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  1. dravot

    New Star Trek TV Series In Development

    I would so watch that show.
  2. dravot

    [Trailer] Avatar: The Legend of Korra

    Relique: it's a new tv show, completely separate from any movie deals.
  3. dravot

    EURKEA--Reprise #12. Season 4.5/2011

    Fun episode. Fargo in the holding cell was the best part.
  4. dravot

    GAME OF THRONES #10:Fire and Blood ACT 10 Chapter 1-2011--Season Ending

    I'm pretty certain that the makeup department can do a good enough job of making the actress look like Brienne.
  5. dravot

    TRUE BLOOD/Fang 1--She's Not There/2011--BLOOD COUNT 4

    I've been patient with the show up until now, but it's taking some weird turns and I'm becoming less interested.
  6. dravot

    GAME OF THRONES #10:Fire and Blood ACT 10 Chapter 1-2011--Season Ending

    Spoilers for anything beyond season 1 are really not appreciated. I'm reading the other books, right now, and you just ruined a major plot point for me.
  7. dravot

    In Remembrance--2011

    Springsteen Saxophonist Clarence Clemons passed away. Reuters (Reuters) - Clarence Clemons, the saxophone player in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, died on Saturday, according to media reports, almost a week after he had a stroke at his Florida home. He was 69. The New York Times said...
  8. dravot

    The Walking Dead

    The doctor was whacked, in his own way. He had accepted death, and preferred going out in the explosion to anything on the outside. He assumed that Rick and company would agree. From what the doctor said, the CDC was set to protect itself against an act of terrorism - I doubt that they would...
  9. dravot

    2010----In Remembrance.

    Jill Clayburgh, an Oscar-nominated actress known for portraying strong, independent women, died on Friday at her home in Lakeville, Conn. She was 66. The cause was chronic leukemia, with which she had lived for 21 years, her husband, the playwright David Rabe, said.
  10. dravot

    No Ordinary Family

    My six year old wanted to watch it, but the language and some of the content was highly inappropriate, and for no appreciable gain.
  11. dravot

    EUREKA #8:The Ex-Files /Season IV/2010

    I miss Nathan Stark. That was a fun episode.
  12. dravot

    EUREKA #6:Momstrosity/Season III/2010

    I was a weak episode, I agree. Question: what caused the mainframe to mess up the AI's like that? Tiny was rampaging through Main Street of Town. I don't recall the particulars on that, however. I did buy the bit about the care package. It's a small gesture, and it fits her character.
  13. dravot

    Surprisingly Deep Celebrities

    Mayim Bialik, of Blossom, and now on Big Bang Theory as a guest star, has a PhD in neuroscience.
  14. dravot

    EUREKA #5:Crossing Over/Season IV/2010

    I liked it a lot more than the Claudia-visits-Warehouse 13 episode. It was quite fun.
  15. dravot

    [TV] Doctor Who

    Soylent Green is the name of his sled.
  16. dravot

    2010----In Remembrance.

    Garry Shider of P-Funk fame dies at 56 We saw him play with George Clinton in February. One of the best shows we'd ever seen.
  17. dravot

    STARGATE UNIVERSE # 19:Incursion (1)/Season 1/2010

    Actually, it was Mirror Universe Spock with a Tantalus Field.
  18. dravot

    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    That would have been much better for me too.
  19. dravot

    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    The episode in itself was ok, but it was portrayed as something special because he had it written before he started writing the series.
  20. dravot

    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    For all of the promises, the final episode of B5 was lame. It was 20 years later and the main characters got together for dinner. On that basis, I could write the final episode of any series.