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    DMsGuild: D&D romance rules, 50% off for Valentines

    "Hearts & Arrows", my DMsGuild book full of tools to put love and romance shenanigans in your game, just hit Silver in time for Valentine's Day! So here's a flash sale! Simple but powerful rules for flirting, crushes, and heartbreak! A toolkit to create and run memorable dates! A whole bunch of...
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    DMsGuild: Get some love in your dungeoning with Hearts & Arrows!

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a D&D supplement about love, romance, flirting, dating, heartbreak and crushing on that sexy sexy half-orc! Live on the DMs Guild now: Here’s the copy from the...
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    DMs Guild [DMs Guild] Next-Level Skill Checks

    Take skill checks to the next level with this essential guide to costs and consequences for every skill! Hi all - delighted to launch my first release for DMs Guild, Next-Level Skill Checks which shines a light on some much-ignored rules in the DMG and spins them up into a mighty engine for...
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    World's Largest Dungeon in actual play [Spoilers!]

    Chronology Hey folks I've been flipping through my WLD recently, contemplating a run at it, and I decided I'd really like to get my hands on a chronology of the dungeon - there's lots of references to "two years ago", "ten years ago", "fifty years ago", etc., and it would be useful to pull...
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    Fire Island Pantheon - DOWNLOAD READY

    Heya - interesting to see this. I've posted about it on Gametime, a New Zealand RPG groupblog. You can find that here: gametime: Maori mythology in D&D terms
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    Games-n-Fun in New Zealand?

    You should also be aware of this, NZ Roleplaying and Gaming, an NZ gamer online hangout: NZRaG formed out of the old WellingtonRPG forums, and still has an overwhelming Wellington bias, but Christchurch and Auckland folk do chip in on a regular basis and...
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    Obscure RPGs

    The Big Night comes with hand puppets. But I think that's the only other one :-) (This cool game was run by its creator, Allan Dotson, in the kids room at GenCon in '05 (and maybe in '06 too but I wasn't there in '06). It's a fantastic game for kids - if you have little potential gamers...
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    Previews for Dungeon 150 and Dragon 359 (September 2007)

    Anyone in ignorance of the awesome that is Kill Bargle should click this link...
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    D'oh! I was talking about this also over on my most usual stomping grounds of RPGnet, and discussion there actually convinced me that the conclusion here was wrong! A user there said that there were two rates of Stealthy movement - a Stealth Walk, which can be maintained forever, and a...
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    Absolutely right, good catch. I think I finally understand this now! Thanks everyone who's looked at this!
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    Okay, I think I just figured out a way to say why this is bugging me. Let me flip it around... You are the GM. I'm playing a rogue. My normal walking speed is 30 ft./round. In an encounter I can step up to a hustle, 60 ft./round. I want to go through some rooms hiding and sneaking, which...
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    Okay, this starts to make some sense to me. Lidda is taking a double-move action - hustling while trying to make no noise. The Listen exemplar is taking a single-move action - walking while trying to make no noise. So, the inconsistency is that Lidda is taking a double-move action, and the...
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    So, anyone else? At the moment, I'd just be happy with someone saying their rulebook says what my rulebook says. We can argue about what that means later.
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    This is how I've always played it. The problem I've discovered is that it makes example DCs in Listen nonsensical. Here's the quote again: "Listen DC 10: An unarmored person walking at a slow pace (15 ft./round) trying not to make any noise... the indicated DC would be their average check...
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    Like I reference in the earlier post - p162 of the PHB. Table 9:3 has Movement rates per round. For a 20 ft. speed person, they can Walk at 20 ft. per round and Hustle (double move) at 40 ft. per round. Which is fine until you get to the Lidda example, where 20 ft. per round counts as 'half...
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    Half-Speed for Listen and Hide - is what?

    Hey everyone, there might be an obvious answer to this but I'm tying myself in knots over it. Checked the latest official FAQ and did a google search to no avail, so if this has been resolved before I apologise... I was giving a close read to the rules for Hide and Move Silently vs. Spot and...
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    New gamer in Seattle - where to go?

    Thanks everyone for your info and advice - I guess this thread is pretty much done!
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    New gamer in Seattle - where to go?

    Thanks guys! I have sent him a link to this thread, so any more suggestions, etc. are very welcome!