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    Maximum Dice Pools

    So sometimes PCs can be capped on a roll from the first session the whole way to the last. One of my players was still capped after an entire year of play which sort of felt like a bummer, felt like a waste of expertise if it could never be utilised. I see this also in my new WOIN game as one of...
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    WOIN Space combat exploit question

    System override. You remotely accessanother ship’s control computer, and brieflytake a system offline with a LOG vs E-DEFENCEattack. One shield facing, or one weapon,can be deactivated until the beginning of thetarget ship’s next turn, at which point it isautomatically reactivated...
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    WOIN Trading Dice

    So now you can trade attack dice to damage dice at a 1:1 ratio. Am I wrong but I vaguely remember that you could trade damage dice to attack dice too at a 1:1 ratio. Thanks in advance
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    WOIN Organizations

    One of the big things that players can sink money into is starships. But what about setting up and funding a fleet? A network of spies to infiltrate and sabotage enemy corporations? Creating a bounty hunter agency to take on small jobs bringing in a steady flow of income. Securing mining rites...
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    Systems Upgrade: Integrated Weapons

    [*=2]"Weapon integration. The android has some kind of ranged or melee weapon integrated into its body. Choose a weapon from the core rules. The weapon must be the same size category as the android or smaller, and worth 100cr or less. Thisexploit can be taken multiple times to incorporate...
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    WOIN NEW Mechs vs Starfighters

    So starship weapons convert 1d6 starship damage = 10d6 ground damage. A basic Chen Zua weapon with 1d6 ballistic damage (10d6) costs 3,000 cr. Comparatively, The:Blitzkrieg XX-1 Railgun In Pimp my ride does 9d6 ballistic damage and costs 120,000cr. That's 1d6 less damage than a standard Chen...
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    WOIN Starship Weapons in ground Combat

    First off, Starship weapons can only be fired once per round and each round is one minute. Correct? So a ship weapon should only be able to be fired once every 10 rounds when on the ground against non-starships (PCs etc.) Now, taking a starship weapon, get the turret upgrade, dedicated computer...
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    WOIN Shields!

    A reason to get better quality shields: The PC or NPC chooses to take the hit from an attack that he knows he can't dodge, drops his weapons and uses both hands to hold his shield and weathers the onslaught. Using the current rules, there is no benefit from doing this. But, I feel that it may...
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    WOIN Starship Point Defences

    So my group is about to be ambushed by a fighter squadron. Now, they have a Class III freighter, and 3 Defence lasers, with an Aura of 1. So the defence bonus is Point defence/Ship Class. +3 defence for these poor bois. Defence Bonus understood! Now, when a fighter squadron flies within their...
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    WOIN Starship Record sheet

    An up to date starship record sheet. Hope it is useable for your group or inspires you to make your own.
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    WOIN Stacking armor

    There are quite a few 'skin tight' light armors that cost a lot but offer less soak. Would it be reasonable to say that you could stack like a Combat Skin with a Kevlar vest, both light. Into one resulting in 8 but becomes a Medium class armor. Reminds me a bit of Cyberpunk 2020 where you can...
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    WOIN Exploding dice

    Using the Young trait, declare damage to explode. Damage also has some luck thrown in. Getting a 6 on a luck die, can you double re-roll? E.g. 3d6 + 1d6 Luck = 4-2-5-1 6!(3+4) (the 6 got a double explode) How does that sound?
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    WOIN LFP NEW Mondays 7:00 PM GMT

    Currently 3/4 players. Looking for 2 new active players. Set in the future, join now and you could influence where the game goes as we are coming up to a junction soon. Politics: Moderate Combat: Above average Challenge: You'll die if you're not careful ;) RP: Moderate
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    WOIN NEW West Marches

    The West Marches NEW group is still going! Looking for more players! Feel free to join the roll20 group, you'll find the discord link there. All are welcome
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    WOIN Can damage exceed MDP?

    I'm just your typical power gamer, I love making builds that can be game breaking (Not really game-breaking, but can really shake it up if you have a good GM) SO! You're making a Grade 5 PC. You're a large android or Ogron. Buy an over-sized two-handed sword, now size enormous. When you can buy...
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    WOIN Starship Construction

    So the main thing I wish to know is how the size of a starship weapon impacts the choice. The sizes range from S-E but it's not clear on what this limits as there is no correlation between size and CU cost. Is there an unwritten rule where ships from Class 0-1- 0-5 can only use small, class 1...
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    WOIN Helmets!

    Quick question about helmets. I take it that a helmets armor doesn't go up with increased quality otherwise they can become extremely Over-powered very quickly. So, why ever get a helmet that is above standard quality? Do battlesuits already have a helmet on them? Small questions, big...
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    WOIN Let's talk Spears

    So my plan is to throw some spears at my players in an upcoming campaign. Spears have the thrown trait, very simple, they are throwable. But there is no listed range." A melee weapon with this trait can be thrown with the noted rangeincrement. For example, a weapon with thetrait...
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    WOIN Looking for NEW players

    After reaching 71 players on Roll20, with 5 of them being GM with all different styles, types of play and time zones to facilitate any group of players all in the same world, I thought we were set, Full Steam Ahead! Alas, there were only games when it was pushed, it was the same group with the...
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    WOIN A West Marches NEW game

    Feel free to join this game, don't worry about time zones as more than likely there is enough people that can do your time. Unlimited amount of players welcome. 2-3 GMs wanted that are experienced with NEW and understand what a West Marches game is