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    Reinventing Roleplaying Games

    How about just "roleplaying"? It's a hobby, a game, a way of life... but that's the common thread.
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    Hackmaster. Please explain.

    It's done in a very friendly fashion. It's a very gamist sort of game that one plays with the knowledge that that is exactly what it is. It's pretty fun with a good group. I don't think I'd want it to be my only game experience, but many people are happy with HM and HM alone. Many of those...
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    New HARP book for your old D20 stuff

    That's my take on it, too. You can send the stuff media-mail and let it take it's sweet time. Assuming you save 40-50%, that's a full RPG for less than $15, which is unheard of these days. I've purchased downloads for around that price. I can't stand the thought of throwing away a book...
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    Hackmaster. Please explain.

    1) Yes. It's a blast. There's a very gamist sort of beauty in playing a game as written. It's very reminiscent of the early D&D experiences I had. If I could find a steady group, I'd play it. There are many steady D&D 3E groups around, but I do not partake in those. 2) The modules are...
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    My Paladin killed a child molester (and now my DM wants to take away my powers!)

    As has been mentioned before, it all depends on the Paladin's god (well that and the player's GM). Honestly, if I were the GM, I would probably elect to send down a wee bit of friction from the heavens as well. I think there's a valuable lesson for your character to learn about keeping his...
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    New HARP book for your old D20 stuff

    ICE appears to be offering some trade-in credit for D20 products on the purchase of the HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) core book that is referenced a few posts down. Now, no matter how much you dig D20, you've got to admit that there are a few products that simply stink up our shelves and...
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    H.A.R.P. Anyone? (FREE R.P.G. BOOK)

    Actually, HARP's combat system is such that it can and has been used with D20/OGL systems. It's not a drop-in modification, but the system is semi-percentile based, so if you multiply ye olde 20 times five, you're good. I've also seen HARP style critical hits used with D20 after a character...