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    Do You Only Play D&D For Your RPGing?

    Not even close. D&D hasn't shown up in our rotation since about 2004...
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    In Addition To RPGs, Do You Play Wargames (Including Tactical Miniatures Games)?

    Back in the 70s I started with miniatures, but slid away from them due to too many damn arguments about line of sight and the like. Once I went to rpgs, the miniatures (except for painting them as gifts) swiftly faded away, and I have been much happier.
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    How big is your gaming group?

    3 male, 3 female Orientations and race break it down further ;)
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    How old were you when your first GMed an RPG?

    I was 16. I probably would have started earlier, but I only found D&D through Brookhurst Hobbies in the later summer of 1975...
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    When Fantasy meets Medieval Europe

    When I first ran Ars Magica at UC Santa Barbara ... most of my gamers were in the PhD program in Medieval History. So, yeah, this is home turf for me. I love the 11th & 12th century and can muck around with it like crazy. I have run in straight and I have run it variant. Just depends on who...
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    Everyone, Tell us about your games, please!

    1.) How many players in your group? Currently 6 players, 3 male, 3 female 2.) Do you DM? Most of the time, but not exclusively 3.) Do other people in the group DM, and how many? Two others take up the reins now and again to give me a break 4.) What's the Male/Female composition of the...
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    Is D&D Your Favorite RPG?

    Not even close. My players love Heroquest and FATE, first and foremost, but there is also a healthy respect for GURPS and Ubiquity ... and now Ars Magica. D&D/Pathfinder are kinda low on our totem pole...
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    Is There Much Age Difference In Your RPGing Group?

    There are six of us -- 3 women, 3 men. The youngest is 21 (male) and the eldest is 59 (1 male and 1 female) The others are in their 30s.
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    Is D&D Your Primary RPG?

    Back in 1975, D&D was the only game in town. Then I found RuneQuest. Since then, I have looked for the best system to fit the setting, rather than forcing a setting to comply with a system. I have GMed using over two dozen game systems in my time, and played under even more. My current...