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  1. talinthas

    Welcome to ENWorld 2

    does no one else miss the news? Not having it available at a glance really seems to defeat the purpose. And really, that's the only disappointment i have with this otherwise good upgrade.
  2. talinthas

    Old Master Bug List.

    There seems to be a problem with the front page of the site. All of the text is overflowing the boxes. And for some reason, I can't find the news and updates and such. And the recent forum links seem to be missing as well. I hope you can soon restore this very important functionality. Being...
  3. talinthas

    Do You Use Different Languages In Your Campaign?

    I've banned common from my dragonlance games. I hate the idea that everyone of every race from all parts of the continent, after a global apocalypse, can speak the same language. You know your regional languages and maybe a few neighboring ones. The rest is up to translations, misheard...
  4. talinthas

    Gencon Name Badges [Closes on August 4th]

    so, what do you mean by board logo? Obviously, the enworld one is this forum, but what about the other? does that mean i can have, say, the dragonlance forums logo? also- Screen Name - Talinthas Real Name - Shivam Bhatt Logo - EN World logo (Morrus's post). Avatar - at left Additional text -...
  5. talinthas


    I really enjoy erf, but i can't quantify why. Maybe its because i live and die by those type of strategy games, and because i get all the pop culture. or maybe its cause i just really enjoy the characters and strangely superdeformed yet western art style. i dunno. It's not for everyone, but...
  6. talinthas

    Does anyone else not like Anne Mcaffery's books?

    i've always enjoyed mccaffrey's early books, simply because i love the world she developed, and the characters. I grew up with them, and must have read them at the right time to get the most out of it. Gene Wolff, otoh... He's definately an interesting writer. Recommend Latro in the Mists...
  7. talinthas

    Knife of Dreams - SPOILERS!

    and the whole way he broke their shield by worming a strand of power through the nothingness... god, the last half of that book was fantastic. the pinnacle of jordan. I think dumai's well is why everyone has been so dissapointed with the rest of the books since. They've all just been plot...
  8. talinthas

    Would YOU play AD&D 2e?

    normally? no, i wouldnt. But here in japan, it's pretty much the only game i have available, and the crew are really good folks, so i'm happy to pull up to the table. Systems are immaterial, as long as there is fun to be had. besides, there's something to be said about playing Oriental...
  9. talinthas

    Knife of Dreams - SPOILERS!

    personally, i love reading the battles between blademasters. Nursemaid Walking Her Dog counters Three Swans Arguing Politics, which leads into A Man Drinks Oosquai And Gets Really Messed Up Before Beating His Children Causing Them To Fight Back, Take Their Mom And Leave The House etc. But...
  10. talinthas

    Knife of Dreams - SPOILERS!

    just finished. I love jordan again =) A few notes- The last sentance of the book finally confirms that it really is Taimandred =) (recall Lord of Chaos, where demandred is given the command to let the Lord of Chaos Rule, both in the prologue and the epilogue.) I jumped up and cheered when...
  11. talinthas

    Civ 4 - Excited? [UPDATED pt.2 - Game is out & now PATCHED! Share your thoughts.]

    epic doesnt make the game longer, it just makes you progress slower. it's not all that fun =(
  12. talinthas

    Civ 4 - Excited? [UPDATED pt.2 - Game is out & now PATCHED! Share your thoughts.]

    my main complaint with the game is that it is too dang short. I should _not_ be able to finish an entire game of civ in one sitting.
  13. talinthas

    Happy Diwali!

    To all the Hindus on the board, (yeah, all three of us) I wish a very Happy Diwali and Happy New Year =) May the coming year be prosperous, healthy and happy for us all.
  14. talinthas

    Robin Hobb: Recommendations

    I absolutely loved Farseer and Tawny Man, but couldnt get into Liveship at all. I read like the first 100 odd pages, and just put it down, cause i didnt give a crap about the characters or situations involved. The other two trilogies, otoh, are easily some of the best reading to be had in...
  15. talinthas

    Civ 4 - Excited? [UPDATED pt.2 - Game is out & now PATCHED! Share your thoughts.]

    unfortunately no. and your weird times might be perfect, since i live in Japan anyway, and have something like a 20 hour difference with EST =)
  16. talinthas

    Civ 4 - Excited? [UPDATED pt.2 - Game is out & now PATCHED! Share your thoughts.]

    i'm running the game on a garbage HP pavillion dx4000 lappy, with a crappy integrated vid card that doesnt even meet the bare minimums. The card shares ram with the system itself, so i just added a gigstick, and BAM, civ 4 works just fine on low to mid grap settings. Runs slower than dirt, but...
  17. talinthas

    Artist Keith Parkinson passes away

    ... what? WHAT? //stunned shock Peace eternal, Keith. Your artwork pretty much created my vision of fantasy. Bless your soul.
  18. talinthas

    So, who's getting a Xbox 360 on launch day?

    think the launch is bad in the US? one of the launch titles here in japan is Tetris.... -_-;;; another one is a boardgame called everyparty, which could have been done on the super nes. yeah, microsoft is pulling out all the next gen stops here...
  19. talinthas

    Civ 4 - Excited? [UPDATED pt.2 - Game is out & now PATCHED! Share your thoughts.]

    I'm playing normal at warlord difficulty just to get a feel for the game. gonna try epic this weekend.
  20. talinthas

    Civ 4 - Excited? [UPDATED pt.2 - Game is out & now PATCHED! Share your thoughts.]

    if you click on the city area in the city screen (any spot not being worked by your workers) it acts as an enter key =) My first game was Gandhi, and second was Saladin, and i'm currently on Persia, which has founded every major religion save buddhism. I prefer playing pacifist, but it's not...