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    ICv2's Latest Quarterly Chart: D&D Top, But PF2 Is Strong

    Ah, I would have to be at my computer to find a complete list of changes (not running it atm as I tend to cycle systems) But I used some momentum changes (extra dice are bought for more momentum 1 for the first, 2 for the second 3 for the third). I use the RAW reading of momentum combat spends...
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    ICv2's Latest Quarterly Chart: D&D Top, But PF2 Is Strong

    I am a Pf2e fan, it has managed to fill a fantasy RPG void that wasn't already filled. 5e is my medium fantasy sandbox system. PF2e is my high fantasy heroes journey system B/X is my old school keep on the borderlands style system (high risk, high reward) Conan 2d20 (heavily altered) is my...
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    Pathfinder 2E Playtest Four New Pathfinder 2E Classes

    Yeah anyone saying it is like 5e doesn't know enough about either system to say that. Also, how good is that swashbuckler, great mechanical cohesion.
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    Unearthed Arcana New UA: 43 D&D Class Feature Variants

    I would have to limit these to one choice per appropriate level. Or it would just be a giant upgrade and no extra choices for classes that only get enhancements. Also, hilarious that WotC came up with the same hunters mark/favoured enemy solution I came up with around 2 years ago.
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    How Expensive is Too Expensive?

    I passed on invisible sun because its price was high to what I personally value from a RPG product. But I can respect it. Then we get artifically limited products like kingdom death monster that ruffle my feathers quite a bit.
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    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    Inventing the concept of roleplaying is a bit of a stretch... We had boxed and sold murder mystery roleplay games since the 30s. There is credit to give, but less (imo) than an equal split.
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    New Numenera Kickstarter Delves Into Liminal Shores

    A) Pour, if you are going to mock people don't make mistakes like this. B) Lots of people like the system and setting? Nice try though.
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    Roll20 Weighs in on Esports

    The game is too random and at it's best has too much GM arbitration to be worth while imo.
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    Core Rules Alternative Cover Gift Set

    Technically you are both correct. But it is a moot point.
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    Core Rules Alternative Cover Gift Set

    I doubt it is the D&D team that have made this choice. And ultimately I want as many people to actually buy product to support their game system so we get more and hasbro doesn't just look at as "that other well known property that isn't MtG". Sure whales like myself are helping spread the...
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    Core Rules Alternative Cover Gift Set

    On the topic of PDFs, a modern PDF is quite different in options / functionality to older pdfs. I love technology but as it is even with having D&D beyond, Fantasygrounds and every book in hard cover. I will often sit down with my tablet and read scanned pdfs of the books. Why? Because they...
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    Core Rules Alternative Cover Gift Set

    Damn, I want the alternate covers... and now wish I had gotten the other alternate covers along the way. I never got them because I always felt it would be a waste with them not matching the rest of the set... But now... This said, I was planning on selling off my pathfinder collection (it...
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    Skill Feats In Pathfinder 2

    Just need to start looking at Pathfinder 2.0 as fantasy superheroes and stop thinking of it as fantasy rpg. Pathfinder 1.0 was pretty bad at not going superhero whenever someone powergamed. But damn this takes it to extremes. I will still probably play and buy, just treat it as a built in...
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    D&D 5E Why everyone think that Battlemaster is better than Samurai?

    Nothing alike, as similar to each other as the eldritch knight is to the champion. The analogue will be whatever mike mearls ends up with with his warlord.
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    D&D 5E Why everyone think that Battlemaster is better than Samurai?

    Purple dragon is pretty awful. For a support fighter it offers little in the way of support. Still very playable though, the core fighter is a strong combat class.
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    D&D 5E Why everyone think that Battlemaster is better than Samurai?

    Samurai is fine. Battlemaster is just more versatile in what it can do and because it gets it's four dice back on a short rest. Heck most of it's abilities trigger after an attack hits or after you roll, so you aren't ever wasting your limited ability. And then you have fun stuff like...
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    Keep These Tools in Your Real-Life Bag of Holding

    For those who have trouble with theater of the mind. Try using zones similar to Conan 2d20 (stay away waterbob stay away) Having battle areas that roughly represent 30ft zones (for combat) helps dramatically. Personally I still advise taking off the training wheels bit by bit and people will...
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    Opening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

    I love the lore and the options for players, but I would have liked the player options to be more organised (like they are in volos guide). This feels like a step backwards. I would have also liked more monsters and stat blocks overall, make a bigger book even if it included reprints (like the...
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    Let's Look At Some Monster Stat Blocks For Pathfinder 2

    I disagree entirely, the core mechanics are the same and everything else is tied to the stat block and allows for more design freedom. Everything I have seen so far suggests that this edition will be easier to run than 3.x I have been running it since near 3.0's release and I still find it to...
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    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E Launches At UK Games Expo In June!

    I came here for info on a cubical 7 game, and left with a desire to avoid a different game.