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  1. Rykion

    D&D 5E Should the Fighter's "Second Wind" ability grant temporary HP instead of regular HP?

    I see HP as an abstraction so I'm not bothered either way. As long as a short rest requires at least an hour, fighters in my campaign are only likely to get their second wind once every 4 or 5 encounters.
  2. Rykion

    D&D 5E Starter Set: Phandalin Map

    My main concern is that they failed to label what kind of giant is sleeping in that house. The entire map is beyond useless without that info. ;)
  3. Rykion

    D&D 5E Starter Set Excerpt 5

    I like the picture overall, and the new look for goblins is growing on me. I see goblins as scavengers, especially near human settlement. There they will have plenty to scavenge and will likely face constant raids and warfare with their human neighbors. They will be constantly replacing...
  4. Rykion

    D&D 5E Starter Set Character Sheet Revealed!

    I don't like the across the board +1 either. I've made human cultures for my game. Usually they have +1 to two stats and 1 skill and 1 weapon or tool proficiency. For example, a gregarious tribal culture gets +1 Con, +1 Cha, survival skill proficiency and proficiency with a battleaxe.
  5. Rykion

    Carnivore Christmas!

    The kitchen in my house is still in remodel mode, so no cooking for me. I don't even have access to a microwave right now. :eek:
  6. Rykion

    Mod and Admin behavior?

    Quit picking on poor Piratecat, there are other people who don't like the Goonies. I'm sure Scrooge and the Grinch don't like The Goonies either. ;)
  7. Rykion

    Warhammer fantasy roleplay disaster, what happened

    Both tomb robber and grave robber are careers in WFRP, so it's definitely something that fits the setting. It also probably means death if caught. I can understand the ranger's reluctance to be part of the actions, but it seems like the game just went wrong.
  8. Rykion

    [Spoilers] Tron Legacy Review

    I can see it now. Clu is free and he's ready to take down the real world. If only he can figure out where his DOS prompt is, and find a working computer with a 5 1/4" disk drive. Otherwise those 150 floppy disks holding his new master program won't do him much good. Kidding aside, Quorra was...
  9. Rykion

    [Spoilers] Tron Legacy Review

    I enjoyed the movie, but pretty much agree with Mouseferatu on all points. It would have been better to see Tron really go down fighting in a flashback, rather than have the Rinzler character with no real pay-off scene. I guess they could still do a sequel featuring Tron, but that seems...
  10. Rykion

    Gamma World: Our First Session

    One of the origin powers in the Gamma World rulebook mentions that it can be used in place of a melee basic attack when charging. I believe it is a Felinoid power. So it is logical for someone to expect rules for charging in the book. Of course they might have cut the charging rules in...
  11. Rykion

    Pay to Play at FLGS?

    Pay to browse is a ridiculous concept that serves no purpose but to alienate customers. Pay to play is a reasonable concept, especially with the proliferation of people who buy online and just see FLGS as places to play. RPGs are also a problem as they take a long time to play, and only...
  12. Rykion

    [October] What are you reading?

    I'm currently reading Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy by Ian Toll. I'm almost finished and have enjoyed the book. I'm also reading Ghost Hunter's Guide to Haunted Ohio by Chris Woodyard, and The Grey Knights Omnibus by Ben Counter. Next up is With Zeal and with...
  13. Rykion

    Terry Pratchett is crazy... but in a good way.

    Nothing crazy about that at all. You need magic metal and silver to guarantee the weapon will work on just about anything. :p
  14. Rykion

    Any good news?

    More good news for me as I got the sponge dressing that was sewn onto my face and ear removed on Monday. Now I have a gross antibiotic ointment covered, well-stitched ear for everyone to stare at. With the skin graft it should heal properly ear shaped though. The tests didn't find any...
  15. Rykion

    Any good news?

    I'm home from surgery, and the doctor is pretty certain all the cancer is gone. :D Deset Gled wins the thread for good news though.
  16. Rykion

    Any good news?

    The good news is that after my surgery this coming Tuesday I will probably not need any more treatment for my melanoma. :) The bad news is my left ear will look like someone took a bite out of it. I'll have to blame it on Mike Tyson when anyone asks. :heh:
  17. Rykion

    What does your ENWorld name mean?

    My screen name was inspired by General Rieekan, the commander of the base on Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back. I made up the spelling so that it'd be unique. I've used the same name on just about every board I post on.
  18. Rykion

    Morrus stay out. Okay, fine, you can come in. Everyone else come in too.

    Hopefully, that was to rnock starting with r n rather than mock starting with m. Edit: Sent my contribution too.
  19. Rykion

    Is your book collection this big?

    And I thought I was going a bit overboard turning the two dormer rooms in my house into a library. I only wish I could afford a library like that.
  20. Rykion

    Eberron Question

    Eberron is perfect for Lovecraft themed campaigning. The world itself has a noir style 20's feel. Lovecraftian style monsters can come from the far realm like other D&D settings, but Eberron has a few other candidates for Lovecrat style adventures as well. Some world spoilers ahead. The...