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    New In-Game Slang Based On Your Games

    We have a few of these: "The Melissa Chart" This is the name of our "Critical Miss Chart". It was named for a girl we used to roleplay with who's "lucky d20" rolled ones a lot. Since she was the one who has used the chart the most, it has since been named for her. "Brian Dead" This refers...
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    D&D and Vocabulary

    I must be the only one who learned the word 'bludgeon' though D&D. I love that word. I'm always threatening to bludgeon people with a ball peen hammer. This thread reminded me of a guy I knew. He definately didn't have a very large vocabulary (or lexicon...learned that word through White...
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    D&D Urban Legends: I new this guy who...

    My one "D&D is evil" story: I have a friend who was a bit unstable, and one day brought a gun to school and started blasting away (he didn't hit anyone, though) because he was sick of being considered a joke at the school. Anyway, he stopped going to the school, and had to spend some time in...
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    DMs: How do your players show their appreciation for what you do?

    I think as with most people who have posted here it's more about the thanks than actual gifts for me. As an example, last weekend, I finished the story arc in the Star Wars D20 game I was running. I still consider myself a "beginner DM" for the most part. So, I know I made some mistakes...
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    Too scared to DM!

    Hey Randomling, I know I'm a bit late in this, but I know exactly where you're coming from. I am currently running a Star Wars D20 game. It's kinda scary because the guy who typically GM's for us (who I consider one of the best GM's I've ever had) is in the game. If S'mon and StalkingBlue...
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    Simpsons Comic Book Guy = Modern Day Gamer?

    The owner or the FLGS in Boise (Dark Horse Games and Comics...if you're ever in Boise, look it up) that I've been shelling money out to since I was a Sophmore in high school (believe me, a very long time) doesn't fit the stereotype of Comic Book Guy. He's very interesting to talk about, and...
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    Why Wizards are better than Sorcerers, and other stories

    Well, there's probably no reason to mention the cleric, other than that I always feel sorry for the underdog. One of my weaknesses, I guess. *shrug*
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    A feat is like a Magic card...

    The only thing I would say about this is...I don't think Magic: TG cards are quite as concerned about being balanced against each other (at least a lot of them aren't). That's why when we play, there are several cards that for one reason or another, we've banned from play. Either WAY too...
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    Why aren't paladins liked?

    In a FR game I played in, I played a LG Cleric of Helm and another guy played a Paladin of Helm. Despite both of us being Lawful Good we weren't overbearing or arrogant. They actually ended up being played somewhat like College Frat Boys. The rest of the group nicknamed us "The Helm Twins"...
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    Why Wizards are better than Sorcerers, and other stories

    Well, clerics are cool because when all you other guys get a scratched finger you shout "AHHH!!! Where's the Cleric!!! Where's the Cleric!!!" and come a-running. I mean, who even remembers that the bard can heal when they have a gaping hole in them. It's all about the cleric. Note: No one...
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    How would you describe your style of play?

    I put in "Some deviation from the rules." Not a lot but there are some things we change in the interest of speeding up the game or making something make sense. If I had been asked this 2 years ago, I would have said "Many deviations". We house ruled the game to the gills (do games have...
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    Your Very First Monster Encounter

    I think my first monster encounter was a group of 4 orcs. This was in 1Ed AD&D. It was one of those dungeons that made no sense to any sane person. You know, the kind that had everything from a group of Orcs to Demogorgon all hanging out in the same dungoen. Yes. We actually saw...
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    How I Made Peace With My Inner Gnome

    Ah, yes...gnomes with a toad familar. Always makes for a tough little magic-user. We had a guy in our group make up a character with that combo. We called him "Action Gnome!" (the exclamation mark is implied.) Fun fun. I'm thinking of making a gnome bard/sorcerer the next time I play D&D.
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    Rules of dungeon crawling - player's perspective

    I would like to add this one: (Especially if you are in a game run by my usual DM) Never, if at all possible, try to rest up from combat in a room inside the dungeon populated by intelligent creatures. If they know you're there and trying to rest up to gain spells or heal, they'll do things...
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    D&D Miniatures: Giants of Legend Huge packs CANCELLED!

    Merric, You got me because you're the KING of posting Miniatures updates. The only thing that didn't ring true was that you didn't seem too sad about it. But you had me there for a little bit.
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    Familiars and role-playing

    I had an Air Mephit familiar once in a game. It was pretty funny because the GM actually played him as an NPC. Furthermore, he was somewhat arrogant and therefore a bit annoyed about the idea of being someones "familiar". Most of the time he treated me like I was the familiar and HE was the...
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    How did you find EN World?

    A friend of mine told me about it.
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    How open are you about playing DnD?

    I said I'm completely open about it. The only people that I work with here that don't know are the Engineers and Managers I work with, and that's just because I don't get much of a chance to socialize with them. I'm definately not afraid to tell anyone. Let them think what they want to think...
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    Are your gaming friends exclusivley "gaming friends"?

    I said somewhere inbetween. And that's just because recently (after losing a few players and needing to replace them) we began gaming with a couple of guys that we didn't previously know. We all seem to get along pretty well, but when we've invited them to hang out outside of gaming, they...
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    Magic in your game

    I agree. I would have liked to seen check-boxes instead of radio buttons, because I would have chosen all three. It all depends on what setting I'm playing...but I'm willing to play in pretty much any style.