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  1. Zarthon

    D&D General Lolth Miniature Coming In February 2022

    nope...o_O lol. Awesome figure though, just not a huge spider fan
  2. Zarthon

    Pathfinder 1E New to Pathfinder - what to get?

    I would suggest the APG and what ever bestiarys you can get. I'm a huge fan of monsters and I find by having lots of reference material it is way easier to make your own monsters or just tweak the existing monsters. Game on. Sent from my HTC Desire S using Tapatalk
  3. Zarthon

    We have 99 Heroes of Neverwinter beta keys to give away

    D&D game on Facebook, Looks like fun, Pick me for the win.
  4. Zarthon

    Help me figure out what I bought

    You have some nice adventures there, download a retroclone ruleset (I think OSRIC is the AD&D clone) get a group and hit it old school style. Sent from my HTC Desire S using Tapatalk
  5. Zarthon

    Gygax Memorial Fund & Book

    That is fantastic :D I'm in South Africa and I'm willing to pay for postage. Game on.
  6. Zarthon

    Carcassone And Munchkin

    I enjoy Carcassone more than Munchkin.
  7. Zarthon

    What do Enworlders do in real life?

    I work as a Quantity Surveyor / Estimater for a large construction company. WBHO Construction (Just incase anyone was interested ) :) Game on
  8. Zarthon

    DarkMatter D20: Drunk Southern Girls with Guns ... UPDATED - 8/18/05!

    Just a small BUMP Hello all, Just bumping this thread :) Keep it coming jonrog :D
  9. Zarthon

    Magical Vampire coffins

  10. Zarthon

    Magical Vampire coffins

    Greetings all, Quite some time ago I saw some magical coffins on the wizards website, but I can't seem to find them now. If you know where they are please post a link to them for me. Many thanks.
  11. Zarthon

    Excel dice

    I use a dice roller for excel that I downloaded ages ago (I have attached it and an example of the sheet I use), all my encounters are put together in excel before my games, I then just print it out. If you have alook at the sheet you can put your encounter/room number along the top and the...
  12. Zarthon

    An Assassin's Tale: The Return of Grummok - A taste of things to come =]

    Grummuk's back :) This makes me very happy!!!!
  13. Zarthon

    Number of targets for the Mass Hold Person/Monster spells

    Thanks for pointing this out to me Dakkareth, we have only recently converted to 3.5 so I'm still trying to get my mind around all the changes to the spells.
  14. Zarthon

    Number of targets for the Mass Hold Person/Monster spells

    Greetings all, I was wondering if there is a rule (somewhere) which says how many targets are affected by the Mass Hold Person/Monster spells, Reading the spell I am lead to believe that they will affect ALL eligible targets in the area of effect. (One or more creatures, no two of which can be...
  15. Zarthon

    Scarred Lands: None Dare Call Them Heroes (updated 12/07/03)

    Page 3 is no good :) BUMP
  16. Zarthon

    Hitting the negative HP gap.

    I have used the "Variant Rule: Slower Dying" on Sean K Reynolds web site for a while now, and Im quite happy with the way it works.
  17. Zarthon

    Metamorphosis: From Dretch to Demon Lord - Ascension Released!

    I had almost given up hope :) As always...great update BD. PS: could you post the link to the story which started this one, I can not remember the name of it though. (The one with the Earth mephit and Hazergal) Thanks
  18. Zarthon

    drnuncheon's Freeport Story Hour presents: Monte Cook's QUEEN OF LIES

    It's great to read this story again, I had almost given up hope :) Dr. N, if it comes to it what rules are you useing for mass combat?
  19. Zarthon

    drnuncheon's Freeport Story Hour presents: Monte Cook's QUEEN OF LIES

    Great update as usual Doc. :)
  20. Zarthon

    Random Spell Generator

    Unfortunatly we are still playing 3e, the group as a whole decided to wait till the beginning of next year to start with 3.5. (Someting about the books been really expensive and waiting for our 13th cheque)