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  1. Jim DelRosso

    Daggers & Deviltry

    Thanks for the kind words: I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about effective undead countermeasures. :) I'm really enjoying these write-ups, both because they're fun to read and it gives me a different perspective on the game, which helps when I'm running it. It's been neat hacking...
  2. Jim DelRosso

    Daggers & Deviltry

    I'm glad y'all are enjoying the game. I certainly hope that we get these questions answered -- if the sessions thus far are any indication, the process should be a damned blast. :) (Is it bad that part of me wants to substitute ":close:" for "blast" above?)
  3. Jim DelRosso

    ::pout:: No duelist?

    Well, feinting is only allowed once per encounter, anyway.
  4. Jim DelRosso

    First rule I don't like

    Actually, IIRC, Feng Shui did note that describing your action as "shoving the barrle of my M-16 down the guy's throat and pulling the trigger" meant you couldn't then declare that you just knocked him out. ;) All in all, I think this is a good rule. Heck, I invoked it last night to preserve...
  5. Jim DelRosso

    TWF and you

    Hm. You may be right, but I don't think not being able to SA more than once in a round necessarily means that rogues won't get "strike with two weapons" powers. Arguably, that restriction could have been put in to keep dual-wielding rogues from completely out-pacing single-weapon rogues in the...
  6. Jim DelRosso

    TWF and you

    It's almost pure speculation, but I'd be surprised if rogues don't get some dual-wielding powers. (Note, the only thing that prevents this from being pure speculation is the sweet picture in R&C of two rogues, both of whom were dual-wielding. That's admittedly thin, but it's a great picture. :))...
  7. Jim DelRosso

    pawsplay's dealbreaker list

    A couple thoughts on the two-weapon fighting issue: First, I'd be willing to lay a few bucks on the notion that rogues, at least, will get "attack with two weapons at once" powers. It's in keeping with both their role and their archetype, and R&C included a nice pic of two dual-wielding rogues...
  8. Jim DelRosso

    pawsplay's dealbreaker list

    No doubt. 3e was a great game, and I staunchly defended and praised it for years. Just because I think 4e is going to be an improvement doesn't mean that I buy into all the half-baked slams made against 3e in the last eight years. For what it's worth, I wasn't trying to brush away all 4e...
  9. Jim DelRosso

    pawsplay's dealbreaker list

    Honestly, that thread supplies pretty much a textbook example of a problem that only exists on the internet, and will almost certainly never come up at the table. Well, you've kind of solved your own problem: the ability of an orc to take more than one hit isn't lost when there are 4-5 orcs in...
  10. Jim DelRosso

    Ugly Half-Orc Backstory

    But half-elves have far more to do with Elrond and Elros than with the traditional fey. And their parents were all about the love. :)
  11. Jim DelRosso

    Fun with Multiclassing

    Neat. :) Though I'm seeing Mouser as rogue (Arcane Initiate) and Fafhrd as fighter (Sneak of Shadows or Warrior of the Wild).
  12. Jim DelRosso

    4th Edition Red Wizards

    IIRC, Mearls posted a few months back about how quickly he statted up two NPCs for a product using PC classes. Gnoll warlock and something else, I think.
  13. Jim DelRosso

    Official Character Sheets

    I like the new alignment system, even if it does come hard on the heels of them finally fixing the 3.5 system via the new errata. ;)
  14. Jim DelRosso

    D&D 4E What place does dual wielding have in 4E?

    R&C also had some art in which rogues were dual-wielding, so maybe we'll see some exploits for them as well. Passive aspects of dual-wielding, such as increased AC, could be modeled by a feat.
  15. Jim DelRosso

    Ranger's Careful Attack house rule...

    Not to discount the rest of your post, but it's worth noting that the above, at least, is exactly what's intended. From what the developers have said, the at-will powers are supposed to replace your normal attack pretty much any time you're not using an encounter or daily power.
  16. Jim DelRosso

    D&D 4E SRM Marking Marked and Other 4Eisms

    Not to mention hosing defenders across the board, even if they're the only defender in their party.
  17. Jim DelRosso


    :D In all seriousness, that's a really cool article. Thought-provoking reading, and the sort of the stuff I like to check out in Dragon.
  18. Jim DelRosso


    Killing a Zeitgeist will be an Epic-level challenge using the social mass-combat rules from the DMG2! :D
  19. Jim DelRosso

    Ampersand: Sneak Attack

    Not me. I love me my crunch, and I was thrilled to get such a crunchy preview for the weekend. :)
  20. Jim DelRosso

    D&D 4E Exalted 4e

    It can't be The Rouse: we know he wears a shirt.