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    Schrodinger's HP and Combat

    This logic is flawed because Hit Points are not a wound tracker, they "measure your ability to stand up to punishment, turn deadly strikes into glancing blows, and stay on your feet throughout a battle." Being at full HP doesn't mean your character is "intact", it means he has all of his...
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    Schrodinger's HP and Combat

    Why can't inspiring words heal HPs lost by being wounded? Nowhere in the book it says that when a character recovers HPs it means his wounds just vanished.
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    Gone but not forgotten

    Jack Vance :.-(
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    Monte Cook's new RPG: Numenera [UPDATED]

    It's Science fantasy. The weirder the better.
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    Monte Cook's new RPG: Numenera [UPDATED]

    How far in the future did Jack Vance Dying Earth stories take place? The sun was dim and almost gone. Preventing the Sun from growing into a red giant and destroying Earth is something that, even if we don't have the technology to do now, at least we can imagine it theorically, which is...
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    Warlord is a stupid name. Call them Captains.

    What about "Fighter", with a military theme?
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    Five-Minute Workday Article

    Hmmm... The problem in your examples is that they are absolutes. The Archer IS weak and boring, The knowledge skill IS useless and the hafling IS underpowered. The 5wd problem is not absolute. Magic users are not always stronger than fighters in encounters, they don't have to always go nova...
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    Idea on keeping Vancian casters from novaing

    I played every edition of D&D pretty much like that. Except in 3E where the wizard, with Scribe Scroll at 1st level and a possible create wand and woundrous items later, never really needed to stop. The fighters and rogues went out of HP long before him.
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    Idea on keeping Vancian casters from novaing

    I didn't play 4E. Wasn't the "15 minute wizard" a problem with all classes in 4E? What did prevent any class to go nova on the first encounter and then demand a rest to recover the daily powers for the next encounter? Even in previous editions, any class that had an important daily ability...
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    The Negator; the Spell-Breaker; The Mage-Slayer...

    Except when you counterspell the spell that is gonna kill your whole party, or heal an enemy that's was almost dead, etc.
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    [Combat] Manoeuvres

    I agree. the problem with those maneuvers in the past editions is that sometimes the simplest way to disarm an opponent was to kill him and then take his weapon.
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    [Combat] Manoeuvres

    What about when you roll a 20, you can trade the extra damage for a maneuver. You roll for normal damage and the maneuver just takes effect.
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    Non-Vancian Wizards and Casting Mechanics as a "Hook"

    I use and love Vancian magic because it's by far the most realistic magic system!;)
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    [Combat] Fighting Styles

    The problem is that guys from organizations like ARMA have no idea how to apply renaissance martial arts against monsters, magical creatures and all sort of fantasy denizens etc. Whatever the advantage of fighting with two swords against another human in a duel is, I'm pretty sure it won't be...
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    [Skills] Solutions to the oblivious rogue problem

    CON = thug WIS = treasure-hunter CHA = faceman CON+CHA = swashbuckler WIS+CHA = thief CON+WIS = assassin
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    In the heat of battle, is hit point loss a wound?

    I agree completely. But just because the loss of HP is caused by some type of injury, it doesn't mean the loss of HP represents that injury. The loss of HPs represents other things caused by the injury, and the recovering of HPs represents mitigating them.
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    In the heat of battle, is hit point loss a wound?

    Not really. In 3E there were mechanics that recovered/increased HPs that didn't involve wound healing. Off the top of my head: -Barbarian's Rage -Aid spell -Bard's Inspire Greatness
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    In the heat of battle, is hit point loss a wound?

    It doesn't need to. All the yelling needs to do is to make the injuried character recover some HPs to be able fight a little longer.
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    In the heat of battle, is hit point loss a wound?

    Only if you consider HP gain = wounds disappear.