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  1. Nick Brooke (moonbroth)

    Press [Chaosium] From the Q&A: What does YGWV (“Your Glorantha Will Vary”) mean?

    My friends and I have written extensively about Glorantha from a pro-Lunar viewpoint, and frankly it's way more fun. Greg Stafford himself embraced the Lunar Way; there's a reason his personal website was called "We Are All Us." See A Rough Guide to Glamour, Citizens of the Lunar Empire, Life...
  2. Nick Brooke (moonbroth)

    A Look at the Jonstown Compendium

    RuneQuest & Glorantha fans are dedicated, but I don't think we've ever gone that far... In Glorantha, the Jonstown Compendium is a massive lorebook to which any passing Grey Sage can contribute their own notes. It's the prize of the Library at Jonstown, one of the free cities of the Bronze Age...
  3. Nick Brooke (moonbroth)

    A Look at the Jonstown Compendium

    If anyone wants to know what's available on the Jonstown Compendium, I've been maintaining an index of everything in the store with some details you won't necessarily find on DriveThruRPG (eg: analysis of page counts and prices, notes on expected characters and scenario complexity, a map of...
  4. Nick Brooke (moonbroth)

    A Look at the Jonstown Compendium

    We used the Jonstown Compendium to publish a tourist guide to the capital city of the Lunar Empire, A Rough Guide to Glamour, that's also an insidious work of pro-Lunar propaganda: I hope you enjoyed it! The same authors are hard at work on a sequel of sorts, which is also entirely Lunar-themed...