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  1. thexar

    Game Design Masterclass: James Bond 007

    It is because of my history with this game that I felt no guilt printing a raise chart for Savage Rifts with targets between 4 and 50, up to 7 raises. It may be simple math, but the chart makes things go quicker. The failure of this system, THAC0, and Numenera for me is they expect the DM to...
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    Shadowrun Sixth World Core Rulebook Review

    Shadowrun is that game we ALL want to love, but … it's hard.
  3. thexar

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons Getting Republished in Combined Anniversary Volume

    Does it still start with a 1st level party coming out of the woods to see a large city under siege getting blasted by a dragon, and they're supposed to think "hey guys/gals, we should help those people"? How about when you jump through a portal and level to 7. If you make your perception check...
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    Top Games Played On FG In 2018: D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds

    why pie charts - whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Worlds of Design: “All About Me” RPGs (Part 1)

    This isn't new at all. It isn't just teenagers, and certainly not all teenagers. It has frequently been the DM's wife, but not all, or always. The worst AAM players to take a place at my table were neither teenage, married, or female. All I can say is, give everyone their fair time slice...
  6. thexar

    Dragon Reflections #7 – Who Invented D&D?

    I see this very much as Gate, Jobs, and Torvalds iterating on ideas.
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    Keep These Tools in Your Real-Life Bag of Holding I carry it with me always.
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    Whatever Happened to Acererak?

    The back door to Aech's van has a big call out to ToH.
  9. thexar

    RPG Evolution: Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?

    Race in D&D has always had a positive influence on me, because it demonstrated that WE are all human.
  10. thexar

    Worlds of Design: How Would You Design For Spelljammer?

    No crystal spheres. The Flow (a plane) can be reached by portal (natural or opened by device) at twice the distance from the primary to the furthest planet. Take-off and landing from a planet needs to be extremely difficult - and easily fatal, to prevent using ships for terrestrial combat...
  11. thexar

    Palladium Announces Collapse of Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter

    KS is an investment. There are risks. It is not a pre-order. It sucks to fail, but these are just toys. The threats and outrage needs to dial it down a bit.
  12. thexar

    What Do You Mean By "Fun" In Your RPG?

    I spent all day making decisions. Now - just want to beat up monsters until candy comes out. Someone else can drive. This isn't an "all the time" mode for me. But sometimes "mindless" is what I need.
  13. thexar

    D&D 5E Mists of Akuma, about the Mists

    I'm reading through the book, and I don't understand when and where the mists come. Is it a daily occurrence? Is the whole continent covered at once, a prefecture at a time, or just small clouds? How is the daily life of a peasant in a small mountain village affected? Or a middle-class...
  14. thexar

    D&D Movie/TV New D&D Movie: July 23rd 2021

    yeah but: Budget:$45,000,000 (estimated)
  15. thexar

    Robot Wars: Transformers vs. Robotech vs. BattleTech

    While Battletech is certainly cool, Mechwarrior and Mech Assault games were huge money losers.
  16. thexar

    Look Back In Strangeness: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness Game

    Ah, 1986, when April was still a computer programmer.
  17. thexar

    New Errata & Sage Advice Compendium (Sleep & Trance Are Fixed!)

    Luck is still OP Luck's ability to turn Disadvantage into Super Advantage is ridiculous. It should simply be "reroll a die."
  18. thexar

    How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Game Prep

    Purity of Essence.
  19. thexar

    A Different Look at Player Styles: Planners and Improvisers

    My players plan to sabotage my plans, so I must improvise.
  20. thexar

    James Bond And The Espionage Role-Playing Game

    Spy movies/shows are all about the one super-spy (007, M.I., Alias) with a small support crew. How do you turn that into an adventure for 4 to 6 players? Where does "The Plan" come from? Right now I'm thinking about M.I.2 when Ethan tries to get the virus. There is no way I could give the...