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  1. Brodie

    New One D&D Playtest Includes 5 Classes & New Weapon Mastery System

    While I like the weapon stuff they're trying to do, I don't see it getting used much beyond players extremely focused on the best combat builds. And all the subclass stuff being moved to level 3 makes classes a little too... Same-y. Sorcerers get it from their blood, so that should be right at...
  2. Brodie


    Everyday Heroes by Evil Genius. I've been waiting for an update to D20 Modern for far too long. Shadow of the Weird Wizard. I loved the SotDL rpg. LOVED IT. (Don't think me weird of unhinged, please?) Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme. Bloodpunk by Dream Realm Storytellers.
  3. Brodie

    Edge Announced It Will Be Making Star Wars RPGs....

    Same. I actually got to like the dice system, much as I complained about needing special dice. (I eventually shelled out the like $5 for the app; made things much easier.) I'm just hoping for a period agnostic Core Book that lets you pick your era. Then release Era Books for more in-depth...
  4. Brodie

    D&D 5E Unearthed Arcana: Travelers of the Multiverse

    The Astral Elf and Autognome sound A LOT like the Void Elf and Mechagnome races in World of Warcraft. I get that these races might be Spelljammer related, but to me - a WoW player - it just seems like WOTC ripping off the game. That said... I'll be folding those two races into my current...
  5. Brodie

    Five Things I Love About Shadow Of The Demon Lord

    I've run this game, as well as had the pleasure to get to be a player with Rob Schwalb as the GM once. I love the system from top to bottom and it's without a doubt the best Kickstarter I participated in (the Fate Core Kickstarter coming in at a close second). I used the Tales of the Demon Lord...
  6. Brodie

    Wil Wheaton Sues Geek & Sundry Over Titansgrave

    I can understand him wanting his profits (and the Titansgrave IP, if that's indeed owned by them). I just wish he'd get back to doing gaming stuff in video format. G&S has 'Game The Game' and that basically took over the void left by 'Tabletop,' but it's not the same or as entertaining...
  7. Brodie

    Which of these D&D classes would you take if you had to choose one?

    Mahout or Gunfighter. It would depend on my mood when making the character. If we're allowed to multiclass, then I'd just take both, starting with Mahout.
  8. Brodie

    A New D&D Book in 2019: Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual!

    Personally, I like seeing something from one medium make into another that fans can make use of (if they so choose). The Tal'Dorei Campaign from Critical Role, Acquisitions Inc, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft (be it the D&D 3rd Edition rules or the homebrewed 5E project), etc. It gives fans rules...
  9. Brodie

    Esper Genesis: Sci-Fantasy for 5E

    This sounds interesting and I'm kinda curious how closely it matches the Unearthed Arcana Mystic's psionics rules. I'll have to look into this.
  10. Brodie

    D&D Endless Quests… in Target, B&N, Amazon, and More!

    Matt's a smart man. You just don't say no to the Kingpin. :)
  11. Brodie

    "DnDSports": Competitive Play With Prizes

    Aaaaah. Okay.
  12. Brodie

    "DnDSports": Competitive Play With Prizes

    Is anybody else here a long time reader of Knights of the Dinner Table? I'm hoping that I'm not the only one here who thinks this sounds extremely similar to Hackmaster tournaments that are run at conventions in the comic.
  13. Brodie

    Robert J. Schwalb To Launch D&D Imprint

    Oh man... I love SotDL and the 5E stuff I'm seen from him (that I know he did, like one of the Unearthed Arcana installments). Now he's bringing his style to 5E...? whenever I run D&D, I'm a stickler and make sure my players stick to official stuff. I've had one friend that has tried to use...
  14. Brodie

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Magic Items of Eberron

    Personally, I'm waiting for the announcement of whatever book is going to contain the Mystic class. Whenever that happens, I just might consider going to adventures league with my roommate. I probably won't because I can only use the PHB and one other book and that would kill any chance of...
  15. Brodie

    Adventures in Dystopia: Palladium’s After the Bomb 2E

    In my Sunday group, one of our members ran this game (can't recall which edition). I absolutely hated the math involved, even though it was less intensive than the Champions game he'd run (that was an absolute dumpster fire). This game... I hated the strict rules for awarding xp as well as...
  16. Brodie

    Whatever Happened to Acererak?

    The nods to D&D notwithstanding, the lack of any meaty D&D tributes was a disappointment to me. Yeah, there's a shirt in the movie. Yes, the name Gygax pops up. Yes, there's a Orb.... But that's it. I still enjoyed the movie more than I expected and I like the ending to it a bit more than the...
  17. Brodie

    When the Fans Take Over

    One thing not mentioned in this article? Matt's soothing voice. (Well, I find it soothing, anyway.) I got into watching his stuff when Youtube listed one of his videos as 'Recommended.' It was pretty entertaining and insightful and I watched a few more and then I subscribed and backed the...
  18. Brodie

    D&D In Ready Player One? (SPOILERS)

    Yes, this. Let's also not forget the liberties Stranger Things has taken with D&D. Going by what I remember of the book, Halliday was about the same age (maybe a few years older) than the kids in Stranger Things. Those kids were clearly learning and playing the game on their own, using what...
  19. Brodie

    Pathfinder 2 - Levelling Up, Skills, Feats, Faux Leather, More!

    I'll give it look as well. Everything seems interesting so far, though the hit point thing still bugs me. D20 hit points in general bug me. "You can roll and possibly get a bunch of hit points or you can take this standard amount, which is just shy of half of what you COULD get." When I run a...
  20. Brodie

    Are We Looking At A New RPG Kickstarter Record?

    The vast majority of his backers pledged at at a level that includes at least one physical item. The shipping cost I had to add for my copy of the book was $12. Taking that as a baseline, that's roughly $300k in shipping costs... At the very least. However, he was only looking for $50k to fund...