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  1. crazy_cat

    Explore Far Distant Worlds in the Traveller Core Rulebook

    I'm sure publisher, Zozer Games, would much rather you didn't pirate their published materials.
  2. crazy_cat

    Here Are 2020's Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs!

    Is this this years (2020) list or last years (2019)? The last paragraph of the article confuses things somewhat, and the 2019 list provided at the end is the same as the '2020' list above?
  3. crazy_cat

    Low Fantasy - Best Systems?

    Low Fantasy Gaming ?
  4. crazy_cat

    Best Mongoose Conan books?

    Which are the best Mongoose D20 Conan books - as resources for fluff and setting/background info rather than D20 rules - and why? I've got the core book - and Return to the Road of Kings which is a fantastic resource - what else is worth picking up for background and setting information. Thanks
  5. crazy_cat

    Has anyone posted this yet? Dark Dungeons the Movie.....

    Potentially the bestest most awesome Kickstarter ever of all time ever ever.
  6. crazy_cat

    Strange issue when accessing threads (sometimes)

    Thought I'd let you know about an erratic issue I keep getting with Enworld - only really noticeable over the last few days. Erratically, when I try and access a thread from a forum with the 'go to last post' link I sometimes get routed to a differenmt webpage - offering a survey/prize...
  7. crazy_cat

    Gaming things on eBay UK

    I've got various gaming bits and pieces listed on eBay UK and finishing tomorrow and Wednesday. Available items include a Space Hulk boxed set and various Open Design books. crazy cat uk | eBay UK UK bidders only I'm afraid as international signed for airmail postage is a real hassle (and very...
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    Order of the Stick #581 Enjoy :)
  9. crazy_cat

    SW: KOTOR Campaign Guide

    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide: Anybody know anything about this? Due in August apparently (according to Amazon UK)
  10. crazy_cat

    Cubicle 7 announce Dr Who RPG Announced yesterday at Dragonmeet - more news expected in the next week or so, and aiming for a 2008 release.
  11. crazy_cat

    Serenity RPG - How is it?

    How does the Serenity RPG from Maragret Weis Productions work in actual play? Anybody able to give any first hand opinions, or point me at some detailed reviews. I'm more interested in hearing how the actual game engine and systems work rather than how useful the background fluff was - but that...
  12. crazy_cat

    Oots 378

    Enjoy. "...and a petrifying gaze attack for the woman with whom he's speaking..." :lol: Edit: Yes, I forgot to put the link in. :o
  13. crazy_cat

    Deck plans for a modern submarine

    Can anybody recommend a PDF product with a good set of deck plans for a modern military submarine? (If such a thing exists)
  14. crazy_cat

    Oots 363 Enjoy.
  15. crazy_cat

    Oots 346
  16. crazy_cat

    Hogshead Publishing: Fright Night Adventures - any good?

    I'm looking for some materials to help prepare some one shot horror games - to be run using the D20 Modern system (or possibly CoC D20) and I came across this series of adventures from Hogshead Publishing: website There is a single review on this site of one of the series found here but it...
  17. crazy_cat

    Order of the Sick - website down?

    Hi all, Been lurking on EN World for a long old while now, but I've finally been driven to place my first post (at long last :) ) Help, I can't access Rich Burlews OOTS website, and haven't been able to since Monday when I read the new strip. Is there a problem with the website or is this...