiwis will be dark horses... And nobody is mentioning the Windies at all! Sth Africa will CHOKE!
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    Longest campaign you've run/played in?

    14 years... can you dig it! Yep 13 years... Started when I was 16 and I recently turned 30... Must admit there was a hiaitus for 2-3 years there, but we only play semi regularly... Home brew campaign, not serious just guys, pizza, beer and D&D...
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    [OT] Would all the Aussies, please stand up?

    ** bump ** I don't think we've heard from all the Aussies yet...
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    [OT] Would all the Aussies, please stand up?

    Snoweel, whilst a Saints man, I actually grew up in Greystanes and hence most of my mates (who I occaisionally game with) are Parra fans - so I feel for your eternal optimism, but you blew your big chance two years ago... At the moment, I live in Glenbrook in the lower mountains. I...
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    [OT] Would all the Aussies, please stand up?

    If you call running around in tight shorts & a singlet top trying to kick a goal but still getting a point for missing a football code.... Don't get me started on a league vs cross country basketball discussion!
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    [OT] Would all the Aussies, please stand up?

    Sydneysider here! Long time lurker and infrequent poster... There has to me more Sydney people here.... there has to be... hello? And more importantly, are there any Saints fans out there as well (Rugby League that is!) AussieDM
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    Calculate your own DnD stats

    Is it just me.. But I can't seem to get onto this site... Is it down?
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    What would you characterise as your primary style of playing D&D?

    I've been DM'ing the one campaign for 14 years... We only play 3 or 4 times a year, so it hasn't been a long campaign, but the odd thing is that there has never been any deaths.... A couple of close calls, particularly last session where I had my first PC down to -8hp, but no deadin's (yet!)...
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    'Origin' of Your User Name

    I'm an Aussie and I DM.... (And you all thought it was something cryptic!!)
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    Pool of Radiance

    Are you referring to Attack on Myth Drannor? I too am running it next month to transfer my PC's from a home brew to Faerun (by setting the initial encounter with the Cultists on my world with the portal leading to Faerun). So I too would be interested in hearing how it runs?? I am running it...
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    [OT] What sport do you Play?

    I'm an Aussie and I play Cricket!! Nothing Better!!
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    Amazon Sale of DnD Products

    An Aussie's point of view Well, in Australia, given the US/AU exchange rate, our local GST (Goods & Services Tax - 10%) and the fact that there are additional import duties and charges, all RPG products are quite expensive. For instance the FRCS was around $80 Aussie! For comparison, the cost...
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    what extent do you plan out your PC?

    I pick a class, race and start at first level... Never really pick any feats that would initially seem strange - hence I always take pretty much close to the standard setups as per the PHB, and my skills I max out as many as I can... Then as we play and advance, I will develop as the game...