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    Canine Race

    Hey there, we kicked off Scooby Doo month over at the site, and got the 100 pound snack out of the way. For our first article we are doing a Canine race called the Anunna Hound. Plus today we posted a racial feat for it!
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    Eight Encounters Based on Fairy Tales

    My writing partner Trevor wrote out a series of 8 encounters inspired by fairy lore and fairy tales, to round out our month based on Fairy Tales!
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    Fear the Big Bad Wolf

    This weeks article is now live! When I called dibs on the Big Bad Wolf it seemed like the perfect time to explore more ideas on making boss fights more interesting. A monster that has a plausible reason to return from the dead over and over, like Jason, Hammer film Dracula, or Michael Myers. My...
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    Lucky Jack Rogue Archetype

    We are doing articles inspired by fairy tales this month. Today we bring you the Jack, a rogue archetype based on luck and bravado.
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    5E MtG and D&D releases have sort of linked up

    When D&D5th was coming out, they mentioned that they had some of the guys from the Magic the Gathering marketing department helping out. Then I noticed something, D&D has two storylines a year, one that begins in March, and one that begins in October. Magic also does something similar, they...
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    Bard College of Folklore

    This month we are drawing inspiration from fairy tales. The first article was us tackling the 900 ton kaiju in the room.
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    Imperium Domain for Roman Clerics

    Check it out! Our final article on this months theme is out. Roman gods and a new cleric domain!
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    Backgrounds inspired by Rome

    Backgrounds are the best part of 5th edition IMO. Mechanically they focus a player on at least giving passive thought to how their character functions in the world. Which adds a surprising amount of depth. In my game I had players choose their bonds, and some roll randomly and then try to fit...
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    Warlocks of Bacchus

    Part 3 on our series based on Rome. For a long time now I've been thinking about Warlocks and their place in D&D. I came to the conclusion that if I was in control of "Dark Sun" or "Al Qadim" i'd probably make the Templar and the Sha'ir respectively Warlocks. They fit the fluff a little better...
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    Gladiator Archetype

    It's Monday, our theme of the month is Rome, so here is a awesome Gladiator article!
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    Thoughts on Mixing DramaSystem and D&D

    This is something I've been thinking about for awhile now, I almost pulled the trigger on it after my last D&D campaign ended, but we played Night's Black Agents instead (which is a great game as well). Any way read it over and tell me what you guys think...
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    Trust Rules for 5th Edition

    The last article in our series inspired by love, Trevor brings you rules to show the bonds of Friendship between party members.
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    Oath of the Gallant - a Charming Paladin Oath

    This week I wrote a charming Paladin Oath inspired by our theme of the month.
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    double post

    sorry I made a double post on accident
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    New Magic Items Inspired by Love

    Every Monday we post an article based on our theme of the month, this month the theme is love. So my partner Trevor wrote up some "Implements of Love" check it out.
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    Night's Black Agents Review

    Night’s Black Agents is written by Kenneth Hite and was born by the designer “watching the Bourne movies obsessively.” I’m not sure where the second half of the same spawned from. But at some point, Ken said to himself, you know what a super-secret-agent game needs? Vampires! The set up is...
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    Marriage as Downtime

    About a month ago, we were sitting around trying to figure out what to do for February's theme. As a joke we started talking about love, pretty soon the joke wasn't a joke and we had 5 articles planned out. Here is the first, adding a bit to character narrative arc's by giving simple rules to...
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    Phased Boss Fights

    During the first month of the blog we posted an article about designing boss encounters with "Phased Boss Fights." Borrowing an idea from video-games (mainly World of Warcraft boss fights, and my more recent experience in Dragon Age Inquisition), in my own game (we were in high level D&D mode...
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    New Planar Race

    Over at the blog it's Outer Planes month, so I made up a race inspired a bit from the Bariaur and the Devaronians. As usual my wife did the art, and my writing partner pitched in with some ideas.
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    5E High Level D&D and Shackled City

    Hey over at my blog I put together some thoughts on high level D&D and the Shackled City adventure path. TLDR - 10+ level D&D gets progressively more crazy, D&D5E is easy to convert...