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    bowser from mario

    I'm gonna say you'll want to nix fire resistance 10, afterall he's traditionally beaten by Mario's fireballs.
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    Fighting Dragons

    Have you told this story before? I swear I've heard it before. In any case, I think you caught a lucky break from the GM. Either that or your group was fighting the Corky of dragons. First off, a dragon with any sense of intelligence would purposely put as many into breath range as possible...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 What parts of 4E should I bring to 3.5?

    The skill list. Maybe how often people get ability bumps. Otherwise I don't care for it.
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    Milestone feats: mitigating the 15-minute workday

    Personally I would avoid handing out dalies as they're ment to be used only... well, daily.
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    [Bal, PrC] Discarnate

    Much better suited to BBEGs to my eyes. Especially with the Marvelesque 'you killed me and I come back muwahahaha' bit.
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    Dashing Swordsman PrC?

    It's 'elven' rage, so it's inherently better. Furthermore it stacks with the rage of mortals allowing others to learn how much superior 'elven' rage truly is. Supposedly it could also stack with Frenzy. Elves: Everything you can do we can do better; we can do everything better than you.
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    (LRF) Escape from Sembia *spoilers*

    I ran this today and was completely underwhelmed. If you saw my previous thread I'm real new to running 4e, but know how to run a mod. This was... bad. With only the barest skeleton of a plot (not even one of those skeletons with cool powers) I had to fluff it and make sense of 'they ninja'd...
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    Exotic mount bulette; RAW Possible?

    These guys have it covered, but I'd like to add that at this point you'll want the riders to be pretty buff themselves. Any other way and you're just handing your party kick ass mounts.
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    Dashing Swordsman PrC?

    How's the DS build going?
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    D&D 4E Needing a crash course in 4e to DM

    Unfortunately the last week or so went by without DnD prepping, but I'll be looking into these suggestions ASAP. Thank you for the info, and I'll be back soon for clarification. Here's hoping for a good game ran.
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    Dashing Swordsman PrC?

    Given the class was (in comic) horribly broken, I'm not sure this is the best idea, but I do have some simple suggestions to retool the Swash into something more along the lines of the DS (or if you want a specific PrC then I suppose I could help there too). Replace Insightful Strike (call it...
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    D&D 4E Needing a crash course in 4e to DM

    Ok, I need to grasp 4e in about 2 weeks. I'm still on 3.5 myself, but have opted to run a 4e module for... reasons. What're the big differences, are minis strongly suggested, these kinds of questions I need answered. Also need information on LFR and how that modifies straight 4e.
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    As you enter the room, you see everything OR how to handle high passive perception

    Hate saying me too, but this is why you invest in this skill, so you're not getting caught offguard by everyone without tank armor, or the pit trap right in front of you.
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    How Would You Make a D&D Movie?

    Wayans, and plenty of them!
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    Critical hit feats?

    If you don't want the confirmation roll, then I would suggest dropping the crit multiplier for weapons that normally only crit on a 20 by 1. Yes, some weapons simply wouldn't crit, this is by design. If that doesn't sound good then any 20/x2 would become a 20/+2.
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    damage of a rat

    There's also crits, where the rat might get a whopping 2 damage! Or if you're like me and want to add some fear to your average encounter add a druish were-rat capable of boosting it's horde... hehehe.
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    [Bal, PrC] Glutton

    I hate seeing endurance as a requirement, honestly it's just payment for a PrC. I'd just make it PA and IBR, or as mentioned before the vile darkness feats. Possibly open it up to other races depending on campaign. 'Class Skills' What no tumble? I'd love to see it as a form of bull rush...
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    Sneak Attack with a grenade

    Fire hurts, and 2d6 is for anything from being winged (1-2 damage), to getting hit full in the chest (8-12). SA is going to represent, in general, something along the lines of a strike to the head where not only the eyes and ears are singed, but also inhaling the scorching liquid to fry lungs...
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    Feat for Familiar (rat) Question

    Yes, but you need to be able to effectively communicate with your familiar before that becomes a viable tactic. While a raven can do such from the start, any familiar that doesn't speak a language needs to have a master of significant level (5th, much more significant when multiclassing) before...
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    D&D 4E Converting 4E bits to 3.X

    A recent discovery of mine, so I'd figured some people may not know of it. 'If you're going to try and offer up something, could it be done in a constructive fashion?' Offering up an entirely new resource to crib from is quite constructive. I'm sorry you can't see that. 'Plus, there's still...