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    D&D 5E Things that "need" errata

    Agonizing blast: errata could read " for each warlock ray increase, agonizing blast adds the warlocks charisma modifier to the damage." Ian
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    Did the WotC boards blow up...again?

    Wizards Board Now I can't log in, I have been a member for 4 years-I am not recognized, and they wonder why I dont want to try DDI??? Ian
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    Doomsayer (Warlock Paragon) question...

    Keyword Many thanks Plane Sailing- a sad Ian:-S
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    Doomsayer (Warlock Paragon) question...

    Fear effects So all those Starlock powers that have the fear key world don't count? I am really bum'd, Ian. Starlocks powers w/ Fear key word: Dire Radiance Dreadful Word Dread Star Frigid Darkness 13 Baleful Stars Banish to the Void Fates Entwined Long fall into Darkness
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    D&D 4E 4E Sample Combat: The Terrasque

    Surgoshan, Just your opinion: Do you think a party of 2 wizards ( one blaster & one blood ), Warlock(mixed powers), Ranger (battlefield archer type), and Cleric (Devoted type) could take down Big T using overlapping zones and delay effects? Ian
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    KotS -- built for 5 PCs?

    Irontooth Obviously, he is some what difficult if you count the number of threads where this encounter has TPK'd numerous parties.....Ian.
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    KotS -- built for 5 PCs?

    KotS I am running it with 6 PC's 1/2 Elf StarLock Elven Bow Ranger Human Rogue-Brawny type Dwarven -Fighter( Great Weapon type) Human Wizard- Blaster Tiefling Warlord (inspiring) I had a different view than my PC's. I thought they wiped up the floor with the goblins until they got into...
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    Sacrificial Bunnies (Warlock curse question)

    Bag of Bunnies As a DM, they would get away with this for a while but would get increasing warnings from the DM, the player might be bitten by a bunny with lycanthropy (and no- the bunny would not have any cool attack powers or immunities-but plenty of vulnerabilties), next the guy might get a...
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    The Star Pact Handicap

    reply "Curse of the Twin Princes. Despite being 1d10 less damage when compared to the other two level 25 Daily Con powers, I would still take it. The Effect itself can be a cursed blessing. When beside each other, allies, enemies, and even the target and yourself may accidentally hit the wrong...
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    The Star Pact Handicap

    Star Pact Yeah, it not as nice as having just one stat to max out, but there is a bright side as well. If you are attacking a brute, its con defense is going to be really high. The star pact 'Lock can just switch and use a charisma based attack and attack the will defense. On the other...
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    D&D 4E (Poll for those buying 4ed only!) How old are you?

    Age The few, the proud, the 50 + oops thats the Marines... Just waiting til WotC comes out with the large print version of D & D for guys my age,turned 51 mid May. Wife says I am still her oldest child though...Started playing in 1978, played D & D (every version) since. Yeah if they are...
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    WotC and

    Mine at Barnes & Noble My order at Barnes & Noble online ships on the 6/6/2008, but I am hoping someone there jumps the gun! Ian
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    Need WOTC Offical to deal with the half-elf pregen/Keep of Shadowfell before release.

    KoSF I am sure they will "post the patch" on DDI for any ommission or clarifications...Ian
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    D&D 4E [4E Fan Delve] Raiders of Oakhurst Live Game

    Cool review Many thanks, I love rading this stuff! Our group is finnishing up our last 3.5 campaign so this is getting me ready for 4E, Ian.
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    price of H1 Keep on the Shadowfell

    H1 Its what I have said for months, WotC made a marketing mistake by having this come out so close to 4E. If this would have come out mid March, I doubt if they could have kept them in stock. Now its pretty easy to just wait on 4E and make your own adventure or wait for 3rd party stuff. Ian.
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    Why are they waiting til June?

    D & D Good point, since my group isn't going to use DDI much, I dont think about it very often. For groups that are really wanting to go into DDI heavy duty, this is a big deal! Ian.
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    Why are they waiting til June?

    Wavester Thanks for the info. Sorry to take up board space-but wanted to say thanks. I do not have PM'ing priviledges or I would have PM'd you, Ian.
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    Why are they waiting til June?

    WotC doesn't run conventions. Agreed, Ian. I also don't think GenCon (or any other convention) has anything to do with the June release of the core books. Gencon is in August. Origins is 3 weeks after book release. True, but imho, they wanted to make the annoucment at last years GenCon-is...
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    D&D 4E Playtest After Action Report - 4E Burning Plague

    Module Hi Chris, I very much enjoyed your write up -thank you! What do you think the difference would have been had your characters played the suggested Defender, Controller, Striker, & Leader roles rather than the 3 strikers(Rogue , Ranger, Warlock) and one leader type? Cleric? Ian
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    Why are they waiting til June?

    4E wait too long Yeah, I think Hasbro WotC has made some marketing mistakes. I think some of them were because WotC wanted to announce things at planned events like Gencon. The wait has been too long. They also should have had more seperation between H1 and the 4E roll out. The initial plan...