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    Magic Item: Blue Dragon Helm

    How about the ability to summon a blue dragon (age category dependent on character level or some other limit). Make it a manifestation of the original blue dragon that crafted the helm, or cooperated in its crafting. If you want to make things interesting, add a chance that every time the...
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    Caprica: Prequel :spoilers:

    My reaction was quite different - I found the story uncompelling, cliched, and incomplete. As a stand-alone dvd, it was lacking, IMO. It had the feel of a teaser, something designed to draw people into the series. But in that case, I'm very disappointed they released it as a dvd, instead of...
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    Need some demonic death throes ideas

    As the killing blow lands, a dark, swirling portal appears beside the demon. It's face is a mask of fear, as it is slowly pulled into the portal. In the distance, the characters hear a voice intoning, "You have failed me for the last time..."j
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    Tell me about Adventure I & II [2004] from AEG

    Pros: Short modules - think "side treks" from the old Dungeon mag Easy to tweak Easy to plop into an existing campaign, or run as a one shot Variety of levels and situations Great for playtesting rule changes (my group used them to test various races and templates) Cons: Average quality - a few...
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    strength affect on range

    I could see the reasoning for throwing something relatively heavy and unaerodynamic - a heavy rock, a heavy hammer, etc. The distance such objects travel is determined primarily by strength. However, most missile weapons are lightweight, where aerodynamic design and the user's technique has far...
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    Dollhouse #9:Spy in the House of Love/Season 1/2009

    A quick Google search suggests both rumors are incorrect. Per Entertainment Weekly, the decision on renewal will not be reached until May. As for the missing episode, I couldn't follow the minimal info available, but the studio claims that the extra episode is not the original season finale, is...
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    Forked Thread: How much does WotC policies matter to your enjoyment of the game

    I have the same reaction. There are a handful of authors and actors I just can't stand because of something they've done or said. Ditto for a few 3PP's who I feel crossed certain lines on these boards. But someone has to do something that really bothers me for it to be much of a factor in my...
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    Warriors & Warlocks out on PDF!

    I haven't looked at M&M since the first version came out years ago. If I wanted to play Warriors & Warlocks, which books would be required/recommended?
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    Alternatives to Iterative Attacks

    I've seen at least two approaches to this. The one my own group used was to eliminate iterative attacks altogether, but add BAB to damage. Someone a while back performed a rather detailed analysis that showed that 1/2 BAB actually worked out closer to average damage rates, but I find + BAB to...
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    Can you railroad a willing player? (Forked from "Is World Building Necessary?")

    I like this definition. I'll just add one other bit: if the GM is eliminating meaningful choices, railroading almost always becomes a problem. Example: The party has decided to investigate a local dungeon. This dungeon has only one entrance, and my party lacks the resources to create another...
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    Splitting Up Your Party (Intentionally)

    No offense, but I can see all sorts of potential problems with this. Generally, RPG sessions work best when the GM has created a situation and allows the players to determine how their characters react to it. Instead, you seem to have pre-determined both their actions and the results of their...
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    How would you go about converting from BECMI/1e to v3.5?

    This is a huge issue. Running old school modules as is almost always requires re-writing the 3E creature write ups to power them down (or, more rarely, up). Many monster write ups changed significantly between editions. One of the most glaring is giants. 1E hill giants were roughly equal to an...
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    PHB2 comes in at number 28 on USA Today top 150 list

    Agreed. To me, listing an RPG in book sales just because it's not published in a box is silly. If Monopoly were published as a hardback book instead of game box, I still wouldn't rank it in book sales, I'd rank it in game sales. Whenever someone tries to pigeonhole stuff into a limited set of...
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    What system elements promote and hinder roleplaying (inspired by "does 4e hinder ")

    Systems may or may not encourage "role playing", however one defines the term. But they have a huge impact on play styles. For example, when FASA first released the Star Trek RPG, they intentionally made phasers overwhelming. A near miss would knock out the average person, much less a direct...
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    Tell me about these older edition products [old list]

    Kind of. For real grognards like myself, OD&D means the white box books, sometimes including the supplements (Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldritch Wizardry, etc). Rules Cyclopedia is a one-volume version of BECMI, the boxed sets of D&D marketed as Basic, Expert, Companion, etc. These were published...
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    The 3.5 renaissance!

    You know, looking at SORD, I am instantly reminded why I stopped playing 3E - too darn complicated. To paraphrase Tolkien, "A million rules to rule them all, A million rules to find them, A million rules to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." Now if someone will release a version of...
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    Fantasy or sci-fi boardgames with the highest replayability?

    It's been 20 years, but I remember playing Dune many times, usually with 3 players, and I don't remember any problems. What are you referring to?
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    What are you doing with the money you aren't spending on gaming products?

    Mostly it's going into savings. I still buy plenty of non-gaming books and the occasional computer game or dvd. But honestly, I don't have to spend a set amount each month - if there's nothing I need, I just don't spend the money.
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    Round Two: Another 10 old school modules I'm considering!

    Agreed, though there's a bit more intrigue available in G3. Also, if KF's campaign doesn't feature clans of giants as potential enemies, it could be difficult fitting something like this into his campaign. A few points: 1) All old-school modules feature dated encounter design. That's part of...
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    Dollhouse #2:The Target/Season 1 2009

    Anyone else feel like this should have been the real first episode, rather than the second? A lot of background, introduction of the characters, beginnings of actual interaction between the characters and honest to goodness concern for each other. I'm not criticising - I liked this one better...