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  1. CleverName

    Suggest Your "Rule of Three" Questions for Next Week (4/17)

    I would like to know your milestones working towards the release of the open playtest of D&D Next. I would really like to know how many you think you completed, how far you have to go.
  2. CleverName

    Hillside Games, Asheville: The Unfriendly Local Game Store

    Wow I will look for Wyverntale Games when next I get to Asheville. I am very disappointed in Hillside. A great friend of mine made a big button that he wore to cons it said "Life is too short to play with A$$___s." Goes for shopping too. Let us know your progress.
  3. CleverName

    D&D 4E Cooperative 4e World Building "Game"

    Maelstrom Twist Cards These cards are mostly recycled from various RPG decks I have made (stolen) from the past. Even though many of them use the words “character” or “person” their events can also be used for organizations, etc. Most come from an old Lion Rampant whimsy deck. 1. Abrupt...
  4. CleverName

    D&D 4E Cooperative 4e World Building "Game"

    Cool idea, I will re-think and prob allow element cards to be used as twists. Thanks!
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    D&D 4E Cooperative 4e World Building "Game"

    Maelstrom Element Cards You may notice a lack of political correctness, or at least an indulgence in the lurid language of the pulps that gave birth to swords and sorcery literature. This is on purpose, to get your thematic juices flowing. The text is meant as a starting point, not a prison...
  6. CleverName

    D&D 4E Shado's 4e Color Landscape Sheets v1.2: UPDATED 6/24

    I'll post it to my mediafire acct. if someone will send me a copy of the form (wpeacock AT gmail dot com).
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    D&D 4E Cooperative 4e World Building "Game"

    I'm working on a method to help my players have input into the elements of my new 4e campaign setting. Here is my first draft for my players, please comment. The setting is called Maelstrom. During its golden age the as-yet-unnamed Empire was the hub for a multi-planar society -- basically...
  8. CleverName

    Is anyone sticking with 3.5?

    I have preordered 4e and will play and run it this summer. I anticipate liking the new edition based on what I have read so far, but I'm not going to make up my mind 100% until I have had the time to read, digest, play and GM 4e. By August I should know. If I don't like 4e, I probably won't be...
  9. CleverName

    What are these things?

    It's from a soucebook for Changeling: the Lost. Autumn Nightmares:
  10. CleverName

    Pathfinder OGL/3.5 RPG system from Paizo

    I think this is a mistake on Paizo's part, but I wish them the best. I completely understand why they did not want to throw down 5k for the still mythical 4e SRD and that they were going to continue 3.x support until '09. (Personally, I thought WotC should have given them a break on the $ for...
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    Why do you choose D&D?

    First of all, this is kinda' a false choice. I play D&D and a "multitude of other games." I see no reason to stop playing D&D to be able to run RQ. D&D has done a good job ladling out rewards via leveling. It provides knowable archetypes via classes and races, and has huge industry support and...
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    No Macs? Holy crap did WotC do the math wrong!

    Oh, what the heck: Your favorite OS sucks. If you can't beat 'em....
  13. CleverName

    No Macs? Holy crap did WotC do the math wrong!

    We aren't necessarily, I'm looking at trends here. 1) The laptop is the computer of choice at the gaming table -- look how many times during the DDI announcements the word laptop is used. Look at the pictures they use. 2) The laptop market is growing at the expense of desktops. Some believe...
  14. CleverName

    No Macs? Holy crap did WotC do the math wrong!

    Actually, I stumbled upon this yesterday: CodeWeavers They have a directx engine built in and it does NOT require you to run Windows at all -- or more importantly to buy windows, at all. Still, we are talking about spending ~$60 to run DDI or other windows apps, but it may be a workaround...
  15. CleverName

    No Macs? Holy crap did WotC do the math wrong!

    Prepare for flip-floppage: I do hope that Wizards will quickly make the decision. I use Windows, SuSE (a little) and a Mac -- my macbook pro is hands-down my best machine. I understand why WotC would start out with a windows product, but I hope they will quickly change -- based on market data...
  16. CleverName

    Why is it so important?

    Thanks for sharing, but I will point out your on a 10-page thread most of these folks think that there is a problem with the current system and they are looking forward to more at will and per encounter options. So, even with your anecdotes, it is pretty safe to say, that the majority of...
  17. CleverName

    What's not fun?

    That's the beauty of a SAGA-like skill system -- it collapses the difficulty range into something that makes a d20's results always meaningful. Also it breaks skill checks within a skill's purview into those that can be made trained or untrained. So even though a 20th level PC might posses a...
  18. CleverName

    Gno more gnomes?

    I have another anecdote relating to this, though opposite in nature. I know one player that HATES change. I won't go into what he did re: 3.5. Anyway, I could hear the static electricity firing off his short hairs when I mentioned 4e. Then I told him no gnomes in the PHB. Damn, if he...
  19. CleverName

    Gno more gnomes?

    Huzzzah! The Gnome menace is ended! 100000XP to the designers! -- Okay, I don't really hate them. But they (and half-elves) were the tap water of the dnd races to me... I want to see something cool, something that does not skip in glades or tinker with clocks, bake cookies or merely fill a...