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    Chicago Gameday 32 is July 14th - SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Count Me In... ...for Mark CMG's killer dungeon in the afternoon. Admittedly, I am daunted by taking on this: "It's time to test your mettle against one of the most dangerous adventures ever devised." And with only three players I am shaking in my little leather booties. But then, I don't...
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    Chicago Gameday 28 is Feb 26th: PLAYERS SIGN UP NOW!

    Not Going to Make It Sadly, I had a schedule conflict come up and will not be able to attend. Sorry, guys. :(
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    Chicago Gameday 28 is Feb 26th: PLAYERS SIGN UP NOW!

    Mr. Clover's event number 7, please! I look forward to it!
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    Buzz- Please put me in for minis painting in the morning (slot 1) and DnD4e in the afternoon (slot 6). Thanks!
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    2010: Is it Dragonlance? (hint)

    I think that word would be "annoying."
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    2010: Is it Dragonlance? (hint)

    To me, the best news about Rouse being on this thread is knowing for sure he sees the vast majority of posters saying they prefer Dark Sun over Dragonlance for the next setting. Disclaimer: I love Dark Sun, and loathe Dragonlance.
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    Ampersand: Debut and Exclusive Content (Assassin Class)

    FWIW, I feel the same way about the "exclusive" content, and would feel exactly the same way if the *books* had "exclusive" stuff not available in other formats. I just do not get the idea of limiting access to material based on the distribution medium. Your note about making books less useful...
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    Monk Preview

    D'OH! I am convinced. And, now being convinced, I also agree with the several folks here who are skeptical about why the Monk striker damage adder does not scale with level. :D (I thought it was just expecting the increase of enchantment bonuses.)
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    Monk Preview

    I disagree; Flurry of Blows has both the "Implement, Psionic" keywords. That means it adds implement bonuses. Very straightforward.
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    Bards and Bow Implements

    Answer Inside... This thread! (And, I am glad I am not the only one wondering about how to do this..!)
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    My own "Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog": a musical about my D&D campaign

    As amazingly cool as that song is, *NOTHING* can top those Tinkerbell PJs! Where can I get a set?? ;) Happy Birthday, PCat!
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    Bardic Longbow Implement?

    LOL Dude! Where were you a few hours back! ;) JK. I *thought* there was a Pact Bow, but then thought I imagined it when I could not find it in Adventurer's Vault. (It is in Dragon 369 for all you playing at home.) Thanks, Interwyrm!
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    Bardic Longbow Implement?

    BTW, I am sure this is already obvious, but just because I was thinking about it... You could certainly do a ranged Bard using daggers and have it rules-legal. Bards are proficient with daggers, and they have the light thrown property to count as ranged weapons for such powers. Bards can use...
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    Bardic Longbow Implement?

    OK, thanks, guys! I guess I am glad that I did not miss an obvious solution. (Although, I do like the idea of plinking arrows from a harp... :P) I agree with Dragonlance's idea to just create a "Songbow" modelled after the "Songblade" and, in fact, really wonder why Arcane Power did not...
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    Wow, my Wimpzard can finally use a Sword !!!

    What feat is this? I think you might mean Arcane Implement Proficiency, but as I read that, it only lets an arcane caster use another type of implement that their class would not otherwise give them (e.g. orbs, staffs, wands, holy symbols, etc.) not any weapon?
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    Bardic Longbow Implement?

    I am building a Longbow Bard using the Prescient Bard from Arcane Power. He is a Half-Elf, taking Ranger Twin Strike as his Dilantte power. I plan to take additional Ranger powers using multiclass feats, along with Combat Virtuoso to replace all the Dex attacks with Cha instead. But! I am...
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    Professional GM: Possible Return

    I think Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris is mixed in there somewhere. You need to account for the numchux. ;)
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    Heroes #25:An Invisible Thread/Season 3/2009

    Well, this one seems a bit over the top. I am not sure if you are totally serious, or just making the point. The general idea about clearing away the deadwood somehow is a good one, though. There is so much leftover garbage from dropped plot lines. What happened to Peter's Irish girlfriend...
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    Heroes #25:An Invisible Thread/Season 3/2009

    That was it for me, too. A superhero show that does not show the big fight after building up to it most of the season? In the *finale*?? 'Nuff watched. Meh. Face front, true believer! 'Nuff said!
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    Heroes #24:I am Sylar/Season 3/2009

    Thumbs Up! I really liked this one! Sure, it was a pretty transparent set up for the finale but still... lots of action and some decent characterization. I really enjoyed the crazy Sylar scenes. And, while I have mixed feelings about the execution, I did like that there was at least an...