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  1. NarlethDrider

    Moving to Urbandale Iowa

    In the coming new year I'll be moving up to Urbandale Iowa & I was wondering if there are any gaming groups up there
  2. NarlethDrider

    World of Kulan Art Thread (Updated: Aug 27/22)

    after a few years I'm finally dustin off the art stuff & tryin to put penil to paper;) So, robert, do you have the templated creatures(the old thread) put on a compiled file? I always enjoyed that thread(sigh.....)
  3. NarlethDrider

    [Fiery Dragon] Creature Collection 4th Edition preview: Asaatthi!

    Any chance of getting an art preview? After some A-HOLE clearing out my bank account, it would make this day better:) 'specially some narleth artwork:D
  4. NarlethDrider

    [Fiery Dragon] Creature Collection 4th Edition preview: Asaatthi!

    COOL---how long b-fore we can order it? I'm lookin forward to it---the original 3.0 CC was my first "monster book"---i cantwait for the 4E version--- Do all the critters have "fluff" like the preview we got to see? (I was one of those who was not happy w/thelack of fluff in the 4E...
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    [Fiery Dragon] Creature Collection 4th Edition preview: Asaatthi!

    this really needs to be the next preview:lol::D
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    [Fiery Dragon] Creature Collection 4th Edition preview: Asaatthi!

    KOOL! Will the narleth be in the new 4E CC?
  7. NarlethDrider

    Wraith recon

    Wraith recon; what can you tell me about it? (Setting, races, etc...) I'm thinking of picking this up for a couple of my friends for a late x-mas present...
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    NEED HELP!?! I need a 4E PC for tonight!:(

    I just found out that we are gonna be doin some 4E H1 adventuring tonight---my books are at home:(---Can some one make me a 1st level 4e pc? Pertinent info: 30 point buy Race: tiefling or Dragonbourne Class: Ranger (two weapon fighter type) or a straight fighter (maybe halberd or sword & board...
  9. NarlethDrider

    [4e Setting] No Age for Heroes

    awesome stuff---I'm using "this" as a influence on the 4E game i'll be running on the boards here---i just gotta finish up some of the races:)
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    Bump If You're Tired of [insert reason]

    wOO-HoO! Driders are now the result of a successful test of Lolth!! The more I read of 4E, the more I like:)
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    Another Bookstore Releasing the Books Early

    theres no FLGS where I live:( I wish my Barnes & Noble would violate the street date----I sure have pestered them this week---:D
  12. NarlethDrider

    Serpent Men Minis?

    those would definately be good for what the OP was talkin about (IMHO) I still have the reptilliads i got back in the eighties....dang I'm old:(
  13. NarlethDrider

    Anyone buy from

    have you tried heres the link to the sharkmen:
  14. NarlethDrider

    The Age of Worms - Morrus' Campaign - Finished 6th August!!

    wow, fun battle----from the DMs point of view, is it a pain to run high level antagonists?
  15. NarlethDrider

    Barrow of the Forgotten Story Hour - Complete! 8/13/08

    [wee orphan voice]more, sir?[/wee orphan voice]
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    ITS A shame they dont sell those minis separate from the game:(
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    love it----where did you get the other non-DDM drider from, I gotta have one!
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    What are your C&C Races?

    Like the title says, what are your C&C races for your campaign? Have you converted something from another product? What are your changes to the "standard" races? I love having serveral choices to offer my players as characters & me as npcs to interact w/the players (its fun to have something...