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    The Golden Key: From the Casebook of Nigel Spenser (Updated 9/16)

    Excellent start. I just love the setting, especially the mix of Raven King (from Strange & Norell), fantasy and Holmes. And the writing is excellent, will definitely be following this onwards. .Ziggy
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    D&D Race Survivor -- Round 1

    Nobody likes a gnome .Ziggy
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    Aeon (updated 10/9/14)

    Thanks ! I actually like the jump forward, the mysteries and happenings hinted here makes the story even more enthralling :D .Ziggy
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    Dragon Tactics - How smart and original can you be?

    Sorry, but you are still wrong. I based my statement on the assumption that the character has the normal equipment and prepation of a 20th level PC, nothing Dragon-specific in there. Of course the Wizard and Cleric will have some long-lasting buffs up (Mindblank, GMW, magic Vestment, etc) but...
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    How Many Actual Sessions Has Your Current Long-Term Campaign Had?

    We have played 81 sessions since August '01. We play every second monday, with gaps for holidays. The PC's are now about 12th level, but fairly strong for their level. I usually throw EL 16-18 encounters on them for the tough fights. We also play between sessions on email. The intensity...
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    Dragon Tactics - How smart and original can you be?

    Something tells me you're not used to high level play. A 20th level rogue might have trouble on his own, as the blindsight will make sneak attacks harder, but with the right items (Ring of Blinking etc) that can be overcome. The 20th level fighter will abolutely cream him, he'll have better...
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    Looking for a slick Mass Combat System? Stop the Search!

    I bought it as well, and it look cool. The sad thing is that I ran my big, bad battle scene about 4 months ago, and it'll be at least a year before I get the opportunity to run another. .Ziggy
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    How many countries have you visited?

    Why Norway, and I hope it was in summer... ? .Ziggy
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    How many countries have you visited?

    Hmm, let see: Norway (home country) Sweden Denmark Finland Iceland Germany (West & United) Belgium (briefly) France Spain Portugal Switzerland Italy Greece Czech Republic UK (including Wales & Scotland) Ireland Monaco The Vatican State Tunisia South Africa US Thailand Cambodia Malaysia Vietnam...
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    Which die do you use the most?

    d6. Most common die for damage spells for my wizard, and damage die for my greatsword wielding barbarian. Next in line is the d8 for longbow and longsword damage. .Ziggy
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    What item(s), magical or not, do you get for every single one of your PCs and why?

    Non-magical: Dagger Oil Chalk Mirror Quarterstaff (plain walking staff) - ideal for those no-weapons towns Magical: Eyes of the eagle - cheap and very little else in this slot Amulet of health - unless I'm a Cleric Cloak of Resistance - unless I'm a Paladin or Sorcerer
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    Do You Use the Core Pantheon?

    My campaign is FR, and thus uses the FR pantheon (most prominent are Tempus, Lathander, Sune, Kelemvor, Bane, Cyric, Dumathoin, Clangeddin and Anubis). In another homebrew we use the core pantheon. Most prominent are Pelor, Heironeous and Hextor. .Ziggy
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    What 3rd-level spells should any Wizard prepare?

    Agree, Haste is still very good, especially at lower levels. The movement is essential, both in closing with enemies, and to get away from trouble (also for archers). And the extra attack will (almost) double the firepower at these levels, makin a big difference. On higher levels Haste is less...
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    Dateline - Sharn. Dispatches from the Lower Towers

    Looking forward to it :D I like the start, your writing is (still) strong. And I definitely like the first person perspective, it bring much more life to the story. And I have not read any of the Eberron adventures, so it'll be all new to me :cool: .Ziggy
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    Rel's Faded Glory III: Glory Reborn (FINAL UPDATE 6/22 - SHE'S DONE, BABY!!)

    I usually pop in when I visit ENWorld (1-2 times a week) if there are new posts in the thread. .Ziggy
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    How many PC deaths do you see per session?

    I've got 6 deaths in 78 sessions (3 years of playing), and I play with open die rolls, (mostly) gloves off. But also with lots of roleplaying, and only about half of those sessions have any combat at all. The party have just reached 10th/11th level, and I've seen an increase in lethality with...
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    "Modern" things in your game?

    There are two different types of contracts. One where you will have to pay the material cost on ressurection (depending on type of ressurection needed). This contract is only available for people in good standing, where the insurer can be reasonably sure that the client have the means to pay the...
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    "Modern" things in your game?

    And what are you smoking ? Try reading my post one more time, and use your brain this time. .Ziggy
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    "Modern" things in your game?

    Apart from the usual ones (mainly gender equality, literacy and univeral coinage) I've also introduced insurance. The most popular (mainly for NPC's) is life insurance. Of course horribly expensive, and therefore only for adventurers and the really well to do. And of course in several...
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    What should I do in Kuala Lumpur ?

    Any alternatives to buses for going to Malacca ? I've visited Thailand several times, and it's really easy (and relatively safe) to rent a car with a driver for a day (or more). Is it the same in KL, and how is the best way to do it (I'm more interested in safety and comfort than to save a few...