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    D&D 5E Can a rogue train in longbow to gain proficiency?

    I allow for the training in almost anything tools, weapons, skills and languages.... however i don't use the downtime rules training involves using the skill, language,tool or weapon in play
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    ZENDIKAR -- Where Magic: The Gathering and D&D Collide!

    I like it i can use most of it in my homebrew campaign if wizards were to give it even minimal support i.e. a map and expanding the existing pdf. Even if they put a price tag on it people will buy it
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    D&D 5E One-shot kills

    I have zero problems with killing characters in any edition of the game i believe in permanant level drain, death via massive damage, and save or die effects. I also have no problems assigning high DC's for traps. I do not see the big deal the hero's are not supposed to win all the time...
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    D&D 5E Dungeon Difficulty: post your dungeon stats

    Temple of the sleeping god (homebrew adventure homebrew world) 30 1/4(50 xp) goblins Spread out across the the temple in groups of six One duergar smith(200 Xp) Can be be bargained with) 2 trapped books one paralysis the other shocking grasp (100 xp a peice) one illusion trap rope...
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    How Do Mobile Devices Affect Your Game?

    I have zero problems at my table with the use of technology at my table and none of the other GM's who run at my table have a problem with it either. With the ezxception of oldest member of our group all of us from my twelve year old nephew up to me uses technology of some sort. Be it a phone...
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    D&D 5E Monks breaking gravity

    While monks are not immune to gravity they have a very fluid relationship with it that allows them to do things that are conisdered mimpossible by laymen ... thats my story and i sticking to it :)
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    D&D 5E Magic item attunement, like-dislike?

    I dont like it and i don't use it granted i do not inundate the party with a lot of items to begin with so its not a real problem for me
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    D&D 5E Why Has D&D, and 5e in Particular, Gone Down the Road of Ubiquitous Magic?

    perhaps you would best be served by not allowing short rests to regain spells and limiting cantrips to to say casting stat bonus times 2 per day or no longer allowing cantrips at all.
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    D&D 5E Cell Phone and Electronic Etiquette at your 5e Table

    I use at the table my laptop for campaign management, an ipad with herolab loaded on it, a windows 10 and android tablet for rule books and map display in addition to my other books. As a player i use just my tablets and i turn all the volumes down so when the action does not focus on me...
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    D&D 5E D&D's XP & advancement system is a bit broken. I have a solution.

    one session to go from first to second level aggravates my inner grognard my party played a month of sundays before they hit second level ... edited because i have fat fingers sometimes
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    Brigandine, Lamellar, and Aventails... Oh My!

    One can conjecture that studded leather is a form of brigandine with the plates riveted between layers of lighter leather. rather than cloth
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    D&D 5E Deal Breakers - Or woah, that is just too much

    As a Dm i would never shoehorn anyone to play anything they don't want and occasionally i have even assigned an NPC cleric to the group fro a full share of the XP I just can't get behind the ideo of forcing someone to play something they don't want.
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    D&D 5E Drawbacks to Increasing Monster AC Across the Board?

    The monsters as they are presented are meant to be the baseline and the DM is expected to and often encouraged to modify them to their vision of what the encounter should be. It is absolutely okay if the PC's do not win all the time
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    D&D 5E 6-8 Encounter Adventuring Day as the Key to Combat as Sport/War in 5e

    I tend to make greater use of traps, tricks, and noncombat obstacles in addition to combat encounters in conjunction with random encounters which tends to increase my encounter metric from 6-8 to 12-15.
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    D&D 5E How much does initiative add to damage output?

    over the long run it won't as initiative is a random thing you will lose initiative as often as you win it.
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    Can you shoot a bow and wear a shield at the same time?

    I would say it depend on the type of shield..... Buckler sure no modifier , any centerheld shield or a roman Scutum no. an arm strapped shield yes but you don't get the AC bonus and you are at a disadvantage for the shot but if you are being charged you can drop your bow and draw your sword...
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    D&D 5E How Does A Fighter Deal With Falling In Battle?

    I don't hate to say this the PC's do not always get to win. There are going to be times when you rock and there will be times you won't
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    DDAL A Million Answers From Mearls & Lindsay About DM's Guild, DDAL, and the OGL (Compiled AMA)

    yeah its an example this SRD is a springboard it is not meant to be a stand alone system
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    D&D 5E rapier+dagger and/or longsword+dagger?

    i don't need a rule in the book for me a the book is a springboard if a person wants wield, Case of rapier, Genoese Axe and Mace, without the dual weilding feat I would assign the old school -2/-4 to their attack rolls with no strength bonus added to either attack. Following along those...
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    D&D 5E Mapping Software Input [What's in your wallet?]

    I use a combination of things when i design a map. I start with a peice of square or hex graph paper then i take the drawing and sketch it into CC3 then i export the image into gimp and finally pull the cleaned up image into fractal mapper making use of its native scenario builder for dm...