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  1. NotRussellCrowe

    Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2022

    Effekt Podcast for best TALK podcast ever!
  2. NotRussellCrowe

    Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2021

    Podcast: Effekt Category: Talk (they do Actual Play as well) Web: Effekt Why: Their focus on Free League games, though they do talk of other games as well. They get designers and artists and writers from the various Free League products on the podcast to discuss their process and once or twice...
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    Nominate Your Favourite RPG Podcasts of 2020!

    Category: Talk Podcast: Effekt Podcast Why: They talk a lot about Year Zero Engine games (from Free League) + Symbaroum and often have guests, sometimes from Free League, sometimes contract writers, sometimes fans, to talk about Year Zero Games + Symbaroum. They offer homebrew items and ships...
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    Roll20 Reports First Drop For D&D

    There already are other Cthulhu games out there. Trail of Cthulhu is likely the next biggest one but there's also Delta Green, Cthulhu Dark, Cthulhu Hack and likely a few others I'm not familiar with. Free League is also going to make their own Cthulhu game based around one-shots.
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    Using Fantasy Grounds for Face-to-Face?

    I used Fantasy Grounds to run Curse of Strahd for my offline group. I used it to keep notes and maps and manage combat. I can say that having the combat tracker and quick access to NPC sheets was amazing. Being able to look up a spell or something when a question came up was great. Had one...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News - Lancer, Old-School Essentials, Odyssey of the Dragonlords, One Child’s Heart

    And the Fantasy Grounds Unity Kickstarter just launched today
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    Fantasy Grounds Unity KS Announced

    You can install on a second computer but can only use on one at a time. Log in to your account on the Fantasy Grounds website to get your license key. If you bought from Steam your key will be there. No cloud hosting that I'm aware but perhaps we'll find out more tomorrow when the kickstarter...
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    WotC New WotC Game Studio Headed By Bioware's James Ohlen

    So mobile AR games with microtransactions? :p
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    Fantasy Grounds Unity KS Announced

    Actually if you're only talking about D&D 5e content then it is significantly cheaper on Fantasy Grounds than on Roll20. Also the cost of licensed products are dictated by the owners of said products, not by Fantasy Grounds. There are other products which are significantly cheaper. Call of...
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    What Game Did You Leave D&D For?

    I'll play 5e but I no longer have interest in running it. When I run it I feel drained and I'm not excited about it. The fact that characters get more powerful as the game goes gets tiring, always having to find more challenging encounters and other things for them to do. For me I'm now running...
  11. NotRussellCrowe

    A New D&D Book in 2019: Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual!

    Yeah I didn't pick up on what type of book this would be. For all I can figure out it could be an art book. Which may not be a bad thing but I certainly cannot set any expectations or even hype from what I read.
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    Top Games Played On FG In 2018: D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds

    I'm starting to run Horror on the Orient Express next weekend so those Call of Cthulhu numbers are going to increase! By like 2/month... But an increase none-the-less! The world needs more Cthulhu I say. Call of Cthulhu that is. Happy gaming!
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    Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

    Yes, thank you very much for that correction, obviously got a bit confused when I was looking for the website and just copied the page title. I have updated my post with the correct name. Thanks again and I look forward to many more episodes from Paul, Matthew, and yourself! Happy gaming!
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    Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

    I've got three that I really enjoy listening too: The Good Friends of Jackson Elias The Coriolis Effect HowWeRollPodcast Blasphemous Tomes because every episode is interesting to listen to and the hosts really know how to do a podcast. Plus I'm a big Call of Cthulhu fan. The Coriolis Effect...
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    News Digest: More Dragon Heist Products, Pathfinder Playtest Update, Fortnite to Tabletop, and more!

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is also available on Fantasy Grounds for $24.99 USD and contains free bonus maps for those who don't like the ones included in the book.
  16. NotRussellCrowe

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist First Impressions

    That's because it is!
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    Jon Hodgson Patreon

    Jon Hodgson, artist at Cubicle 7 who has worked on a number of RPGs, including The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth, has started up a Patreon to create maps, and maybe other things (currently talking about making a process video), but sounds like mostly maps...
  18. NotRussellCrowe

    Start Your Travels In The Far Future With The Traveller Starter Set

    And according to Google that's $87 Canadian! I was kind of excited to maybe see what Traveller was all about but at that price I'll just stick to something I know.
  19. NotRussellCrowe

    RPG Crowdfunding News 086: Strongholds & Streaming, Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master, The Pallid Ma

    Don't forget about the Trudvang Chronicles region book, Stormlands