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    Clarification of weapon listing for a noob!

    I can't offer to GM a game, but another way to 'see how its done' would be to listen to/watch some podcasts/vides of people playing D&D. If you google "Actual play" you should be able to find something like that. Gamers Haven is a good example, but there are a lot more. That said, you seem to...
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    Clarification of weapon listing for a noob!

    Close, but a small correction - you only take AoOs for moving OUT of an opponents threatened space. When you first engage with an opponent, you don't take an attack. Regarding skills: You get a +3 bonus to skills that you have trained ranks in that are also class skills. When you level up in...
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    Pathfinder 1E Has Anyone Considered These House Rules for Pathfinder?

    These three things make me think you might want to look at E6 or a variant - basically, players progress normally to level 6 and then stop gaining levels. After that point whenever they would level up they gain a feat instead. This has the effect of removing high-level spells from the game, and...
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    D&D Meets Minecraft

    I got this and Civ V in the last two weeks, and have barely even thought about RPGs... The most addictive part about Minecraft is that there is no natural stopping point. With Civ, you can say "one more turn" for hours, but after each turn you get a small break in the action. In Minecraft, you...
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    How to do a doomed, "Halo Reach" type game?

    I'm not sure if it would work as the focus of an entire campaign, but I think a 'Reach' style plot can work well as a one-off. I once ran a one-shot Normal-Vision session where the players played doomed Paladins defending their high priest from an overwhelmingly powerful assassin. I used...
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    Pathfinder 1E Are there any plans for a Pathfinder "basic"?

    Put E6 in a box and I'd be happy with it :)
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    Pathfinder 1E Sell me on Pathfinder!

    Typed up a big long post last night and then deleted it midway through when I realised it was just a big wank about why I stopped playing 4E. I'll make this a lot quicker and less negative. I chose Pathfinder mainly for the adventure support - the Kingmaker AP alone pretty much won me over. I...
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    Looking for a "Middle" sized campaign setting.

    This is what immediately came to mind for me. Varisia in Golarion is a geographically varied region with a bunch of independent city states. It doesn't really lend itself readily to what you are interested in though, as you can't just pick up a gazetteer - all of the information is spread across...
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    High Ability Modifiers for Monsters

    The adventure tools (and Stat Blocks in published material) include the +1/2 level bonus in the ability score modifiers so you can easily use them for untrained skill checks and ability checks. So, a 2nd level monster with an 8 Str will have a +0 bonus on Strength checks: +1 for 2nd level, -1...
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    Which individual AP "issues" make good stand alone adventures?

    Most of the Kingmaker AP can be run stand-alone. The whole thing is a sandbox, so the individual issues work without the other bits attached. Varnhold Vanishing has a cool adventure about a town that has disappeared that could be popped into any campaign without much work.
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    Pathfinder 1E E6 and Pathfinder

    Towards the end of that thread there is a bit of discussion about it, and I've seen scattered posts on these boards and the Paizo ones. (nothing bookmarked, but a quick google found this discussion) I'm juuuuust about to start a new Pathfinder campaign and we're seriously considering going E6...
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    D&D 4E Pathfinder Rules and 4e Monsters?

    Dazed, prone, stun, forced movement, and marks are the big ones that stand out. Dazed, prone, and stun are much more severe in Pathfinder, so the frequency with which they are used by Monsters might make them a bit more challenging. Forced Movement effects are less common in PF and usually...
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    Okay, so *why* is EN World GM-centric?

    Or they could be stocked with the sort of people who read a ton of RPG material but never play. CharOp is almost a 'game' in and of itself. I remember a few months back we had some polls/threads about the subject, and a substantial number of posters bought and read games with no intention of...
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    Here we go again: DM, player or both?

    I'm almost exclusively a GM. I've played 4 sessions as a player in various one-shots over the last 5 years or so of gaming, and the rest of the time have GMed.
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    Okay, so *why* is EN World GM-centric?

    At least in my experience, I think it might just be a result of GM's actively thinking about the game more when they're not playing. This isn't just because the actual tasks of being a GM require someone to seek out help on a forum, but because it is usually the most interested and involved...
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder and the ENnies

    What was this about? I wasn't able to watch the whole of the Ennies livestream.
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    Do Awards affect your Shopping habits?

    I suppose that the Ennies might have made me notice a few games this year, but they haven't influenced my buying habits. I bought all of the Pathfinder products before they were nominated based more on word of mouth. For most of the other products [Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase], even though they...
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    D&D 4E Pathfinder Rules and 4e Monsters?

    I've thought about this before because I really like the monster formatting in 4E, but much prefer Pathfinder style character creation. It's kind of a pipe dream though, and I've given up on it because of how difficult the conversion is. The numbers don't really match up for easy conversion...
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    Essentials: which new players?

    This is exactly what some of my players have had trouble with - for some people who aren't used to roleplaying games, it conjures up bad memories of playing a board-game with their older cousin who seemingly made up the rules as he went along. The Rogue and Fighter Essentials builds seem to be...
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    Essentials: which new players?

    I don't think that early 4E was aimed towards 'new new' players at all. I remember that it was said at the time that the marketing strategy was to help transition 3.5 players for the first year or so, then try and lure back lapsed gamers, and then finally aim at people who had never played RPGs...