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    Paladins in AL: Unusual Gods (SPOILERS BELOW FOR SEASON 4)

    I ran a Priestess of Loviatar all the way through PotA, along with a number of modules in season 2 and the Tier 3 season 3 (she is currently 15th level: Fighter (Dueling, Battlemaster) 9, Warlock (Fiend, Tome) 5 (refluffed as divine powers with Loviatar as the 'fiend'), Cleric (Life) 1...
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    Great Lakes Train Wreck

    The madness tables in the DMG explicitly list a 'attack the nearest creature' option. So there's that.
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    Let's talk whips...

    One of the biggest changes that I think would help make whips effective would be to make them work the Polearm Master Feat so that you get an OA when the enemy enters your reach. I have a character that is a priestess of Loviatar and would take the feat in a heartbeat if it let her do that...
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    Faction Rank 4 Mentor benefit suggestion

    They are at the very end of the season. In Season 3, they are in the middle (and the very end).
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    Question re Out of the Abyss Items [Spoilers]

    Yeah, here's this awesome magic item that was sitting in my closet that would've really helped you out the last few months, aren't you glad I'm giving it to you now? I mean, the titles and the house makes sense to come at the end. The armor and such, not so much. I will remove the titles...
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    Question re Out of the Abyss Items [Spoilers]

    It's established that there will not be certs for the Curse of Strahd hardcover. Rerelease of older certs is on the list, apparently, but just where on the list is a good question. Apparently, you also had one of the DMs who believes that Bruenor's gifts come at the end of the story (there's...
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    That player in the back of the room

    Actually, I feel like that's exactly true. If you're playing a cooperative group game (taking up a seat at the table) and you aren't actually participating, you have no value in that setting, and you should probably leave. Obviously, that's the most extreme this situation gets to, and I don't...
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    That player in the back of the room

    Personally, I wouldn't consider someone questioning my story/character concept as 'bullying'. It's peer review. "Why did you make this choice?" "What was the logic flow here?" "Why do you feel this works with the rest of the story?" "How do you see this character fitting into the group?"...
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    That player in the back of the room

    There is a significant difference between DM: "Bob, it's your turn." Bob: "Joe does nothing because I don't like combat. Next turn." and DM: "Bob, it's your turn." Bob: "Joe hides in the corner and puts up minor illusion to disguise his hiding place because he's afraid." Now, hopefully Joe...
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    SPOILERS - Curse of Strahd Play Report

    One thing to keep in mind, if you end up counting as an undead for the purposes of spells and effects, the majority of healing spells and effects no longer actually, you know, work.
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    That player in the back of the room

    That's not even difficult to justify from a good alignment.
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    Exactly how important is it to start the game with a +3 ability score modifier?

    I have a plan for a Halfling Divination Wizard with the Lucky feat just for purposes of screwing with DMs. But he/she also won't have a +3 INT at level 1. Or until level 8, actually.
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    Exactly how important is it to start the game with a +3 ability score modifier?

    If you're focusing on dealing damage, as a physical attacker, a +3 in that stat is needed ASAP. If you're a primary caster, a +3 in that stat is needed if you're going to focus on spells that need attack rolls or enemy saves. It is also important in the case of Cleric, Druid, Paladin (less...
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    Clarification on what (any race) means from a mechanical standpoint in AL?

    I would guess, though I don't know for sure, you could use the chart on pg 282 of the DMG, making note of the instruction at the top of that page that any change to AC, HP, Attack bonus, and/or damage could potentially change the CR of the monster and being careful to NOT do that (or do, and...
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    Are Wizard schools irrelevant?

    Huh, my math was off. You actually get to pick 44 (not 40, 4 extra at 1st level) spells on leveling your wizard to 20. (45 if you take Magic Initiate: Wizard as a feat at some point.) Given the best you'll be able to have prepared at any time is 27 (28 with Magic Initiate), that should be...
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    Adventurers' League and the Hermit's Discovery

    I'm an air genasi sailor. I shall sail the Mists!
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    Are Wizard schools irrelevant?

    The implication that there are only '1 or 2' spellbooks per season is simply wrong. Season 1: 6 spellbooks in DDEX modules. May or may not be any in Hoard or Rise. Season 2: 5 spellbooks in DDEX modules. 1 in Princes. Season 3: 3 spellbooks in DDEX modules. 2 in Abyss. Season 4: ? spellbooks...
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    That player in the back of the room

    First off, suggest that a bard might fit his character concept better. Second, cowards (which it sounds like this character is) don't become adventurers, so suggest that his story doesn't make sense. Third, he's acting like an NPC. NPCs who don't participate in combat don't get a share of the...
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    I'm almost afraid to ask...

    We have a character this season called "Sir Kem Shizem." Everyone but his player refers to him as 'Sir Kay' or simply 'Sir' for that very reason. Could the puppet root around in the component pouch for the right component? That might be fun. Maybe it wears the pouch instead of the PC.
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    Have we failed to discourage min-maxing?

    Okay, I'm going to argue that it's not rampant. Is it there? Sure. Rampant, probably not. A few points that seem on topic: 1) The game design promotes combat effectiveness. Pretty much every ability is designed in terms of combat power, except for, as described in Unearthed Arcana articles...