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  1. Rex Blunder

    D&D 5E Criticizing the new edition of D&D (because I like it a lot)

    "Great Weapon Fighting. Treat 1 and 2 as 3 instead of re-rolling 1 and 2. Otherwise the 2d6 weapon damages are vastly superior to the 1d12 weapon damages." According to my calculations, that's not true (since 3 is close the the average roll of a d6 anyway). I think that your proposed change...
  2. Rex Blunder

    what’s the Armor Class of real-world geniuses?

    Psi, your de-scaling of the INT bonus is much more reasonable, and the chance of rolling an 18 maps much better onto the IQ bell curve that way. The AD&D conversion does lead to more hilarious results, though... Speaking of which, I did the math wrong on Marilyn vos Savant (the author of the...
  3. Rex Blunder

    what’s the Armor Class of real-world geniuses?

    what’s the Armor Class of real-world geniuses? AD&D lets you convert IQ to Intelligence (divide by 10), so that means we know the Intelligence, and thus the AC bonus, of real-world geniuses. Richard Feynman: IQ 126. AC 11 Bill Gates: IQ 160. AC 13 Marilyn vos Savant: IQ 228. AC 15 More...
  4. Rex Blunder

    D&D 1E 1e Random Dungeon Generator as an illustrated poster

    I'm drawing a giant poster which illustrates Appendix A from the 1e DMG, Random Dungeon Generation. Instead of a series of connected charts, it's drawn as a dungeon. Here's a tiny piece of the poster: Some of the rules are clarified a little (are room exits doors or passageways? how exactly...
  5. Rex Blunder

    D&D 5E D&D Next Blog: What's in a (Spell) Name?

    Personally, I think it would be cool if any wizard could learn the generic "Acid Arrow", and upgraded versions like "Melf's Acid Arrow" were available for research or to find in treasure.
  6. Rex Blunder

    D&D 5E D&D Next Blog: What's in a (Spell) Name?

    What's in a spell name? The question before the table: Should it be "Melf's Acid Arrow" or "Acid Arrow"?
  7. Rex Blunder

    D&D 5E new Critical Hits article about running DnD next

    Because they were all made with the 5e Playtest Report Generator? :)
  8. Rex Blunder

    L&L: No Races as Classes, I reckon..

    Looks like my guess was wrong!
  9. Rex Blunder

    Subtraction is easier than addition

    "It's not a problem if the DM can fix it" is a fallacy, but I think this is one problem the DM can actually solve! "Flattening the power curve" only changes the interaction between high-level and low-level creatures. Creatures of the same level have the same power relative to each other. The...
  10. Rex Blunder

    Should D&D Morality be Less PC?

    I'm happy for Wizards to leave D&D: The Racism and Sexism Module to a third party publisher. Besides the other inherent issues, stuff like that should be setting stuff, not rules stuff.
  11. Rex Blunder

    D&D 5E I Hope I Hate 5e

    I'm a 4e fan, but I can imagine reading this and (no doubt mis-)construing it as an incredibly subtle jab at previous editions.
  12. Rex Blunder

    D&D 5E No ascending bonuses: A mathematical framework for 5e

    I have been thinking something similar for a while. When you level up, your HP and damage would increase much more than your hit bonus. This would let characters of different level work together: a level 5 guy and a level 15 guy could both attack a dragon: the level 5 guy's hit might not do a...
  13. Rex Blunder

    dwarf as a class

    Well, the Mearls article goes on to suggest that in the "advanced" rules you'd be able to play a dwarven wizard or whatever. My suggestion is just that in the 20-page "core", "dwarf" will be a class.
  14. Rex Blunder

    Class Balance - why?

    "The DM can fix it" is an argument that cuts both ways. In 4e, if the wizard is too balanced, the DM can drop the Robe of the Archmage, not give the fighter a magic weapon that matches his Expertise feat, and introduce a lot of flying enemies that the wizard can shoot but that the fighter can...
  15. Rex Blunder

    dwarf as a class

    Oh, another piece of evidence: "Playtesting in the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. My dwarf just slew a lurker with a well-timed crit to save the swallowed paladin." - Monte Cook. If you were playing a dwarven fighter, I think you'd be slightly more likely to say "fighter" or "dwarven fighter" than...
  16. Rex Blunder

    Class Balance - why?

    Yeah, after I posted that, I regretted lowering the tone of discourse. Apologies!
  17. Rex Blunder

    Class Balance - why?

    I wonder what the overall "I think casters should be overpowered"/"I prefer to play casters" Venn diagram looks like. a poll? I do think there is a place for a game where someone chooses to be Superman and someone chooses to be Jimmy Olsen. However, these should be labeled clearly up front. A...
  18. Rex Blunder

    dwarf as a class

    What's better than wild speculation? Wild speculation backed up by A SHRED OF EVIDENCE! My crazy guess: D&D Next will reintroduce "dwarf", "elf" and "halfling" as classes, along with wizard, rogue, fighter, and cleric, so in "core" we'll have the same stable of 7 classes that we had in Basic...
  19. Rex Blunder

    More snippets of 5E information

    Is Tweet talking about D&D, or his own game that he's about to announce (I know he's working on one)?
  20. Rex Blunder

    More snippets of 5E information

    Hilarious! And a great idea. Behold the PLAYTEST REPORT GENERATOR: Sample output: Just escaped Scourge of the Slave Lords. My fighter Charmed a swarm of downed mimics with a critical hit, much to the chagrin of the despairing paladin. Playtested in In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords. My...