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  1. johnmarron

    How did you convince your group to try something different?

    My current group was explicitly formed to play non-D&D games. I'm the primary GM, and run 90% of our games. My crew is used to me switching up systems for short runs, and we've played probably a dozen systems since we started 3.5 years ago, with our longest run being 6 months (Blades in the...
  2. johnmarron

    RPG Print News – Columbia Games, Catalyst Game Labs, and More

    With the Adventurer's Journal and the What If book, it really opens up the BC system for use in lots of genres. Excellent, fast playing cinematic system that's easy to teach.
  3. johnmarron

    New Year, New Campaign: Strange Tales of Songling

    Strangely enough, my group just voted to return to our Strange Tales of Songling campaign as our next game. It really is a great game.
  4. johnmarron

    D&D 5E What classes getting used at your table?

    In the game I play in, we have: Hill Dwarf Life Cleric Lightfoot Halfling Rogue High Elf Wizard Human Barbarian In the game I run, we have (It's an all human setting): Human Paladin Human Ranger Human Rogue Human Cleric Human Warlock Human Wizard
  5. johnmarron

    D&D 5E So who is playing 5E?

    So, a little background. I played AD&D 1E from 1978 to 1981 or so, quitting before 2E came out. After that, I didn't play D&D of any kind until 4E came out (an absence of about 25 years). I played and ran 4E for a couple of years when it came out, but decided the heavy focus on gridded combat...
  6. johnmarron

    D&D 5E Does it seem like Nerath was dropped like a bad habit?

    I agree, I found the 4E PoL setting very evocative and inspiring, more so than the heavily detailed settings. For whatever reason, I really find the maps of Fallcrest that Brandon Kruse did to be very inspiring. I'm currently playing in a 5E game (playing through the starter set now and plan...
  7. johnmarron

    The One Ring - Cubicle 7

    I don't know if it will be of interest, but I just started a One Ring campaign last week, and posted an Actual Play thread about it on RPGNet here. Its light on mechanical discussion, but I'm happy to answer any questions. Second session (and first combat) is tonight.
  8. johnmarron

    D&D 4E Disillusionment from 4E

    Have you (or the OP) tried Savage Worlds? That's the first thing that popped into my mind form your description of the game you want, and you can get the core book for only $10. Its a little "gamey", but if you were OK with the level of Gaminess in 4E it should be no problem. Otherwise it...
  9. johnmarron

    Warhammer 3e Demo Experiences -OR- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bits

    I ran the demo adventure, and enjoyed it. I'm starting my campaign next week. The NPC/Monster stat line takes alittle getting used to, and I hope they put out the monster abilities on cards eventually, but otherwise it went smoothly. I found the ability to throw in fortune and misfortune dice...
  10. johnmarron

    Warhammer Fantasy 3E

    Here is a link to a very good actual play description: An Eye For An Eye - First Session, with pics and some rules demonstrations | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set | BoardGameGeek BTW - that description has some spoilers of the intro adventure that comes with the game. I've run the demo...
  11. johnmarron

    the perfect soundtrack: horror

    I like Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana for general horror stuff, but my three faves are: String Tribute to Tool, Philip Glass's soundtrack for the 1931 Dracula movie, and since you were looking for something a little trippy and psychotic, the soundtrack to The Cell John
  12. johnmarron

    Best Quality in a GM

    I've played a lot more than usual in the past year (I usually GM), and the top qualities of the better GMs I've played under are flexibility, improvisational ability, and NPC characterization (this last one is something I personally suck at, and need to work on). If the GM can roll with the...
  13. johnmarron

    1E and 4E are similar? Really? (Forked from: 1E Resurgence?)

    Before I started playing 4E, the last time I played any D&D was 1E in 1982. I don't have any specific similarities to comment on (hell, it' s been 25 years, I can barely remember the rules from 1E), but for me personally, 4E feels very much like the fulfillment of the potential I saw in 1E...
  14. johnmarron

    So how many different game systems have you tried?

    I just went through the big list of RPGs at John Kim's site here: RPG Encyclopedia Entries: and ended up with 75 systems that I have run/played ta least one session of. Of those 75, I've run/played story arcs/campaigns (8 - 50+ sessions) in 27 systems. Of course, I started in 1976, so I've...
  15. johnmarron

    D&D Dungeon Tiles - Need Some Feedback

    We've been using Dungeon Tiles in our 4E game lately, and I like them a lot. I also have a vinyl battlemat, but prefer the tiles for aesthetic reasons (the full color artwork is nice). I picked up a bunch of them on Amazon a while back when they were having a "buy 3 get 1 free" sale, so the...
  16. johnmarron

    Actual Greek/Roman/Egyptian/Ancient World music

    My limited experience with actual ancient music confirms Greylock's description. I picked up an album called Synaulia of ancient Roman music for a game set in Rome, and it is practically impossible to sit through. For my own ancient games I use the Rome and Gladiator soundtracks, along with...
  17. johnmarron

    Actual celtic / new age music not sound tracks.

    I'll add a recommendation for Corvus Corax. They are a German band that makes their own medieval instruments and play very lively medieval music. John
  18. johnmarron

    Tell me about your D&D group

    My current group is fairly recently formed. The first four people listed below have been playing together for about 1 year, and the next 3 have joined in the last 3 months. All ages (besides my own...) are estimates. M, 44, Archaeologist M, 40, RPG publisher M, 43, Hypnotherapist M, 28, IT M...