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    D&D General Critical Role Investigation Into Complaint

    Thank you for using an image with the entire, original cast. Tiberius was a hoot.
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    Whatever Happened to D&D's Underdog?

    Wasn't "Under Illefarn" also 0 level?
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    Combat issues: slayer + at-will magic missile.

    My group finally got to try the play test. Initially slayer and at will mm was hated but as we progressed it was well received but my feedback will be "mm as a cantrip should be 1d4+1 but cannot exceed level" It needs work but that's our take if it stays at will without an attack roll
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    Baldur's Gate Countdown Ends... Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for Summer 2012

    I am currently playing BG (again) and I am excited at the idea of an upgrade. I also do not mind playing an adventure where things are not handed to me because I am in a hurry to get to 'the boss fight' or max level. Not an attack, just a counter argument. Some of us miss searching for the...
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    What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 20 February, 2012

    The 5e page at EN World: Your Daily RPG Magazine: Your Daily RPG Magazine has not been updated recently. Do you still intend to keep this current?
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    DDXP Begins Today!

    It would be nice if it was streamed but alas.
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    4 Hours w/RSD - Introducing Undermountain (Ryan Dancey)

    I disagree. I am very interested in filleting the fat from PF/3.5 into something manageable for new players and have been trying to devise a way of doing many of things within a limited 'free time' window, so I for one am very anxious to read on this subject further. I would play a game like...