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    D&D Adventurers League Open Call for Designers

    There are hilariously few people reading each other's posts here. You do not need a minimum of anything to have Adventurer's League at a store. Like, seriously. There are only requirements to get fancy certificates saying you have magic items you can trade instead just writing them down on your...
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    The Bamfsies Announce the Best Superhero RPGs!

    This is ridiculous. No mention of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying? I've run or played most of these, but Marvel Heroic was the only one where I ever really felt like a superhero.
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    Where's the News from Gencon?

    Thank you so much for the link. That's exactly it. I've been looking around for thorough GenCon coverage since it happened, and that roundup is the best collection of major news from the Con. A new World of Darkness is huge news, and Savage Lankhmar sounds like a great fit as well. Don't be so...
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    D&D 5E Noble Background MIA (and what is probably is)

    So, to format what we have so far as the Basic rules do: Noble Skill Proficiencies: History, Persuasion Languages: One of your choice Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set Equipment: A signet ring, a scroll of pedigree, a set of fine clothes, and a pouch of 25 gold pieces. Feature...
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    Replacing the human "+1 all" bonus...

    So, obviously, here is what they actually did: Variant Human Traits If your campaign uses the optional feat rules from the Player’s Handbook, your Dungeon Master might allow these variant traits, all of which replace the human’s Ability Score Increase trait. Ability Score Increase. Two...
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    Obscure elements of D&D you would love to rescue

    Thread necromancy to note that this product I was raving about is now FINALLY available as a PDF:
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    Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle: A Railroady Adventure and Exclusive Gen Con D&D Next Softcover Ruleset

    There's personalized, and then there's this... I learned way less about this adventure than I did about the reviewer's personal philosophy of module design. Doesn't really help me determine if this something I want to try and acquire or not (which, since it was a GenCon exclusive, would...
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    If you're WotC, what do you consider a "win" for 5e/D&D Next?

    The thing is, what WotC considers a win, what Hasbro considers a win, and what any of the people working on the game consider a win are probably three very different things.
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    Kickstarter The REBUILDING EN WORLD Kickstarter Project

    Thank you for the fantastically quick response. Pending wife permission (which is likely), I am about to go give you my money!
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    Kickstarter The REBUILDING EN WORLD Kickstarter Project

    Ah. I just assumed. Since there is an option (I assume via survey) to choose 4E or Pathfinder pdfs for ZEITGEIST, might you consider making it a similar option to get the 4E WotBS pdfs instead of the 3.5 compilation?
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    Kickstarter The REBUILDING EN WORLD Kickstarter Project

    Anyway the 4E compilation of War of the Burning Sky might sneak in as a bolt on or anything? I already have WotBS 3.5, and since I play 4E a lot more than Pathfinder right now (that could change anytime, as I love both as separate games), that would really sweeten the pot for me, and I may not...
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    D&D 5E Settings for D&D Next?

    A more playable, less novel-centric version of Dragonlance would be great. Mystara was awesome when it was Gazetteers. When it became "Mystara" as a campaign setting brand, not so much. And if campaign worlds are going to be linked, I would love it if a return to the original 2E Planescape...
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    D&D 5E December Package is here, it was about time!!

    I am still weirded out by your desire to sort of drop this opinion in here like a grenade, than rush out of the thread without defending it. If you were willing to discuss it, my main question would still be: What should the D&D Next game designers do between surveys? What should they be working...
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    D&D 5E December Package is here, it was about time!!

    I guess I am just wondering what you expect the designers to do between surveys? Sit on their hands and wait before they write more stuff. The idea that it is just marketing is cynical and makes little sense on examination.
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    D&D 5E December Package is here, it was about time!!

    Overall, this is a big move forward. Thank goodness they fixed Rogues. Seriously. Sneak attack should not be what the Rogue revolves around-- and now it is just an option-- but it was necessary to make it less watered down. Skill dice intrigue me. The designers seem to be taking the following...
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    Iain, Ian, and You

    I have found that somehow, the new Marvel Heroic Role-Playing rules from Margaret Weis's company sit in this sweet-spot between the rules and the creativity that I had forgotten was there. Superhero games tend to be where RPGs in general hit their limits. Comic book heroes tend to be able to do...
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    D&D 5E Rogues and Sneak Attack

    A rose by any other name. Same difference. Your experience sounds absolutely counter to my own. In 1E, and 2E, I and everyone else I ever saw play a Thief or Rogue spent every combat trying to get a Back-stab in. If there were never opportunities, the DM got an earful. Again, not like my...
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    D&D 5E Rogues and Sneak Attack

    So what does a rogue do in combat that is as interesting and useful as the fighter, wizard, or cleric? Or should the rogue's player just wait for combat to be over to do something fun again? If Sneak Attack is going to be replaced as the rogue's signature combat ability (despite having been so...
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    Wizards and healing spells

    Dare I ask what you've got going on? By the way, I found a spell from 1E that was an arcane heal. This is from the Dragonlance Adventures hardcover: What's interesting there is that in AD&D, a round was one-minute instead of the 6 seconds it is in 3E and everything since. So any attempt at...