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    Survivor D&D Computer Games- Baldur's Gate WINS!

    AD&D: Cloudy Mountain 15 Baldur's Gate 24 Baldur's Gate II 25 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Series 14 Chronicles of Mystara 20 Dungeons & Dragons Online 7 Eye of the Beholder Series 21 Gold Box: Pool of Radiance Series 18 Gold Box: Dragonlance Series 20 Gold Box: Savage Frontier Series 20 Gold...
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    D&d story mode: d&d lite by joel esko

    This seems really great! At first blush, I might not use the spell system but everything else is cool.
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    D&D 5E Next UA on February 6

    I was honestly under the impression that since each class was getting its due every week (in alphabetical order, no less) that these were already done and ready to be uploaded on a weekly basis, and that it was a good time for them to be working on other stuff. I think it was implied when they...
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    D&D 5E 5th edition Monster Manual: I think the really nice art detracts from the mediocre functionality of the book.

    It's called the Monster Manual because it's always been called the Monster Manual. The Player's Handbook this time around isn't called the Player's Guide and the DMG isn't called the Dungeon Master's Sourcebook. In an edition that is catering to prior editions, renaming the MM, no matter what...
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    D&D 5E Any ideas for re-flavored mechanics?

    I did a simple trick by renaming Monks to be Adepts (inspired by Shadowrun's magically enhanced warriors) to keep my theme western fantasy.
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    D&D 5E Should Next have been something completely new and made from scratch?

    For all of you, in ANY ONE of these threads who claimed they haven't seen enough modularity, enough 4th edition mechanics, enough Vancian spellcaster options, etc... This was only the CORE game. It was only ever sold as a playtest of the CORE game. Yes, they peppered in some wild ideas that...
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    D&D 5E Podcasts?

    I can only find blogs myself. SOMEONE out there must be doing a Next podcast!
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    D&D 5E Podcasts?

    cool. thanks.
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    D&D 5E Podcasts?

    Tons of views, no responses. Maybe I'll make one. Interested in joining me?
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    D&D 5E Podcasts?

    Since the NDAs are long gone, are there any podcasts discussing DnD Next on a frequent basis? It seems like it would be ripe for such a thing since a new packet or updates are released pretty steadily (though not so much in the last month or so). Add to that rampant speculation, and a segment on...
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    By the Nose

    I wonder if I'm in the minority here, but does anyone else find that since 5e was announced, this article series (like anything not having to do with the new edition) doesn't interest them?
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    One-sheet Posters for The Cliche and The Cheat

    20 bucks? Really? These are pretty ugly.
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    FR novel help

    Thanks. I think I'll see what The Harpers are all about.
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    FR novel help

    With the announcement of The Sundering to usher in 5e, I got interested in the Forgotten Realms fiction. Can anyone steer me in a good direction to start? Justso you know: 1) I have played in the Realms a little bit here and there, but I have found it to be mostly uninspiring in game. Probably...
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    Full Release when?

    I just disbanded my 4e game (cinematic TPK situation coupled with a lot of real world commitments) and I told em all that when we next pick up the game, it'll be to usher in 5e. In my mind, that means Aug 2013. Think it'll be next GenCon? Now I know that the baseline answer is filled with a...
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    Five-Minute Workday Article

    Only since reading ENWorld and other forums have I even thought about the phrase the "5 minute work day". As a player or DM, we just wouldn't allow for that kind of break and rest unless you were tired enough. You don't wake up at 6 am, kill camp, walk into the nearby cave, fight a roomful of...
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    Ignorance is Bliss

    There is a certain irony in me posting this in ENWorld forums, but here it goes. I need to stop looking under the hood of D&D. I need to stop asking to see how the magician cuts the woman in half. I need to close my eyes and ears and accept what's out there, and enjoy what I want to play, the...
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    Review of Halls of Undermountain by Wizards of the Coast

    This is the first book in a long time where I look at it and regret buying it at full price, but only because of how sparce it is in size. Part of me is kicking myself for going full retail, but the other voice is saying "what's done is done." Embracing the second voice, I dig this book. I have...
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    Thinking like WotC... something to try?

    In discussing D&D Next, my group decided to conduct an experiment: return to a previous edition of D&D (For us 2e is the one; we played more 2e than anything else growing up) and play it as basic as possible. PHB, DMG, MM. Discuss. Add a new idea or concept one at a time (Class Kits, Monster...
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    D&D 4E New to 4e, not sure I like it.

    For what it's worth: My group and I are taking a slight detour on the way to D&D Next and going back to 2e. (I'm still running a different 4e game) and if I remember correctly, combat in that version was about 20% of 4e's length. According to your wishes, this immersive, but highly abstracted...