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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder PDF - Dang It!

    I got the Core Rules pdf after reloading several pages. My one complaint so far is that the pdf bookmarks seem to be off. I click on the wizard link, and it takes me to the Ranger. The links within the document itself though are a nice touch.
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    Houston, Seattle, or Illinois?

    For Houston, Rice probably has a better gaming scene than the other local colleges, and is the location of Houston's largest gaming con - Owlcon (as previously mentioned, though AggieCon at Texas A&M isn't that far away for a second choice). Weather is generally warm to outright 90+ degrees...
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    Unforgiving lands - Now in hiatus - Details at last post

    Yeah, that is why I put a question mark behind signature... I scrolled up to your first post on this thread and there is no sig there at the bottom, just thought you would want to know.
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    Unforgiving lands - Now in hiatus - Details at last post

    Uhm, signature? And yes, I am still reading your story faithfully. Personally, I think Gilliam should have created a new sheath for one of his swords using Gom when he was making noise about getting a magic item, but that's just me. Loving it CW, definitely loving it.
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    Dragonlance Movie... Opinions?

    So I picked up the new Dragonlance DVD last night and watched it. I felt that overall it was okay. They stayed pretty true to the book as far as I could remember (my books disappeared long ago) and I have to say that Keifer Sutherland as the voice of Raistlin was right on in my opinion. The...
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    Origins Game Fair

    My buddy and I went to Origins last year and had a great time. But, as others have said, I can only do one convention a year and this year will be my first trip to GenCon. I did learn one extremely valuable lesson at Origins, get a hotel room AT the convention site, rather than 10 miles away...
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    [ZNG] Fantasy Cartography podcast #17

    WOOHOO!!!!!! Thank you Butch!
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    Turning PDFs into Softcover Books

    In previous threads it has been stated that some chains, such as Kinko's, refuse to print out pdf's for fear of copyright restrictions, even if you have proof of purchase. I recently went and purchased a binding machine (got it on sale for $100... about half price). I figure that with all the...
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    The Tides of Chaos - available now!

    Thank you Morrus. I realize that I may have been a bit hasty to ask, but I really enjoyed the first one and hate waiting. Heh, patience is a skill that I am still working upon.
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    The Tides of Chaos - available now!

    Heh, this may be too soon to ask but how long until the deluxe edition with the stats is available, if there is going to be one? I truly enjoyed the first book, and looking up the various demon lords stats added to the enjoyment.
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    Unforgiving lands - Now in hiatus - Details at last post

    Well, I admit, I am not one that posts my thoughts on a particular story hour too often, and that is a failing on my part. I will say that I have enjoyed reading this one so far. The characters are interesting, and I like the world setting so far (haven't been to the wiki, as I wanted to read...
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    What to do for D&D in Hobby Convention ?

    I agree with Kaladhan, your best bet to give a feel of the game is like what Paizo does at cons now. Set up a small dungeon with prepackaged adventurers, etc. Make sure there are multiple directions the party can go in, and give them a real-time time limit to get as far as they can. Then do a...
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    Keep on the Borderlands - your experiences?

    I too started my adventuring career with KotB. I couldn't even begin to count the number of times that we went through that module. And being impressionable 12 year olds, we were uber-munchkins playing it. There was a typo that we exploited every time we played. The Minotaur had three...
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    [RANT] RPGNow/DriveThru/OneBookShelf - JUST MERGE TO ONE SITE ALREADY!!!!

    I typically have no problem with the way the sites are set up, my primary issue with it is when I go to download my purchases from RPGNow. Every time I do, I get a message that I have to sign in to DriveThru RPG, even though the purchase was through RPGNow and I am signed in there for the...
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    For those having problems with their D&D Insider Account

    I read in one of the other threads that a few people were having the same problem I was, they could not access their D&D Insider account. For the past two days, I have tried multiple times to get on to the site with no luck. Well, I think I figured it out. It seems that Gleemax is having...
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    What's Your Favorite OotS and Why?

    It would have to be the introduction of Belkar in the On the Origins of PCs Book. Hey, no one said we had to stay with the online strips!
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    "Hey look, a distraction!"

    My group is the same way. We get distracted EXTREMELY easily, especially as we all have the same hobbies... rpg's, computers, cars, and paintball. So once one guy brings up a topic, everyone is involved. Except John. I feel for him, as the game is the only association he has with the rest of...
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    Channeling OotS

    Heh, well, while it does give me a slight headache, I think it is funny overall. He told me later that he was thinking of Belkar the entire time and was enjoying himself. Considering that it was the first gaming session we have had as a group since last June, I wasn't too upset. We all had a...
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    Channeling OotS

    So, yesterday I started a new campaign for our group. Now, one of my players is relatively (compared to the rest of us at least) new to gaming, and thanks to myself, is an avid reader of Order of the Stick. Well, everyone made their characters, and he made an Expert with a mining background...
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    Slucher's Art

    Joe, Take a look at this site. I used to use it when I was big into paintball photography and thought it was worth the investment, having had digital photos stolen and used in magazines with others taking credit for the shots. Digimarc MyPicturemarc You can put invisible watermarks on your...